Curitiba publishes simultaneous vaccination schedule for next week

The Municipal Health Department (SMS) of Curitiba announced, this Thursday (7), the schedule of the Influenza vaccination and second booster (fourth dose) anticovid for next week. The application of the two vaccines takes place simultaneously.

In Monday (11)people born until 1944; and Tuesday (12), those born to [1945[1945; and on Wednesday (13)until 1946. These years reach the range of people who have already done or do 76 years still in 2022.

In addition to fitting into the age group summoned, it is also necessary to have reached the minimum interval of 120 days since the application of third dose (first booster) of the anti-covid vaccine.

O Health Now app Curitiba sends postsas a form of reminder, for everyone who fits the criteria of the call.

Simultaneous vaccination is carried out in 30 fixed points which can be consulted on the Immuniza Já website. The service is from 8 am to 5 pm. To be vaccinated, you must be a resident of Curitiba and present an identification document with photo and CPF.

60 years and over

The Secretary of State for Health issued a document recommending the release of the second booster (fourth dose) for all seniors aged 60 and over that reached the minimum range of 120 days between this and the previous dose.

SMS carries out the convening of this public in a staggered manner, according to the availability of immunizations and interval minimum elapsed since the application of the first booster (third dose). The strategy will continue with simultaneous vaccination against influenza and a fourth dose of anti-covid for this public.

“We want to optimize vaccination. With a trip to the post, the elderly person will receive both vaccines, being doubly protected. In addition, the staggered call makes it possible to plan the service for everyone, avoiding overload on some days and idleness on others”,

explains the management superintendent of the Municipal Health Department, Flávia Quadros.

no contraindication

According to guidance from the Ministry of Health, for adults there is no contraindication for the application of the two immunizers on the same day.

More recent scientific studies point to reduction in effectiveness of the anti-covid vaccine in elderly people after a interval application time.

“This drop in vaccine response may be associated with the natural aging of the immune system, the so-called immunosenescence, so it is very important that our elderly receive a new dose”,

explains the director of the SMS epidemiology center, Alcides Oliveira.

Influenza Immunization

Influenza vaccination takes place annually for priority groups. The 2022 vaccine serves to immunize against the variant H3N2 Darwinthat already caused outbreak in the country earlier this year.

Flávia highlights that this is a protection as important as the vaccine against covid.

“We have already had a large number of cases of influenza, including deaths. The flu can also lead to death and the best form of prevention is the vaccine”,

guide the superintendent.

Influenza vaccine and fourth dose (second booster) anticovid

  • Monday (11/4) – born until 1944, with third dose (first booster) anti-covid carried out until 12/12/2021.
  • Tuesday (12/4) – born until 1945, with third dose (first booster) anti-covid carried out until 12/13/2021.
  • Wednesday (13/4) – born until 1946, with third dose (first booster) anti-covid carried out until 12/14/2021.

Anti-covid and flu vaccine fixed points

From 8 am to 5 pm, for the invited public

Bairro Novo Sanitary District
Parigot de Souza Health Unit
Rua João Eloy de Souza, 111 – Sítio Cercado

Bairro Novo Health Unit
Rua Paulo Rio Branco de Macedo, 791 – Sítio Cercado

Sambaqui Health Unit
Rua Roberto Dala Barba, 44 – Sítio Cercado

Boa Vista Health District
Bairro Alto Health Unit
Rua Jornalista Alceu Chichorro, 314 – Bairro Alto

Bacacheri Health Unit
Avenida Erasto Gaertner, 797 – Bacacheri

Barreirinha Health Unit
Rua Santa Gema Galgani, 353 – Barreirinha

Boqueirão Health District
Visitation Health Unit
3136 Bley Zorning Street – Boqueirão

Xaxim Health Unit
Rua Batista da Costa, 1163 – Xaxim

Vila Hauer Health Unit
Rua Waldemar Kost, 650 – Hauer

Cajuru Sanitary District
Camargo Health Unit
Rua Pedro Violani, 364 – Cajuru

Salgado Filho Health Unit
Avenida Senador Salgado Filho, 5265 – Uberaba

Iracema Health Unit
Rua Professor Nivaldo Braga, 1571 – Capão da Imbuia

CIC Sanitary District
Cândido Portinari Health Unit
Rua Durval Leopoldo Landal, 1529 – CIC

Campo Alegre Health Unit
Avenida das Indústrias, 1749 – CIC

Athens Health Unit
Rua Emilia Erichsen, 45 – CIC

Main Health District
Ouvidor Pardinho Health Unit
Rua 24 de Maio, 807 – Praça Ouvidor Pardinho

Pinheirinho Sanitary District
Vila Feliz Health Unit
Rua Pedro Gusso, 866 – New World

Sacred Heart Health Unit
Rua Antônio Claudino, 375 – Pinheirinho

Fanny Lindoia Health Unit
Rua Conde dos Arcos, 295 – Lindóia

Porta Sanitary District
Santa Quitéria II Health Unit
Rua Bocaíuva, 310 – Santa Quitéria

Santa Amelia Health Unit
Rua Berta Klemtz, 215 – Fazendinha

Vila Guaira Health Unit
Rua São Paulo, 1495 – Vila Guaira

Santa Felicidade Sanitary District
Pinheiros Health Unit
Rua Joanna Emma Dalpozzo Zardo, 370 – Santa Felicidade

Vista Alegre Health Unit
Rua Miguel de Lazari, 51 – Pilarzinho

Campina do Siqueira Health Unit
Rua General Mário Tourinho, 1684 – Campina do Siqueira

São Braz Health Unit
Antônio Escorsin Street, 1960 – São Braz

Tatuquara Sanitary District
Don Bosco Health Unit
Rua Ângelo Tosin, 100 – Campo do Santana

Caximba Health Unit*
Rua Delegado Bruno de Almeida, 7881 – Caximba
* Exceptionally in this unit, vaccination takes place from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Monteiro Lobato Health Unit
Rua Olivio José Rosetti, 538 – Tatuquara

Palmeiras Health Unit
Rua João Batista Burbelo, 12 – Tatuquara

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