Christmas Gifts 2021 – Suggestions: Books For Those Who Already Read Alone

Fonly the pleasure of reading! More than words or illustrations, books are true journeys in the hands of young readers. Share emotion, love and story in book form. Magnificent illustrations, classics and new stories, the C&H leaves you some suggestions for younger readers.

We begin our suggestions with the latest book by one of the leading authors of our Children’s Literature, Alice Vieira. With the seal of approval from Caminho, we highlight The Angel With Beards.

Once upon a time there was a king, 3 princes, a fairy, and more characters that intertwine in this hilarious story adapted for theater.

The princes are on the warpath because of a contest for the princess’s hand, but not everyone plays honestly and transparently, in between there are mischief, lies, disagreements, and a lot of humor.

Who will emerge victorious from this contest?

The book has 72 pages, is on sale for 11 euros.

From two other leading authors among us, Ana Maria Magalhães and Isabel Alçada with illustration by Arlindo Fagundes, edited by Editorial Caminho, A Stormy Night Adventurethe most recent title ofthe collection An adventure.

Our friends go this time to a village, which looks like a ghost, very close to the border, to help the owner in his recovery for rural tourism.
They then set about recovering an old theater, where, in this task, he had also proposed to help a crook from a group of malefactors who planned to steal some very valuable pieces from a property on the other side of the border.
The criminal’s objective was to find a place to store the stolen pieces and then trade them. The robbery goes well and they manage to store the stolen pieces in an abandoned house in the mountains, but a brave flood will leave them isolated.
Our heroes discover those people in danger and try to help: they call the fire department and the police. It is then that they discover the great plot of the robbers.

The 200-page book is on sale for 7.50 euros.

Released this year, Asterix and the Griffin, by Jean-Yves Ferri, with illustration by Didier Conrad and ASA stamp.

Asterix, Obelix and Ideiafix are back for a 39th adventure. Accompanied by the most famous of druids, they prepare to set out on a long journey in search of a strange and terrifying creature.
Didier Conrad sent a drawing to Éditions Albert René. A strange and mysterious drawing… It shows our two heroes – created over 60 years ago by the geniuses René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo – climbing a huge tree trunk to try to catch Ideiafix, which seems to want to escape them… Is the little dog Gaul trying to emancipate himself? This trunk is very peculiar: it is sculpted and presents the effigy of a VERY ENIGMATIC CREATURE, equipped with impressive fangs and a terrible beak of a bird of prey…

The hardcover book has 48 pages and is on sale for 10.90 euros.

The Magic Night of the Elvesby Geronimo Stilton, with the Editorial Presença label, in a translation by Carlos Grifo Babo, brings «a new Christmas adventure for the editor mouse».

JIt was almost night and I was still in the office working with Tea and Esparrela. Who remembered to bring a little magic to the newsroom were Biffo and Biffa, two very nice elves who took us on a fantastic trip to the North Pole!

The book, recommended for young people aged 6 to 10, has 128 pages and is on sale for 9.95 euros.

The Christmas Pigby JK Rawling, with illustrations by Jim Field, also from Editorial Presença, brings «a moving and passionate adventure that talks about a child’s love for their favorite toy and how far they are willing to go to find it».

Jack loves a toy he’s had since he was very young, DuPoco, also known as DP, who has always been by his side, through good times and bad. Until, one Christmas Eve, something terrible happens: the PD is lost.
But Christmas Eve is the night of miracles and lost causes, a night when all things can come to life… even toys. So Jack and Christmas Pig (DP’s replacement, who is very annoying) embark on a breathtaking journey through the magical Land of the Lost.
With the help of a talking Lunchbox, a brave Compass and a thing with wings called Hope, they try to save the best friend Jack ever had from the clutches of the Loser, the terrifying toy cat…

The 296-page book is on sale for 17.90 euros.

From the well-known David Walliams, with illustrations by Tony Ross, Code Name Bananasin a Porto Editora edition.

LONDON: 1940
In the midst of World War II, little Eric spends his days at the London Zoo. It is there that his favorite animal, the gorilla Gertrude, lives.
When the city is bombed, Eric, Uncle Sid, a zoo worker, and the gorilla manage to escape to the beach.
And just when they think they’re safe, they discover a top-secret war plan…

The 480-page book is on sale for 15.50 euros.

For children aged 6 to 10, a slightly different book. My Invisible Friendsby Mafalda Mota, with the seal of Cultura Editora.

Joly is a boy like the others, until the day when three little white monsters appear in his room.
A journey through incomprehension awaits him, in which he will have to teach a helping hand to see what he cannot.
Together we are stronger.

The 32-page hardcover book is on sale for 12 euros.

Happy Readings! And Happy Holidays!

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