Cryptobricks and the dream of owning a house

The tool allows you to save on records and turn them into all kinds of construction materials and home equipment, is now available on Google Play and the Apple Store.

A group of Argentine professionals unveiled a digital tool, which allows you to buy and collect bricks virtually through records. Unlike most other solutions on the market, It does not have a financial objective, strictly speaking, but simply -or not so much- to open a small door to the dream of owning a home.

Criptoladrillos operates from a mobile application, from which people can acquire tokens whose value is fixed (monthly) with the price of the bricks. The price is updated as the physical brick price index changes, keeping the purchase value protected from inflation.. For the time being, records purchased can then be used to make construction and painting materials, although soon they can be exchanged for appliances, furniture (tables, chairs, beds, armchairs), toilets or other items related to the construction, remodeling and equipment of the home. For not having the purpose of financial speculation, cannot be exchanged for physical money although, in the future, the company does not rule out contemplating the purchase and sale option between the users, at a value agreed between them.

Today, the service is available in La Plata and will be extended to Guernica and Cañuelas, before adding the rest of the province and the country. The records They can now be exchanged at the Imperio del Cerámico and Construya al Costo corralones, which were the first to join the proposal.

Why save on Cryptobrick?

The start up uses the base technology of cryptocurrencies, considering that block chain It provides transparency, security and fairness. “Our purpose is to make this valuable tool available to anyone and with Criptoladrillo we achieve a real and concrete use case,” explains Juan Pablo Derito, CEO of the firm.

It is a product with a public accounting record, an application that can be audited by users, since all transactions are in block chaingiving traceability to each digital brick from its issuance to its redemption. The integrity of the transactions is what is ensured.

Through this alternative means of saving and with the advance purchase, you can add money that was immobilized will allow the reactivation of various sectors of the industry. On the other hand, since all movements are banked, each exchange of crypto bricks will be supported by its corresponding invoice.

Why “crypto” brick?

The start up uses the base technology of cryptocurrencies, considering that block chain it brings equity and unbeatable opportunities for society. “Our purpose is to make this valuable tool available to anyone and with Criptoladrillo we achieve a real and concrete use case,” explains Juan Pablo Derito, CEO of Criptoladrillo.

Why choose crypto bricks as a way of saving?

There are good and bad investments. Investments with which you can earn a lot of money, or with which you can also lose a lot. Among all of them there is one that for many reasons does not fail, and never failed; the brick. Its convertibility and the ability to beat inflation are two of the reasons why it is an ideal savings method..

The value of the cryptobrick is determined by the variation in the price of the brick, which sometimes it is higher than that of the dollar (it has reached increases of 80% year-on-year)that is, it is more profitable to save in bricks than in dollars.

“We are deeply proud to launch this tool. Historically, brick has been a traditional form of investment and through the tokenization of building materials, this option becomes even easier and more accessible. On the other hand, we see how by saving on crypto bricks, many people will be able to make the dream of building their house come true. Buying two crypto bricks per daywe have calculated that in three years you have enough bricks to make a house. and buying 10 per day can be saved for lime, cement, sand and iron”, details Juan Pablo.


The signing of collection contracts in which compliance with strict credit conditions is required, periodic audits of stock value in the supplier’s commercial operations and the obligation to sign surety insurance policies are just some of the guarantees that Criptoladrillo offers as protection from records issued and materials collected.

The history

Criptoladrillo was born in April 2021 in response to two problems: access to housing and inflation. In this sense, through the purchase of records equivalent to bricks (or other construction materials), provides a savings alternative that contributes to the development of a society with greater equality and more opportunities.

The company behind the proposal, Dtecdeal, is dedicated to creating technological solutions to equalize opportunities in the different social sectors, made up of lawyers, accountants and programmers. And in order to ensure that the benefits of Criptoladrillo reach society with the maximum guarantees, he joined forces with leading professionals and businessmen from the Argentine construction market.

The team is made up of Gabriela Linares, COO; Ignacio Althabe, CTO; Leonel Paletta, CFO; María Migoya partner, and Juan Pablo Derito, CEO.

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