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The undead have a lot to teach you about how you live.

The Walking Dead, Night of the Living Dead and Resident Evil are productions that have shaped the popular image of the creatures known as zombies. Focused on the struggle for survival, these works ignore a question that has been echoing for a long time without an answer: after all, what goes on in the mind of a dying person? The young writer Diego Rates unravels this mystery in “The Last Memories of a Living Dead”. The book presents the daily life of zombie Joe on his journey of self-discovery full of humor and absurd situations during the apocalypse. Designed as a tribute to the “undead” that exists in each person, the story has an engaging plot and a narrator who, despite being half-dead, is full of charisma. Fighting the temptation to feed on human flesh to avoid addiction, Joe develops a habit of writing about his memories in order to restore his lost memory and understand the events that led to his conversion into a thinking zombie. (The Last Memories of a Living Dead, Diego Rates, Editora Viseu, 83 pages, R$ 35.09)

A friendship in unlikely circumstances and generations

How can a friendship flourish in unlikely situations and generations? After moving thousands of subscribers to TAG Books, “The Hundred Years of Lenni and Margot” now hits stores through Planeta publishing house. English writer Marianne Cronin’s debut novel is also in the process of being adapted into a feature film by Columbia Pictures, with distribution by Sony. Sensitive and moving, the story published in more than 25 countries takes place in a hospital in Glasgow, Scotland. The protagonist is Lenni, a 17-year-old Swedish teenager, charming, true and fun, who has terminal cancer. To fill the days, amid restrictions, she starts to attend therapeutic art classes. In this unlikely circumstance she meets Margot, a sweet 83 year old lady. In the midst of an intense and immediate connection, they realize that, together, they have a century of life. To celebrate the centenary, they decided to mount an exhibition of one hundred paintings. Each of the works portrays an important memory of the years they lived and, thus, recall the loves and sorrows of life. (One hundred years of Lenni and Margot, Marianne Cronin, Editora Planeta do Brasil, 350 pages, R$ 56.90)

Conscious, sustainable fashion for all

Among 195 countries, Brazil is the ninth largest clothing consumer market in the world. If only emerging countries are considered, the national position rises to fourth place. This is what the research carried out by the couponvalido.com.br platform points out. Statistics prove it: Brazilians are vain, but they also need to be aware of the impacts of the fashion industry on culture, society and the environment. The style consultant Reginaldo Fonseca brings this debate to the fore and on the most varied fronts within the segment. In “Beyond Fashion”, a release by DVS Editora, the businessman reflects on fashion beyond clothing and what it represents in people’s daily lives and behavior. “Fashion changes over time, and in this sense we need to meet new situations, adapting to everything that happens on the planet and in life”, he proposes. Reginaldo breaks paradigms by suggesting that the topic is no longer linked only to clothing. For him, wearing an outfit is beyond fashion and beyond what most people know. “Everything is linked to our way of being, seeing, perceiving, learning, understanding, living and behaving in all the senses of life”, reinforces the specialist, who reiterates the importance of understanding that the clothes chosen are part of a context Social. The work also deals with Brazilianness, sustainability, pollution, veganism and inclusion. (Beyond Fashion, Reginaldo Fonseca, DVS Editora, 176 pages, R$154)

The way to Happiness

Aristotle associated happiness with a purposeful life and intellectual exercise. Epicurus understood that it is related to peace of mind. Marco Terencio Varrao, a Roman philosopher, interpreted it in 228 different ways. At the launch of Editora Vida, Ana Paula Valadão Bessa and Gustavo Bessa contribute to the debate based on their experiences with Jesus and reading the Holy Bible. The theologian and the leader of the Diante do Trono, a musical group that revolutionized Brazilian contemporary worship since 1998, divide “The path of happiness” into six chapters and two appendices: they go through the description of the path to happiness made by Jesus in the Sermon on Monte, for the understanding that the apostle Paul had on the subject and for the importance of rest. From the fifth chapter onwards, the authors show the relationship between identity, work and marriage with happiness. Ana details the belief she had about the meaning of “happily ever after” and how she understood that, in fact, it is a daily construction. (The path of happiness – It is not far from you, Ana Paula Valadão and Gustavo Bessa, Editora Vida, 168 pages, R$ 49.90)

Contains purpose, protagonism and authenticity

Writer, speaker and specialist in human behavior, Branca Barão, invites women in her new book to discover with clarity what they really want for their lives. “The woman who lived on purpose” is no longer a book to understand the meaning of this word that everyone seeks. It is an easy-to-understand guide that takes the reader on the journey to find the true mission. Branca put on paper the method she developed, called “Women of Purpose”, which helps people to become aware of themselves and what they consider a good life, leave the position of victims and have the courage to write their own history with the reality you have. At the launch of DVS Editora, the author teaches how to identify the life that each one wants to live and also how to make the right choices. With practical exercises, inspiring stories from the author and mentorandas, the work presents a detailed explanation of Branca’s methodology, so that the learning indicated in the book is real and applicable. (The woman who lived on purpose, Branca Barão, DVS Editora, 336 pages, R$89)

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