Digital Enterprise Show 2022 will host the Digital Marketing Planet forum

The data for investment in marketing this 2022 shows a very positive evolution. According to the 25th TREND SCORE Barometer, 9 out of 10 professionals in the advertising sector have maintained or significantly increased their investments to persuade the consumer during this first half of the year. And the average variation is growth, with an upward index of 2.1 points in marketing and 2.3 in advertising.

Providing the customer with an experience that goes beyond the purchase of a product or service is the objective of the technological tools that work at the service of a good marketing strategy. That’s why, DES – Digital Enterprise Show 2022 will host the Digital Marketing Planet forum with experts from the likes of Mine Doganbrand experience specialist and Customer Transformation Director, EMEA at Oracle;
Paul Monge, Global Head of Digital Sales at Globant, who will be responsible for discovering how to reinvent digital sales in a world without cookies; either Eugenio Lopez Zabellthe youngest speaker at DES2022 and founder and CEO of Agencia Hueco, who will explain from his experience and knowledge how technology applied to digital marketing is focused on achieving buyer satisfaction.

Artificial Intelligence to better understand consumers

Neuroscience meets Big Data, AI and prescriptive marketing. The border between recommendation and prescription is very narrow. That is why, thanks to predictive analytics, technologies tell us how to do things. Is that the best option or can we trick the prescription into doing something else? Javier GonzálezChief Innovation Officer of EVO Banco; Livia Miron, Iberia Director of Appinio; Y Monica Deza Pulidoone of the Top 100 Women Leaders in Spain in 2021 and CEO of BendIT, will discover the way in which marketing tries to know the thoughts of consumers to convert them into potential customers.

For its part, David LopezPartner and Principal Strategy Manager at FHIOS, will explain how, thanks to the great data collection that can be achieved with Artificial Intelligence within social networks, it is possible to personalize the content based on the history of each user.

In this sense, the keys to the success of performance marketing campaigns on TikTok will be revealed. According to data from the entertainment platform, in the last year, 48% of its users made the purchase of a product after seeing another creator within the community, and 71% of those purchases were not planned. Clara Elliott-BauzáDirector of Performance for TikTok Spain and Portugal, will explain why this platform is the ideal place for brands to execute their performance marketing strategies and have a positive impact.

Metaverse, the new purchase option

The future of marketing in the metaverse is an exciting evolution. It is not only an escape from reality, but the point where people can explore their creativity, curiosity and consume in an unconventional way. Currently, virtual reality marketing is being used with the aim of creating immersive experiences for customers, providing them with information about products they want to buy or try items without leaving home. Arian Hernandezblockchain consultant and Chief Technology Officer of Oaro; Antonio LabateGlobal Director of Strategy, Business Development & Operations of Cupra; Fernando Cano, Managing Director of Havas Media Group’s HMetaverse; Y Daniel RocafortCEO of Visyon-Mediapro, will be the professionals who will announce the innovative actions that will bring together the real and virtual worlds, generating a unique experience.

Other experts who will delve into the future and what is to come from commerce will be Vanessa PowerfulDirector of Digital Media at El Corte Inglés; Nuria GimenezHead of Digital (Mediterranean Region) of The Coca-Cola Company; Juan Manuel Elices, Solutions Director of Dentsu, along with Alberto Garcia, Data, Tech & Programmatic Lead of the international media agency Carat. Likewise, DES2022 will feature firms such as ESIC, Adobe, ClearChannel or Convertix that will examine the marketing trends for this 2022 and the skills that the new profiles focused on this sector must have.

How to influence the purchase through data and emotions?

The key to attracting and retaining customers is to appeal to your core values. Advertising campaigns and promotions continually target our emotions to increase more or less impulsive consumption. Digital marketing professionals know that seduction is the way to go, but the difficulty arises when it comes to determining how this work is approached. David Allison, Founder of the Valuegraphics Project, will explain how to use data to influence people’s most instinctive reactions in order to get them to buy. Likewise, the Managing Director and the Head of Strategy of Carat, Antonio Arizon Y Xavier of the Crosswill take advantage of the context of DES2022 to present worldwide the Brand EQ studioan exclusive research that measures the emotional intelligence of brands.

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