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Deliane de Paula, Mel’s tutor, baptized the dog with this name because she thinks it suits her furry friend – (credit: Personal Archive)

For many tutors, the bond with domestic animals is deep, with a lot of love and care involved. So, deciding on a name can be almost as difficult as choosing a child’s name. However, according to the PetCenso 2021, neither Enzo nor Valentina — the champions among humans — are the most frequent names for pets. The survey, which is annual and carried out since 2016 by DogHero, the largest company in the segment of services for pets in Latin America, revealed the ranking of dogs and cats.

On the podium of dogs are Thor and Mel, Luke and Luna, Bob and Nina, respectively as first, second and third place for men and women. The former have been in the spotlight since the first survey, with their presence marked annually in the ranking.

 2022. Credit: Personal Archive.  Magazine.  animals.  Gata Luna, by tutor Felipe Daia.

2022. Credit: Personal Archive. Magazine. animals. Gata Luna, by tutor Felipe Daia.
(photo: Personal Archive)

Deliane de Paula, guardian of Mel, a 6-year-old dog, knows that the name is common, but says that it suits her furry friend. “My husband, then boyfriend, decided on the name when we adopted her. He thought it suited her face.” And even with the passage of time, the couple does not regret the choice. In fact, today it has yet another meaning: “It sweetens our lives”, they melt.

In the list of cats, the national highlights are Simba and Luna, Tom and Nina, Chico and Mia, podium in descending order. The first places of male names are related to cartoons, as children and childhood nostalgia can be an influencing factor when making the name decision. The name Luna has become popular in recent years as well, even in children. One of the reasons may be related to the meaning of the word, which, in addition to moon, can refer to “the enlightened” and “the feminine”. Another reason is programs such as Sou Luna, an Argentine telenovela on Disney Channel, and the popular children’s animation Show da Luna, created and produced in the country.

Felipe Daia, 21, adopted the first animal of his life in 2017, and named the cat Luna. He says that the choice was made by the fur of the feline, which is white with gray and black spots. “She reminded me of the moon and its craters, so I chose the name of the Roman goddess of the moon”, remembers the student. At the time, he didn’t know other animals with the same name, but he says he noticed the increase over the years. Today, Felipe meets two dogs from different friends who have the same name and, by chance, his girlfriend is the tutor of a cat also named Luna.

Mutt, national pride

 2022. Credit: Personal Archive.  Magazine.  animals.  Cat Tom, by tutor Sarah Dam.

2022. Credit: Personal Archive. Magazine. animals. Cat Tom, by tutor Sarah Dam.
(photo: Personal Archive)

In addition to the nominal list, the PetCenso has another data, that of the breeds most considered by tutors. Leading both in dogs and cats are the SRD (undefined breed), the famous mutts. The survey points out that 98% of tutors have mixed breed animals at home. According to veterinarian Lorena Bastos, people’s choice for animals without pedigree is due to the increased perception of the problems to which many breeds are predisposed and the growing concern with animal welfare, encouraging adoption. “Every day more, having a SRD animal becomes more socially accepted than having a purebred animal bought”, believes the professional.

This movement is positive to reduce the number of animals on the streets. Although there are no official data on the number of abandoned animals, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that, in Brazil, there are more than 30 million animals in this situation. They run a series of risks, such as being run over and violence. In addition, they pose a risk to public health as they can transmit zoonoses.

Another point that led to increased awareness in recent years was the perception, due to the actions of several activists, that there are several kennels and breeding sites with violent practices, which are not concerned with the welfare of breeding females.

Having an adopted animal can be a source of joy for the whole family. It’s the impact it has had on Sarah Dam, 23, and her family. After a neighbor rescued a litter of puppies from the manhole on the block where they lived and announced that they needed a home, they decided to keep Tom, a black cat with a white spot on his chest that vaguely resembles the character from the cartoon series Tom and Jerry. In addition to the name having an affective value, it is short. Veterinarian Lorena says that this type of name is ideal: “Names with one or two syllables are ideal for animals to learn more quickly to identify them”.

If the tutor has chosen a big name and calls it by a nickname, it is not a problem, as long as they are used at different times. “For example, using the nickname when the tutor is happy with the animal’s attitude and the full name when he is angry, so that the animal knows how to differentiate the two and does not get confused”, indicates the veterinarian. The warning that Lorena makes is that it may not be interesting to put the name of someone that is frequently repeated in the domestic environment, such as a family member, friend or cartoon character, as it can make the animals confused.

top 5

Check out the most chosen names for dogs and females, cats and females, in Brazil and in the Midwest Region

Dogs | Brazil

1st Thor / Honey

2nd Luke / Luna

3rd Bob/Nina

4th Theo/Amora

5th Fred/Meg

Cats | Brazil

1st Simba / Luna

2nd Tom / Nina

3rd Boy / Mia

4th Fred / Honey

5th Theo / Moon

Dogs | Midwest

1st Lucas / Mel

2nd Thor / Nina

3rd Bob / Luna

4th Theo/Amora

5th Fred/Meg

Cats | Midwest

1st Tom / Nina

2nd Fred / Luna

3rd Romeo / Mia

4th Porridge / Blackberry

5th Frajola / Lola

*Intern under the supervision of Sibele Negromonte

  •     Tom the cat got its name from the owner Sarah Dam for being short and easy to pronounce.

    Tom the cat got its name from the owner Sarah Dam for being short and easy to pronounce.
    Photo: Personal Archive

  • Gata Luna, by tutor Felipe Daia.

    Gata Luna, by tutor Felipe Daia.
    Photo: Personal Archive

  • Cat Tom, by tutor Sarah Dam.

    Cat Tom, by tutor Sarah Dam.
    Photo: Personal Archive

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