How bird watching tourism has become an ally of environmental preservation in Brazil | biodiversity

At birds they are everywhere, have different colors and shapes, emit different sounds and have the enviable ability to fly. No wonder we human beings feel so tied to its symbolism of beauty and freedom. Knowing no borders, birds participate in seed dispersal, pollination and pest control. They are also messengers of the level of … Read more

Check out pet apps that make life easier for the tutor and the animal

posted on 05/22/2022 08:00 (credit: Flockr/Disclosure) With less and less free time, society is looking for ways to organize itself to achieve more speed and efficiency in everyday life. In this search, technology and its various platforms have been important allies. And domestic animals, which in some homes practically occupy the children’s space, are not … Read more

How a stabbed stork revealed the mystery of bird migration

For thousands of years people believed that birds hibernated during the winter, until a stabbed stork proved that something different was happening: bird migration. Birds are known, at least today, for several characteristics, one of the most notable being their migratory processes, which can be surprising. The arctic tern, for example, travels from the arctic … Read more

Woman who gave ‘a ride’ to a runaway cat to São Paulo did not notice an animal in the vehicle’s engine: ‘adventure with a happy ending’ | Santos and Region

According to Vilma, they went to São Paulo on May 12, around 9:30 am. “My husband’s car is rented, he is working as a shelter driver and he is obliged to have it inspected, which was scheduled”. The chef recalls that she left the person who hitchhiked with them in the central region of the … Read more

Runaway cat hides in car engine on the coast and takes ‘hitchhike’ to São Paulo: ‘has already spent six lives’ | Santos and Region

A cat was returned to the family last Tuesday (17) in Praia Grande, on the coast of São Paulo, after having ‘taken a ride’, hidden in a car engine, to São Paulo. To the g1Nino’s photographer and tutor, Francis Carla Anselmo, said that the owner of the vehicle only discovered the animal’s presence during a … Read more

Owners of pit bulls who killed dog are ordered to pay compensation

posted on 05/21/2022 14:58 / updated on 05/21/2022 15:12 The Federal District Court upheld the conviction of the owners of two Pitbull dogs who attacked another small dog. The animal suffered serious injuries and died. The collegiate of the 1st Appeals Panel of the Special Courts concluded that there was carelessness on the part of … Read more

to neuter or not to neuter? See now benefits

Salvador – BA, May 19, 2022, by Isabele Oliveira – Do not neuter or neuter domestic cats? This is a problem that many homeowners face. But, what at first may seem like a cruel act, is a measure that confirms the quality of life of the animal itself. Continues after advertising So, want … Read more