Carvalhal and Horta’s “fantastic” goal: «Only Ricardo could make that pass to his brother» – Sp. Braga

Carlos Carvalhal was a satisfied coach after the victory of Sp. Braga against Benfica (3-2) and left a word to the players for the way they reacted after the reds had tied the two goals. “We did a lot to win. The players were cohesive and stoic, we were a team. They interpreted the game plan well. We started to condition Benfica in the first phase of construction. We did well, but due to Benfica’s quality we didn’t play so high. more ball and we managed to have two good chances. We scored on a third opportunity and we had threatened twice. The team looked for width and reacted well to the loss of the ball. The final positioning, depending on the positioning of the players for the counterattack, was always very well done at the moment of finishing. We were always close to not let Benfica be lethal in the offensive transitions. We justified the victory at half-time.
Benfica’s reaction with more people ahead was good, we were cohesive and made it 2-0. With controlled play there is the penalty that we have to accept. Benfica believed, they got to 2-2 with merit and I have to emphasize that, after getting 2-2, we had the emotional reaction to reach 3-2. A word to the players. I’m very proud, I can’t get enough of praising them. I have a very good group with a lot of young people. I am extremely happy and proud”, began by referring the coach of Sp. Braga to Sport TV.


Feared the worst after the 2-2?

“Yes, Benfica had a lot of quality players up front, but the reality is that, when you do this, there can be imbalances and we were expecting that. When there is a team that is satisfied with a draw, it runs the risk of suffering , but if you react and get decompensation from the opponent who doesn’t expect it, it can come to this, we really wanted to win. It could have given to Benfica if we had ‘snuggled’.

Yuri left with complaints?

“Yes, at half-time I was already showing discomfort and the option was for Yan Couto to enter, because at that moment it was important not only to attack through the aisle, but also to close the aisle. Grimaldo.”

Did Vitinha enter because Abel Ruiz was yellow or was it strategic?

“If Abel hadn’t been yellow, maybe Vitinha would have entered 10 or 15 minutes later, because it’s already known that in these games an inattentive move can happen and getting 10 would be terrible, with a team like Benfica. We equated Al Musrati , because it was yellow, but it’s a good thing we didn’t. There are two brilliant plays in this game: the third goal with his spectacular left-foot assist and the Horta brothers’ play. It’s fantastic, only Ricardo could make that pass to brother’s goal.”

André Horta made his debut to score…

“He played a good game. The team as a whole played a good game. There are one or two that stood out today, as happened in Portimão and before in Monaco.”

“Congratulations to Benfica”

“I want to wish Benfica the best of luck with Liverpool. It’s important for Portuguese football to be at this level and get points for Portugal.”

Bern, the kid who feels the Sp.  Braga and moves Carvalhal: «We were almost crying on the field»

Bern, the kid who feels the Sp. Braga and moves Carvalhal: «We were almost crying on the field»

Word to Bernardo Couto

“I want to leave a word to Berna [Bernardo Couto] that got in, because I promised I would put it in this year, even if it was just a minute. He’s a kid that excites me. He’s a total native of Braga, a boy from Braga who lives the club passionately. When we went to Arouca, he was in the cheerleading squad and hugged the players who entered with joy. It looked like it was him [que ia entrar]. This is one of the situations that reminds me of my debut in SP. Braga. It was always my club and I felt that emotion. It was the day that moved me the most, for being a spectacular kid and having a great love for the club. I hope he continues to deserve the opportunity to have a sequel, because he has the quality to do so”, concluded Carvalhal, somewhat moved.

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