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courage and more some C’s of Life

The CEO and founder of Posiciona, a corporate education company specialized in sales training, Carol Manciola, officially launched the book “Courage and some more Cês da Vida”, by DVS Editora. “The last few years have been challenging and what allowed me to grow as a person and professional was Courage. Courage to reinvent myself, to face it, to assume myself completely and even courage to give up. This book is a way to overflow what has transformed me and also encourage other people”, says Carol Manciola. This is the third book by the Bahian writer, who is also the author of “Os Cês da Vida” and the best sellers Let’s Hit Goal. (Courage – and a few more Cês da Vida, DVS Editora, Carol Manciola, 208 pages, R$ 45)

conquer and retain the customer

Relationships between businesses and consumers have been completely transformed with the internet – and even more so with the pandemic. One of the largest companies in Brazil, Magazine Luiza is also an example of success in achieving good results in an increasingly disputed and competitive market. Its strategic planning so that the customer experience with the brand is the best possible is reported in the book “The way of being Magalu” (Editora Rocco), by consultant César Souza, founder and president of Grupo Empreenda, speaker and author of several best sellers in the business category. Among the initiatives of Magalu that can be incorporated in several businesses is the investment in the customer experience (“customer experience”) service efficiency, application development Mobileinvestment in technology and information, partnerships in favor of the client, loyalty programs, direct line with the consumer and monitoring of the local “Complain here”. But despite so many technological facilities, it is still necessary to think about the analog customer, with some advantages for physical stores. (O Jeito de Ser Magalu, César Souza, Editora Rocco, 160 pages, R$ 25.90)

The power of decisions at a glance

What is the result of choices made in fractions of a second? For neuropsychoanalyst, speaker and writer Renato Lisboa, making the right decision is a matter of mental preparation. In “Three Seconds – choices that transform life”, the author shows, from a personal experience, in which he lost 30 kilos, that it is possible to have a more balanced life following the tripod: emotional health, physical exercise and nutrition. In the work, Renato Lisboa shows that there is an effective weight loss process without a magic formula. “Many times our mental map does not allow us to see, and when we realize it, we stop doing what is necessary to do the opposite, seeking momentary pleasures and happiness”, he emphasizes. Renato Lisboa leads the reader to an important perception: it is not possible to dissociate the body from the mind in order to maintain health and, consequently, quality of life. Renato Lisboa explains that, for the weight loss process to be healthy and lasting, it is necessary to strengthen emotional intelligence “so that we can put into practice the physical activities and the necessary food nutrition”. (Três Segundos – choices that transform life, Renato Lisboa, Editora CoachI Creative, 244 pages, R$ 45)

adventures and misadventures in look for hair love

The adventures and misadventures in the search for love are the great inspiration of “Nácar Madrigais”, an intermedia project by poet and visual artist Adriana Oliveira. In this poetic and fictional plot, materialized through haiku and freely created micro-stories, the author brings to light the close and eternal relationship between music and poetry. Presented in sung audiobook and e-book illustrated on the Tocalivros platform, the work reveals itself as a multimedia literary experience by uniting music, reading and image. It can be purchased as a combo, or separately on this platform. With a non-linear narrative, “Nácar Madrigais” tells the story of Butterfly, a young man in search of love, who had unsuccessful affective experiences. With the help of Blue, an imaginary figure and kind of oracle, she finds the Gentle Poet, her soul mate. In the midst of fiction, Butterfly works with Dark T., representing her difficult trajectory relationships. (Nácar Madrigais, Adriana Oliveira, independent publisher, 60 pages, physical book R$ 79.90 or audiobook + combo e-book BRL 69.90)

empowerment feminine

Editora MOL, the world’s largest social impact publisher, and Marisa, the largest women’s and lingerie from Brazil, repeat the successful partnership and have just launched the book “Você é Fantástica!”, a publication that proposes to encourage self-esteem, female empowerment and sisterhood. With a print run of 84,000 copies, the new editorial project will be sold at checkouts in all Marisa physical stores and will cost R$ 4.95. It will also be possible to purchase online at Banca do Bem, MOL’s official store. “You are amazing!” brings a different proposal: it brings together 30 detachable cards with powerful messages to remember that loving yourself does not mean finding yourself perfect and unshakable, on the contrary, it means realizing that perfection does not exist and that, therefore, it is necessary to have a kinder look. for you. The proposal is for women to support other women by sharing the cards. All profits from book sales, excluding only taxes and production costs, will be donated to institutions that support women, 50% of which will go to the Maria da Penha Institute, which works to consolidate the Maria da Penha Law ( 11,340/06), and 50% to Rede Mulher Empreendedora, which trains women from all over Brazil free of charge, encouraging income generation through entrepreneurship and employability. (You are Fantastic!, Editora MOL, 68 pages, R$4.95)

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