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We select several Bosch brand products used in the Masterchef program, now available at a discount.

There are programs that become a classic on the television grid, that hit the key of the interest of the general public for years and that release several versions of the same program. Something that has happened in the last decade to the popular cooking show master chef, broadcast by TVE 1. Both contestants and guests and jury have sneaked into the halls of many houses with the most curious, elaborate or traditional recipes. Making the utensils used in each chapter very well known: from mixers, kitchen robots either, even, smart gardens.

Many of them belonging to the same brand, the well-known Bosch. That’s why, from THE COUNTRY Showcase we have made a selection with some of the small appliances that have been used in master chef (discounted up to 30%); of good value for money next to a highly polished design and ones high-end materials, you can buy them on the brand’s own page in which the characteristic logo of the program is associated.

Bosch VitaPress Juicer

The heat is tightening in this last phase of spring and we must choose to introduce healthy and easy-to-prepare preparations into our diet. One way to achieve this is by acquiring a juicer like the one we are highlighting. With a capacity of 800 ml, the measurement in milliliters and pints is engraved on its plastic jar. It includes two rubber feet for a better grip and its cable can be screwed on the side of the base.

Now with a 10% discount. Product with Masterchef badge.

Bosch 500 Watt Power Styline Color Stand Mixer

A versatile, light and ergonomic tool to move safely in many of the confectionery preparations that you still keep in the recipe book. It has precise control thanks to its five-speed selector and the Turbo option. On the other hand, it has a single button to be able to remove and put the different accessories in a jiffy. Unlike other models, its two Finecreamer rods achieve perfect results.

Now with a 10% discount. Product with Masterchef badge.

Bosch VitaPower Series 1,200-watt jar blender

You will achieve extra fine blending results with this Bosch hand blender thanks to its 30,000 revolutions per minute. On the other hand, it has a 1.5 liter ThermoSafe glass jug with 3D dynamic impellers and a practical system for fixing its blades called EasyKlick: simple assembly and disassembly without the need to manipulate them.

30% discount, save 40 euros. Product with Masterchef badge.

Bosch MaxoMixx hand mixer with vacuum pump

One of the keys in the kitchen to extend the properties of food is to store it under vacuum. There are many accessories on the market to achieve this, but Bosch has combined the know-how of hand mixers with the best containers for vacuum packaging. These can be washed in the dishwasher and reused. As for the blender, its power is 1,000 watts, anti-suction blades and 13 levels of use.

10% discount, save 14.50 euros. Product with Masterchef badge.

Bosch 700-watt food processor

Have you never had a food processor? You can start doing your first steps with this Bosch device. Its speed control is electronic (with four levels) and the multifunction arm includes three drive points to optimize force. As for the capacity of the bowl (3.8 liters) and its special design, it should be noted that it will be easier for us to manipulate dough. Includes three accessories: kneading hook, beater rod and mixer.

10% discount, save 18 euros.

Bosch Smart Grow Life smart garden

It is possible to grow aromatic herbs, arugula sprouts or cherry tomatoes without resorting to a small plot of land in the garden. We just need to use a smart garden system like this one from Bosch. With over 50 plants to choose from, the device includes automated lighting adjustment at each growth stage. In addition, it includes four modes of use and a water level sensor. It can be linked to the mobile through an app.

15% discount, save 20 euros. Product used in Masterchef.

Bosch stainless steel microwave without installation

If you are not convinced by the microwave you have at home and are thinking of investing in a quality one, this Bosch model is made for you. With a maximum power of 800 watts, you can choose between five intensity levels (90, 180, 360, 600 and 800). The machine itself adds the necessary steam to obtain the ideal results, it is equipped with a block for children and an effective cleaning assistant with water. Its capacity reaches 20 liters.

10% discount, save 19.50 euros.

Bosch MUM5 1,000-watt food processor

If you are a fan of the culinary show Masterchef, you will have seen many times how the contestants operate high-end kitchen robots. The one we are highlighting is sold in various colours, its bowl has a 3.9 liter capacity and it mixes, beats and kneads large quantities thanks to the 3D planetary kneading technology. It incorporates seven speeds plus the Pulse function; and, among its many accessories, there is a three-disc cutter-grater and a bag to store the pastry set.

10% discount, save 35 euros.

*All purchase prices included in this article are current as of May 24, 2022.

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