″I identify more situations of maladjusted eating behavior after the pandemic″

Has obesity become a consequence of the pandemic? Do you receive more overweight people today in your office than before covid-19? I identify more situations of maladjusted eating behavior after the pandemic, often in clients I followed before and in whom I can observe the before and after. This change in eating patterns is reflected, … Read more

News in the mountains in Guarapari

Reniely Maximiano and Thiago Garrocho were delighted with the region | Photo: Roberta Bourguignon Argentine, Italian, Portuguese cuisine and more Brazilian food options are now part of the new gastronomic route in the mountain circuit, in Guarapari. There are seven new places that opened during … Read more

6 recipes to make in the cold

Trying these warm recipes can be a great idea in this cold Photo: Shutterstock / Alto Astral The cold really came for real in the last few days, huh? And of course, with this weather and winter getting closer, it’s the perfect time to make those warm recipes that help us warm up. Savory or … Read more

See Recipes and Menus to Lose Weight

A new week is about to begin and it’s possible that you’re already starting to feel comfortable with your Weight Loss Menus, right? Keep all the actions that allow you to take care of your health from a more balanced and nutritious diet. If you are following the menus prepared by nutritionist Victor Machado, columnist … Read more

‘Grazing’: What does snacking reveal about mental health? – 05/21/2022

The practice of snacking continuously throughout the day, even without hunger, is known as grazing. Identifying this behavior can help prevent disorders associated with psychological and eating problems. This is the conclusion of the doctoral study Eating behaviors in community and overweight and obesity contexts: understanding and evaluating Grazing, defended in FFCLRP (Faculty of Philosophy, … Read more