Cubans request flights from Europe to the center of the island

A growing number of Cubans request flights from Spain or other European countries to the center of the island.

With the recovery of air transport globally, after the interruption caused by the pandemic, more and more people are considering flying. Among them are Cubans living abroad, who have not seen their relatives for months or years and now wait for the smallest opportunity to travel to the island.

Although the largest community of emigrants is in the United States, the number of Cubans living in the old continent is not insignificant. But from there most of the air connections are with the west or east of the country (Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Holguín). While the center of the country is practically devoid of flights, despite the fact that it has airports with good conditions and great airport activity.

Santa Clara Airport

Such is the case of the Abel Santamaría International Airport in Santa Clara, which concentrates many operations with Central and North America, but at the moment does not have connections with Europe.

Spain is the second country in the world with the largest number of Cuban emigrants, followed by Italy as the third destination for Antillean emigration, however, there are no connections from either of these two European countries with the center of the country. Nor from Germany or France, where there is also a significant number of Cubans.

Some airlines such as the German Condor and Eurowings; the Italian Neos and Luke Air (formerly Blue Panorama); LOT Polish Airlines; or the Russian Aeroflot, they did have flights to Santa Clara at the time, but at the moment they do not have air connections with the center of the island.

Flights from Spain

The case of Spain, however, is more than striking, since “the mother country” has never had a direct connection with the Abel Santamaría Airport. The Iberian Peninsula has only occasionally been connected to the northern keys of Cuba, with airlines such as Evelop.

However, thousands of Spaniards, and Europeans in general, would benefit from the opening of regular flights between Madrid and Santa Clara. As if the fact that the second largest community of Cuban emigrants is found in this country, we must take into account that the center of Cuba is one of the areas with the largest number of naturalized Spanish Cubans. Especially in the territories that were part of the former province of Las Villas, as is the case of Sancti Spíritus and Villa Clara.

Without a doubt, it would be a “convenient move” for some European airlines. Any economic feasibility study could demonstrate this.

Today those who want to fly to the center of Cuba must go to Havana or Varadero. And then move by land to the different locations in the central region. And that, with the inconvenience and additional costs that this implies. Others continue to postpone their flights in the hope that an airline will restart operations with the Santa Clara airport.

“I prefer to pay more to an airline that leaves me near my house, than having to take an almendrón or any other dilapidated car, and get another 6 hours of travel after an 8-hour flight to Havana,” he commented on Telegram a Cienfuegos living in Spain. She is one of many travelers who are now requesting flights between Europe and central Cuba.

World2FLy in Santa Clara

Recently, the Spanish company World2Fly opened a ticket office in the city of Santa Clara, and this generated great expectations among Cuban and European travelers. Since then there have been requests from the different social networks for this airline to break the ice and connect the Spanish capital with the main city in the center of the country. However, until now, the intention of the company, subordinated to the Iberostar hotel chain, has not been publicly stated.

Flying with World2Fly is more than convenient for travelers, due to the convenient prices offered by this low cost airline. Sometimes tickets have been sold for up to €250.00 But just as convenient would be the operations of other competitors such as Air Europa or Iberia.

In any case, with the start of summer and the increasing recovery from the pandemic, it is expected that from one moment to the next, a European airline will resume its flights to central Cuba. Without a doubt, it would be more than convenient for travelers and for the company in question.

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