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O g1 Pará prepared an itinerary with 8 restaurants in Belém to enjoy the ‘date’ on Valentine’s Day, this Sunday (12). With musical attractions and special menus, the program in the gastronomic spaces starts from this Friday (10).

Engenho Dedé has been in Belém since 2015. — Photo: Publicity / Engenho Dedé

Engenho Dedé was created seven years ago and has been in Belém since 2015. The focus of the delicacies is on the tripod of Amazonian, Northeastern and Minas Gerais cuisine. In addition to cuisine, the restaurant is known for cachaças.

For Valentine’s Day, the restaurant prepared the space for a romantic atmosphere, with live music and a courtesy gift for couples: a dessert to share.

Date: 10 to 12/06 (without reservations and with free tables)
Hour: 11 am to 00 am
Place: ave. Visc. de Souza Franco, 776 – 1st Floor – Reduto, Belém

Restaurant opened its doors in 2012. — Photo: Disclosure / Agência Kosmos

From chefs Paulo Anijar and Ilca Carmo, Santa Chicória is the union between the two gastronomes. “She’s going more towards Portuguese and rustic cuisine, and I’m more towards the contemporary and international side. One completes the work of the other”, pointed out Paulo.

During Sunday (12), couples will be able to try the special menu for Valentine’s Day, with a starter, main course and dessert. The menu features preparations such as roast beef carpaccio, risotto, sun-dried tomato canoli and Brazil nut ice cream with white chocolate.

Date: 06/12 (upon reservation, by number 98412-9517)
Hour: 7 pm
Place: ave. Sen. Lemos, 565 – Umarizal, Belém

Saulo’s House Quinta de Pedras

Breakfast opens Valentine’s weekend days at the restaurant. — Photo: Reproduction / social networks

From Santarém to the capital of Pará, Casa do Saulo has twice been elected the best restaurant in northern Brazil. For three years, chef Saulo Jennings has signed the concept of ‘Tapajônica cuisine’, with gastronomic experiences in new dishes.

On Valentine’s Day, the Quinta de Pedras unit will have a themed decoration, special breakfast and musical attractions, such as Alba Mariah, Bruna Magalhães and Olivar Barreto. No need to make a reservation, tables are free.

Friday (10)
Hour: 8 pm
Attraction: Alba Mariah
Saturday (11)
Hour: 8 pm
Attraction: Bruna Magalhães
Sunday (12)
Hour: 8 pm
Attraction: Olivar Barreto
Place: Rua Doutor Assis, 834 – Cidade Velha, Belém

Ingredients from Pará are the restaurant’s flagship. — Photo: Publicity / Ver-O-Açaí

With the delicacies of Pará as protagonists, Ver-O-Açaí was born in 2019, from the dream of a 100% Amazon restaurant, only with products made in the region.

Divided into 10 environments with different themes, the space will offer 50% off the second course on the eve of Valentine’s Day, on Saturday (11), in addition to live sound from 8 pm.

Date: 06/11 (no reservations and free tables)
Hour: from 11:30 am
Place: TV. Dom Pedro I, 599 – Umarizal, Belém

According to the restaurant’s communication, on Valentine’s Day, they will only close after serving all the public that goes to the place. — Photo: Publicity / Atilla Leon and BLUR photography

One of the most charming buildings in Belém, the Casa Mia restaurant has been open since 2015, known for offering great cuisine in a cozy space.

For Valentine’s weekend, the environment will have a special decoration, with ambient music and the traditional menu, with more than 20 options of dishes available, such as penne with limoncello with pink shrimp, fillet with rosti sauce and salmon with passion fruit sauce.

Date: 12/06 (no reservations and free tables)
Hour: from 7:30 pm
Place: TV. Quintino Bocaiúva, 1696 – Redoubt, Belém

Pizzeria highlights the Neapolitan flavor, typical of Italy. — Photo: Publicity / Luiz Oliveira

A slice of Napoli in Belém, Di Mare Pizzeria was created in 2021 by Leonardo Mello, an oceanographer who studied the art of making Neapolitan pizzas in Italy itself.

On the 12th, the space will have a themed decor, with some closed combos, which will include starters, salty pizza, hazelnut cream bud pizza with strawberry and a card with assorted drinks.

Date: 12/06 (no reservations and free tables)
Hour: from 18 pm
Place: TV. Benjamin Constant, 800A – Redoubt, Belém

‘Espaço Degust’ restaurant, in Belém — Photo: Reproduction

With the motto ‘Taste first and then approve’, Ane Oliveira created Espaço Degust in 2019, together with her husband, chef Breno Damasceno, with the proposal of taking gourmet dishes to the outskirts of Belém.

For couples, on the 12th, the restaurant prepared an exclusive menu, with starters, main courses and desserts, such as steak in wine sauce with baroa mashed potatoes, tapioca shrimp and bacon pastry with chocolate and hazelnut.

Date: 11 to 12/06 (upon reservation, by number 98285-7986)
Hour: 7 pm
Place: TV. Timbó, 1907 – Quarry, Belém

Revamping of traditional dishes marks Valentine’s Day in Belém. — Photo: Publicity / Outback

The restaurant that emphasizes various aspects of Australian culture, from sights, iconic landscapes, traditions, to cuisine, has been in Belém for two years.

For Valentine’s Day, Outback revamped the traditional foundues, salty and sweet. “This year, we present totally reformulated recipes and new flavors, reinforcing our communication of freshness at the table with real food”, pointed out the restaurant’s marketing director, Renata Lamarco.

Date: 10 to 12/06 (without reservations and with free tables)
Hour: 11 am to 00 am
Place: ave. Visc. de Souza Franco, 3rd floor – Reduto, Belém

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