Creator started with alfajor and changed medicine for candy

When he started selling alfajor to earn extra income, in 2016, between classes at the medical school, Leonardo Borges, 27, never imagined that he would have such an intense and remarkable day as yesterday.

Her bakery, one of the best known in Porto Velho, Rondônia, had a video posted on Instagram by American singer Britney Spears. She shared a Flakes Brazil profile video of a spooned Easter egg, saying “I really How chocolate” (“I really like chocolate”). As a result, the video has surpassed seven million views, according to Leonardo.

O UOL visited the bakery on Wednesday (30) and spoke with Leonardo, his mother and partner, Laura Borges, and his fiancee, Mylena Borcioni, who takes care of the store’s social networks.

We are unable to respond to all messages that arrive on WhatsApp. Today Mylena and I went to watch Britney’s documentary at 2 am to know the whole story and the difficulties she went through. We slept very little, but we are happy with the repercussion that the post gave us.
Leonardo Borges, owner of Flakes Brazil

Leonardo Borges started selling alfajor between medicine classes

Image: Disclosure

The person responsible for engaging the video was Mylena, who produced it and posted it on Flakes’ Instagram. Britney has not tasted the product, contrary to what many people thought. She just reposted the images with background music.

“It hasn’t even been a week since we published the video. Many thought we sent the egg to her in the United States. But no, the way we put it, she reposted it. And the repercussion was immediate. I even painted my nail again with the same color as it was on the recording”, she joked.

The success of the video outside the country was so great that Flakes Brazil started to receive requests from abroad. But there are still no plans to serve customers from abroad.

The best is people sending messages on WhatsApp asking if we deliver in the United States, because they saw the video of Britney with our egg.
Mylena Borcioni, Leonardo’s fiancee

Today deliveries are made only in the capital of Rondônia.

During the visit to the store, the report noted that the two halls that make up the flakes were full. Many customers were buying Britney eggs to enjoy at home or at work. Others placed orders for Easter.

A woman, who identified herself only as Fernanda, said she was taking the Britney egg to Manaus (AM).

“I read some articles and I was interested in visiting the bakery. As I am traveling tonight, I will take the sweet to the my family to prove,” he said.

Despite the sudden fame, Leonardo guarantees that he will not take the opportunity to raise prices.

“It would be unethical on my part. Despite the difficulties, we want to sell a lot, without harming our customers and those who want to know our brand,” he said.

Britney egg costs R$ 95

Store takes advantage of the singer's support to advertise - Felipe Corona/Collaboration for UOL - Felipe Corona/Collaboration for UOL

Store takes advantage of the singer’s support to advertise

Image: Felipe Corona/Collaboration for UOL

In showcase gives flakesfrom brigadeiros with hazelnut cream and Belgian chocolate sprinkles, for R$ 4, to baskets of sweets that reach R$ 300.

Renamed Egg Britney the Egg sugared almonddisclosed by the singer, weighs 400 grams and has a shell studded with colored balls and a brigadeiro filling. gourmet. It costs BRL 95.

With 15 employees, the flakes Brazil is located in one of the main avenues of Porto Velho, the squidin a well located neighborhood, Embratel, north of the capital. According to Leonardo, the annual turnover is R$ 2 million.

In addition to serving in the physical store, it also makes deliveries, and 90% of sales have sweets as their main focus (the other 10% are fine snacks). The main channel of dissemination is the internet.

“I created Instagram myself when I started selling Alfajor. With the store, we consolidated the brand, which is now ready to expand to other states and even abroad. That’s why, even, Brazil with Z”, said Leonardo.

Confectioner gave up being a doctor

Flakes Brazil showcase also pleases with truffles, brigadeiros and cookies - Felipe Corona/UOL - Felipe Corona/UOL

Flakes Brazil showcase also has truffles, brigadeiros and cookies

Image: Felipe Corona/UOL

Leonardo and Laura told the UOL that the company started six years ago, when Leonardo was studying to fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor.

“I had a job, my money, my independence. But with this desire to be a doctor, I became dependent on my parents again. I needed money [para pagar a faculdade de medicina] and I decided to sell alfajor. It was all day selling. When there were some left over, they went to public agencies to sell them”, said the baker.

“He saw me making cakes and sweets for the family and decided to face the challenge. It’s a gift, because, before college, he hadn’t taken courses [de culinária]. So I made the decision to help him in this endeavor,” said Laura.

In 2018, they opened the bakery.

“We started in our house, but we had to hire people. As we lost privacy, we decided to open a point. It was in the take-and-take system. Then people started asking us to put tables. We started with one, then there were two, three . Our flagships are gourmet sweets”, explained Leonardo.

He managed to graduate in medicine, but preferred to continue with the bakery and says he does not regret having changed his lab coat and stethoscope for spatulas, mixers and ovens.

“We also have the Flakes Academy, where I’ve given in-person and online courses to 15,000 students. In fact, one of our courses was in Orlando [Flórida, EUA]. Those who have been with us there were also very happy with this move by Britney and have already made the egg available to their customers,” she said.

‘After the strength Britney gave us, I will be a loyal fan’

Questioned by UOL if you are a fan of Britney Spears, Leonardo said that now he will accompany the singer much more, after the moral that she gave to the Easter eggs in Rondônia.

I was interested in her career, without going too deep. But after the strength she gave us, I will be a loyal fan. I really appreciate what she did. Who knows, maybe one day she can taste our delights.
Leonardo Gomes

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