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April 09, 2022 – 11:00 p.m watch

He fights for the title “Superstar 2022” in the live shows: Din Omerhodzic. The DSDS candidate studied medicine in Bosnia, the home of his parents. There, the 24-year-old earned pocket money by performing in cafés. In order to be closer to his family in Austria, the former professional basketball player eventually moved back. If the superstar title doesn’t work out, Din wants to continue studying medicine in Potsdam in order to become an orthopedist and help young athletes with injuries.

Profile of DSDS candidate Din

Surname: By Omerhodzic
Nickname: dinosaur
To change: 24
Star sign: wider
Residence: Frankfurt am Main/Berlin
Education/profession: medical student
Marital status: Free

Din Omerhodzic does not want the DSDS victory for himself

Describe yourself in three words:
Family man, fighter, superstar.

My lucky charm:
My brother’s rings, my basketball that I always have in the car.

basketball, fifa, scuba diving,

When did you start singing?
I sang, I couldn’t even speak properly. I never believed that I could really sing. My brother firmly believed that I could sing very well and would sneak into my room at night and literally make me sing. He recorded it on an old cell phone and then played it to me. That night I was able to hear my voice for the first time and yes… the rest is history again

My idol/role model and why?
Musically? Ed Sheeran, because of the singer/songwriter thing I can relate to extremely and because of the variety of his songs in genres. But my life idol independent of the music is my father. He escaped from the war, fought every day without a break for 20-30 years to give me, my brother and our whole family the life we ​​have today.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?
My strengths: I love criticism and always take it as motivation to keep going and to improve and improve even more. Besides, I never give up. No matter how bad it looks for me or my team, I always fight to the bitter end. I would say my greatest weakness is that I put too much pressure on myself too often, I’m an absolute overthinker and this increases my stress a lot. Also, sometimes I’m a really lazy bastard. And I can’t cook, but I love food more than anything.

Why did you apply to DSDS?
I’ve been watching the show since I was little and was a fan before I even knew I could sing. I used to run into the living room with my brother in the morning to quickly check teletext to see who was eliminated from the theme shows last night. When I was abroad I couldn’t follow the show as closely as before and after I came back to Germany my brother pushed for months that I do it and that I could do it 100%. He’s the reason I’m here and why I’ve come this far.

My favorite judge and why:
I respect and really like all three judges. All are special in their own way. I talked to Florian the most of all and felt somehow connected, super likeable guy and authentic man. Ilse is super warm and accommodating and she brought me the happiest news about the TOP 25 and Top 10 entry and gave me two incredible moments that I will never forget. Toby has complimented me on my own song and talked to me a lot about everything and is an absolute idol of mine when it comes to songwriting. He’s a musical legend and I’m incredibly proud to have worked with him.

For me, DSDS means:
The chance to turn my great love into a job.

I win DSDS because…:
…I don’t want this victory for myself, but for everyone who has always been there for me and has brought me to this point. Because I treat my father, my mother and especially my brother. Because I just want to finally be able to help my family financially and I want to FINALLY get my father with seven herniated discs away from the construction site with my music. It is the biggest dream of my life, which I want to dedicate to my loved ones and treat more than myself. That’s why I win DSDS 2022.

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