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Camila Hair releases his third album Family. A work capable of transporting the person who listens to it completely on a journey of emotions, thanks to its latin rhythms that recall where the artist comes from and her conquering and even farewell lyrics. Next, a small review of each of the songs that make up Family:

1. Family

Family is a 20 second intro with trumpets that transport you to that Latin side where most of the album will take place.

2. Celia

Is he first of the two themes in Spanish from Family. A very Latin sound, where you can see a Camila Cabello very sure of herself singing to a boy who has surrendered at his feet.

3. Psychifreak (feat. Williow)

psychiatrist is the first collaboration of the album and the first that Camila Cabello has, finally, with a woman. Willow she is an artist who does what she really wants and her music is very characteristic. It’s a very different theme from the whole album, but combines the artists perfectly creating a harmony between the two that will surely be reflected in the video clip that will be released soon.

In one of the verses of the song, Camila Cabello references Fifth Harmony, making it clear that she does not blame the other girls for how it went during his stay in the group.

“Everybody says they miss the old me (Everybody says they miss my old self)

I been on this ride since I was 15

I don’t blame the girls for how it went down, down”

4. Bam Bam (feat. Ed Sheeran)

Bam Bam It was the last single he released a few weeks ago and the one that is being a chart and airplay success. It is not the first time that we hear the Cuban collaborate with Ed Sheeransince he already did it in south of the border. The admiration of the singer for one of her favorite artists It is evident and the rapport that both have means that all the work they do is always a safe bet.

Bam Bam continues the Latin rhythm of Family with a verse in Spanish, “this is life”making a danceable, catchy and hit-worthy song.

5. The Good Life

The good life is a Camila Cabello’s retrospective towards her paternal origins. this song screams Mexico everywhere. the bet of combine your voice with mariachis makes clear the tribute he pays to his father, Alejandro, and to his roots in the Mexican country.

6. Calm

Calm is a most intimate song and farthest from the Latin sound which is practically half the album. With her, I knowCan you remember the themes of Romance and even of Camila. As the artist confessed, she was the first song he wrote on the whole album over a year ago. shows one Camila Cabello in love making a precious statement.

7. Boys don’t cry

boys don’t cry It is a song that touches the heart. A theme with a rhythm and a letter melancholy who speaks of how hard it is to get a person to open up about feelings.

8. Up To The Teeth (feat. Maria Becerra)

to the teeth it can be said that it is the best song of Family. It combines everything a song should have to make it a hit. The collaboration with María Becerra is a real success which makes a wonderful contrast to the whole album, without going out of line with this one. The second topic in spanish from Family It has a danceable rhythm, catchy and ready to be a short-term success. Hopefully soon it will be heard everywhere!

9. Without a doubt

No doubt is he sexiest topic not only of Family but Camila Cabello. Thanks to this song you can see a more mature womancapable of making a song that talks about a wild night and at the same time doing it in a subtle way.

10. Don’t go yet

You can’t comment on anything you don’t already know about. Do not go yet. is the Cuban’s most successful song in this new eraarriving at number 1 in dozens of countries and getting more than 70 million views on YouTubeand. A theme ready for success and that marks the path of Camila Cabello in Familymaking his followers see the Latin direction he was going to take.

11. Lola (feat. Yotuel)

Lola is the most beautiful song FamilyWith a touch vindictive. Join his voice to hers me you him to do a tribute to all those people who have to leave their country of originin this case Cuba, due to the poor living conditions they have. It can become one of the artist’s best songs and a anthem of the Cuban people. If Lola had to be faulted, it would be that it is not sung in Spanish.

12. Everyone at this party

everyone at this party is he closing from Family and the saddest song on the whole album. It’s probably one of the last songs he has written Camila Cabello because she talks about the parting from a relationshipmanaging to empathize a lot with her and her lyrics.

After listening to an album with danceable and very Latin rhythms, it is the perfect contrast to put an end to the low spirits that reminds us of previous songs by the artist such as Something I have to givefrom CamilaThe This lovefrom Romance.

Camila Cabello has not disappointed with Family. Her third album is set to be a hit, not only among her fans. There is a great desire for the artist to set foot in Spain soon to enjoy that tour that she says she is preparing to sing all the songs live.

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