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Eight of the ten largest cities in the region of Campinas (SP) vaccinate residents against Covid-19 this Saturday (9). The metropolis carries out a new edition of the campaign ‘Campinas Vacina Mais’, aimed at vaccination against coronavirus, flu for people over 60 and measles for health workers.

In addition to the metropolis, the other cities that continue immunization against Covid are: Americana, Hortolândia, Mogi Guaçu, Paulínia, Sumaré, Valinhos and Vinhedo. Indaiatuba and Mogi Mirim, in turn, do not open vaccination posts this weekend.

Campinas, Mogi Guaçu and Sumaré also apply the vaccine against Influenza. This year, the dose of the flu vaccine is made up of the H1N1, strain B and H3N2 viruses, of the Darwin subtype, responsible for the outbreak of the disease at the end of last year.

See, below, information about the campaigns of each municipality, organized in alphabetical order.

Americana continues the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 this Saturday for residents scheduled in the basic health units of Jardim São Paulo, Jaguari and Vila Gallo. Opening hours are from 8 am to 4 pm, and until 3:30 pm for children.

At the UBSs in Jardim São Paulo and Jaguari, the first and second pediatric doses will be administered. At the Vila Gallo unit, all doses are available to the eligible public. The appointment opened at 2 pm on Friday (8).

The campaign “Campinas Vacina Mais” has a new edition this Saturday in 23 Health Centers in the metropolis – 18 of which are available on demand. Residents will be able to receive immunizations against Covid-19, flu for people over 60 and measles for health professionals.

Another five health units apply the immunizing agent against Covid-19 only for scheduled appointments; Locations and times are available on the city’s official website. Only the contemplated groups will be vaccinated against influenza and measles.

According to the Health Department, to receive the vaccine, you must present a photo ID, CPF, and, if you have one, vaccination card. Health professionals must bring proof of professional relationship.

Measles immunization will only be done in healthcare professionals who are late on the vaccine dose.

Two health units in Hortolândia open to vaccinate residents against Covid-19 this Saturday, from 8 am to 3:30 pm. According to the Health Department, each UBS has 1,000 doses. See the locations:

  • UBS Amanda I: Rua Almada Negreiros, 1299
  • UBS Dom Bruno Gamberini: Avenida São Francisco de Assis, 46, Vila Real

The campaign will be held over the weekend due to the large number of people missing the 2nd and 3rd doses in Hortolândia. According to the latest balance, the total number of absentees from both is 83,604 residents; most are adults and teenagers.

Parents and guardians of minors who are going to take the 1st dose must do prior registration on the Vacina Já state platform. The child must be accompanied by the parents or carry the authorization signed by the guardian.

On the day of immunization, you must present a photo ID, CPF, proof of residence, proof of previous immunization (if any) and vaccination card for children.

This Saturday, a municipal holiday in Mogi Guaçu because of the city’s 145th anniversary, residents can get vaccinated against Covid-19 and health professionals receive immunization against Influenza, measles, mumps and rubella. No appointment needed.

There will be six health units open from 8 am to 3 pm to receive the following audiences:

  • UBS Eucaliptos, UBS Ypê II and USF Hermínio Bueno: Health professionals,
  • UBS Centro Oeste, USF Santa Cecília and USF Chaparral: free demand of adults and children.

Health workers need to carry a vaccination card.

Paulínia promotes a campaign for vaccination against Covid-19 on demand this Saturday, from 8 am to 11:30 am. The locations were distributed according to the audiences:

  • UBSs Centro I, Monte Alegre, Planalto and São José
    3rd dose:
    over 18 years old who received the 2nd dose until December 9, 2021 and for those with a high degree of immunosuppression who received the 2nd dose until March 10, 2022;
    4th dose for over 18 years old with a high degree of immunosuppression and over 60 years old who received the 3rd dose until December 9, 2021.
  • UBSs Monte Alegre and Planalto
    1st dose
    for over 6 years
    2nd dose for children and adolescents aged 6 to 17 years who received the 1st dose of Coronavac by March 12, 2022,
    2nd dose Coronavac for over 18s who received their 1st dose by March 18.
  • UBS Center I
    2nd dose
    from Pfizer for teens 12 to 17 years old who received the 1st dose by February 12th and for those over 18 who received the 1st dose by March 19th.
  • UBS Centro I, Monte Alegre and Planalto
    4th dose
    for pregnant women

This Saturday, Sumaré vaccinates residents against Covid-19 and those over 60 against Influenza. The focus of the vaccination campaign against the coronavirus will be children aged 5 to 11 years. The service is from 9 am to 3 pm.

There will be eight immunization points. For people over 12 years old and additional dose for residents over 60 against Covid, however, vaccination will be exclusively at the Sports Center. See the list of locations:

  1. USF Matão: Rua Papa São Leão Magnum, 15, Chácara Novo Horizonte;
  2. USF Bandeirantes: Rua Josias Macedo Neves, 15, Parque Bandeirantes;
  3. USF Bordão: 190 Antonietta Ravagnani Tanner Street, Residencial Bordon;
  4. USF Cis Nova Veneza: Rua Paraíba, 211, Jardim São Francisco, Nova Veneza;
  5. USF Florely: Rua Argia Demarchi, 72, Jardim Florely;
  6. USF Vasconcelos: Rua João de Vasconcelos, 777, Vasconcelos;
  7. Sum module: Vila Soma street;
  8. Sport Center: Rua Sebastião Raposeiro Junior, nº 261, Vila Yolanda Costa e Silva.

The orientation is for people to have a photo ID and vaccination card.

In addition, the Health Department emphasizes that in the UBSs where childhood vaccination will be carried out, there will also be an update of the cards and weighing of the little ones belonging to the families that are part of the Auxílio Brasil and Criança Feliz programs, to identify children who are overweight or undernourished.

This Saturday, the vaccination campaign in Valinhos applies immunizations against Covid-19 and flu for people over 60 years old at the Epidemiological Surveillance and UBS Paraíso, from 8 am to 12 pm.

According to the Health Department, there will be 200 service passwords for the elderly and 500 for residents aged 12 and over in the Epidemiological Surveillance.

Children from 5 to 11 years old will be cared for at UBS Paraíso. There are 200 vacancies for this audience.

It is mandatory that children are accompanied by their parents or legal guardians. They must present CPF or SUS Card and vaccination card.

This weekend’s ‘Vaccination Saturday’ takes place by free demand at the Medical Center, from 8 am to 4 pm, and serves all residents of Vinhedo from 5 years of age. People over 60 can receive the 4th dose of the immunizer against Covid-19.

Children must be accompanied by guardians. You must bring a Citizen Card or proof of address, photo ID and child’s CPF.

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