Criticism of The Essex Serpent, the new Apple TV + series with Claire Danes and Tom Hiddleston

If you liked movies like The witch and you are captivated by Gothic-style novels such as “Frankenstein” or “Dracula”without a doubt you will find in the essex snake a granada horse

It is a Apple TV+ six-episode miniseries whose first two will be available on the streaming platform on May 13 to release a new one every Friday until completing the broadcast on June 10.

In its origin, the best-selling novel of the same title by English writer Sarah Perry which has been compared as a cross between Shelley and Dickens and in which she explores some of her most intimate concerns: the coexistence of faith and reason, violence against women and their difficult access to knowledge in the Victorian era and , of course, cryptozoology.


Trailer of The Essex Serpent, the new Apple TV+ miniseries with Claire Danes and Tom Hiddleston

the essex snake introduces us to Cora Seaborne, a woman who decides to move to a small coastal town after becoming a widow in order to investigate sightings of what appears to be a terrifying and unique creature.

Accompanied by her son Francis and with the aim of leaving her unhappy marriage behind, she will leave London to seek a new refuge in which to feed her desire for knowledge at a crucial moment when medical and scientific discoveries seem to be capable of working miracles.

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welcome to eden

They soon run into some hostility on the part of the locals, absorbed by the legends and the dire omens that the mythical Essex snake has returned to the vicinity of the estuary to claim human lives. Cora, an amateur naturalist and very interested in ancient creatures, believes that it may be an unknown or tremendously ancient species.

Her investigations lead her to the local vicar, William Ransome, who deals with other problems such as the deviation of the faith of his parishioners. Despite being far apart in their beliefs, Cora and Will end up developing an unusual relationship, feeling drawn towards each other.

The first thing that catches your attention the essex snakeis a magnificent cast led by Claire Danes (Homeland) Y Tom Hiddleston (Loki). Both have a sensational chemistry on screen, but it is when the latter appears that the series “goes up” in an unleashed way. Tip: enjoy it in its original version to taste its unbeatable diction.

Despite the fact that a very careful setting is sought with a budget waste by the production design in its eagerness to adapt to the time, some small anachronisms sneak in that are noticeable.

It is not that they harm the narrative, but in general, they give it a different air than what we could expect from a series closer to reality, since it does not stop acting at times as a story of customs.

The real china in the shoe of this series is the duration of the episodes, especially the first ones, in which we are introduced to the characters and we see certain dalliances of the protagonist, who takes a while to “catch the air” . Her terror also takes her time to show her little leg, making her wait long.

the essex snake

For the rest, the treatment of the filming locations stands out. the essex snake makes us breathe the mystery of the marshes, often wrapping the characters in a nature that seems unknowable and threatening.

The mix of the tone of “Frankenstein” with open heart operations, disturbing flashbacks of real monsters and the supernatural threat of a leviathan that lurks in the mist, configures a very attractive proposal that also connects with legends such as “the Loch Ness monster”, but above all it summons us to primitive and abstract fears.

All this without taking into account the value of the metaphor of the snake as temptation, but also as knowledge and, therefore, the opposite of faith. as we said religion and science are two of the leitmotifs that the series exploits both by contrast and by attractionalthough it sounds paradoxical.

With the premiere of the essex snake, Apple TV+ reaffirms itself as one of the platforms that is expanding its catalog in a faster, more sustained and spectacular way in terms of quality.

Let us remember that, among others, it has launched in recent months the luminous, Slow Horses, Pachinko, WeCrashed or the celebrated Separation, already renewed for a second season. The production values โ€‹โ€‹of all of them are very high, in such a way that it is already more than advisable to have this service so as not to miss key premieres. And many more to come!

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