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After triumphing with the soap operas “Dreamy Bird” (“Erkenci Kuş”) and “The Wrong Man” (“Bay Yanlış”), the actor Can Yaman surprises his thousands of fans again with the announcement of his next television job. It’s about the series “El Turco” to be produced by Disney Plus; however, the Ottoman artist has made a unique request before the recordings.

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At 32 years old, Can Yaman He has managed to become a well-known star in the world of acting in his country. For this reason, he has been chosen as the first Turkish actor to star in the new project of + which will be carried out in the Turkey.

The recordings of this important production will begin between the months April and July 2022 and it promises to be one of the most attractive for the public that from now on is eagerly awaiting this new Ottoman series.

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Can Yaman and Özge Gürel starred in “The Wrong Man” (Photo: Gold Film)

The Turk” is an action-drama series that has been written by kerem deren and directed by Uluc Bayraktar (Icerde). In addition, it is important to mention that it has been produced by making the moon.

However, one of the things that has attracted attention is the unique request made by the renowned Turkish actor, Can Yamanfor the series of disney more.

Can Yaman is an actor born in Turkey who has starred in several series and soap operas (Photo: Can Yaman / Instagram)
Can Yaman is an actor born in Turkey who has starred in several series and soap operas (Photo: Can Yaman / Instagram)


The actor Can Yaman He is already preparing for what will be his new television job (”The Turk”), although apparently he needs one thing, well, he made a unique request, as reported by the portal ten minutes.

And it is that the Ottoman actor would have demanded that the actress Demet Ozdemir whoever accompanies him in the leading role in the history of “The Turk”. It should be noted that both actors worked together in the famous telenovela “Pájaro soñador”.

Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir were the protagonists of “Soñar con tú” (Photo: Gold Film)
Can Yaman and Demet Özdemir were the protagonists of “Soñar con tú” (Photo: Gold Film)

In addition, the portal has mentioned that according to the Turkish journalist Birsen, the couple of Can Yaman would be a world star with whom he would share leading roles in the series.


Can Yaman was born on November 8, 1989 in Istanbul (Turkey) and is currently an actor, model and lawyer.

His paternal grandfather was an Albanian immigrant with Kosovar roots, while his paternal grandmother was a Macedonian immigrant.

Can Yaman he is an only child. His father is a lawyer and his mother is his teacher. The renowned Ottoman artist is the nephew of soccer coach Fuat Yaman.

He studied at school Bilfen College and later in the Istanbul Italian Lyceum. After completing his basic studies, he studied Law thanks to a basketball scholarship from the Yeditepe University in 2012.

He is known for having starred in the Turkish series Dolunay, Bay Yanlış and Erkenci Kuş. The latter brought him fame and earned him a Golden Butterfly Award for Best Actor in a Romantic Comedy.

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Can Yaman is also a renowned Turkish model (Photo: Can Yaman / Instagram)
Can Yaman is also a renowned Turkish model (Photo: Can Yaman / Instagram)


before the rumors of the media and followers on social networks, Can Yaman spoke about it during a press conference to promote “purple like the sea”, the new series in which he stars alongside Francesca Chillemiwho would be his new love not only on the small screen.

“She and I get along very well”was what he replied beau in Turkish when asked about his possible romantic approach towards his co-star. Although he did not give more details, he did not rule out that they only have a working relationship for the television production. MORE DETAILS HERE.

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How much does ‘Mania’ cost?

The cost of the perfume is 84 eurosa somewhat high figure if one takes into account the presentation of 50mlalthough it is important to note that part of the profits will go to the foundation that the interpreter has created in Italy to help low-income children.

How to buy it?

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