Desigual will open the second edition of its startup acceleration program

The Spanish firm Desigual will continue betting on innovation, and announces that there will be a second edition of its startup acceleration program “Awesome Lab”. An initiative that was announced in the middle of last July 2021, and which just a few days ago was in charge of putting the finishing touch to its first edition, with the organization of a day reserved for the presentation, in front of experts and investors , of the first seven startups that have been part of this, according to their assessment, successful first call for the program.

Developed in collaboration with Plug and Play, a platform aimed at promoting the growth of technological solutions with disruptive applications in the field of fashion, according to Desigual’s assessment, the implementation of this program has allowed them to advance in the implementation of a model ” open” company, from which the Spanish fashion multinational aspires to be increasingly open to innovation in each and every one of its business areas. Objective for which they did not hesitate to propose this startup acceleration program, the first of these characteristics launched in the fashion sector in Spain, by the hand of a first group of seven emerging companies specialized in such cutting-edge fields such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, new materials or predictive analysis. Some startups whose names were announced last October and to which they have been in charge of providing their support during the nine months that the program has lasted, all within the framework of the first edition of this “Awesome Lab” whose experience from Desigual they have taken good note, in what will allow them to apply improvements for the second edition of the initiative. A call for which dates have not yet been announced, but for which Desigual has explained that they will carry out a series of changes that will strengthen the company’s profile as an innovation hub.

Photo Credits: Desigual, “Demo Day” from the first edition of Awesome Lab.

“The launch of this accelerator marked the beginning of a new stage of growth for the company and we are very proud of the relationship we have established with the startups that have been part of the program”, as well as “of having applied that concept of ‘Open Desigual’ that opens us up to knowledge and collaboration with new partners, strengthens our commitment to innovation and encourages us to continue evolving and improving our product, our services and our value proposition”, Alberto Ojinaga, general director of Desigual, highlighted in this regard. , throughout some statements released from the fashion multinational itself.

In the meantime, and with a view to that second call for the program, “after this first experience we learned some things and we would like to make the program slightly more flexible to have access to more startups,” says Ojinaga. In this same regard, “we are considering a model that is more geared towards an innovation hub in which learning, collaborative work and co-creation continue to be promoted”, “but which allows us to connect with startups in a more mature phase that can activate proofs of concept (POC) in a shorter space of time from the start of the program”.

With Resortecs as the “100 percent Desigual” start-up

Putting the focus of attention on the way in which the placement of that golden brooch that meant the organization of Desigual’s first “Demo Day” took place, within the framework of its celebrations, and before a large group of experts and investors, Those responsible for the startups Vestico, Syrup Tech, Swearit, Personify XP, Resortecs, Exonode and SXD entered to present their respective solutions; the seven emerging companies that have formed the poster for this first edition, now closed, of Desigual’s “Awesome Lab” startup acceleration program.

Within the framework of this same closing day, a total of 3 round tables were organized together with prominent professionals from the fashion industry, during which issues related to sustainability, the personalization of the experience of users and the new challenges that the fashion and textile industry must learn to face. Starting with a first roundtable in which managers from Desigual and its partner in the Plug and Play program participated; to continue with a second table, focused on sustainability, which included the participation of startups Syrup Tech, Swearit, Resortecs and SXD; and finally a third round table focused on the strategy towards the consumer, with the participation of the startups Vestico, Personify XP and Exonode, in which topics such as the cost of returns or the possible measures to be put into practice to reduce the rate of returns.

Photo Credits: Desigual, “Demo Day” from the first edition of Awesome Lab.

Finally, and as a climax to this first edition, the result of the vote was finally revealed to choose, from all the 7 participants, the start-up “100 percent Desigual” of this first call for “Awesome Lab” . A vote in which all those attending the event and all Desigual employees participated, and from which Resortecs emerged as the chosen one. Start-up company responsible for the development of a technology that allows it to create patented threads and sutures that facilitate the automatic disassembly of garments.

“Its contribution is based on the technology to create patented threads and sutures that facilitate the automatic disassembly of garments, making it up to five times faster than traditional processes”, they explain from Desigual; in relation to a solution that, as a result, also “allows up to 90 percent of the original fabric of each garment to be recycled, favoring its reuse and circularity processes”.

Photo Credits: Desigual, “Demo Day” from the first edition of Awesome Lab.
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