Disney + premieres ‘Death on the Nile’, the cursed return of Kenneth Branagh to Agatha Christie

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Disney+ premieres on April 6 the film death on the nilethe sequel to Murder on the Orient Expressone of the most profitable productions at the box office in 2017. At a time when productions for a more adult audience were in crisis, the reinterpretation of Hercule Poirot in charge of Kenneth Brangh It was a success with 350 million dollars with a budget of 55. Fox was not going to let a new franchise inspired by the vast narrative universe created by Fox escape from his hands. Christie Agatha. Nothing could go wrong. Or if.

Since death on the nile was announced on November 20, 2017, a whole series of curses have taken over a project that had to face the delay of its filming, the sale of the studio to Disney, the brutal impact of the coronavirus in movie theaters and various scandals of public relations starring actors such as cocked hammer, Leticiayou russell brand. Almost five years have passed, but the film has finally arrived in theaters and now on the Disney streaming platform.

Fox initially announced its premiere for November 2019. But shortly after, they delayed production for a month until Christmas of that same year so that more adult audiences had an alternative while the Skywalker saga closed its history with the release of episode IX of Star Wars.

And then came Disney with its giant checkbook and its desire to absorb the historic Fox, the home of Branagh’s new Poirot mysteries. The filming was delayed several months due to the uncertainty of the future of the studio and the new release date became October 9, 2020. In December of the previous year, the filming had already finished without major incidents, except for the change of scenery: Morocco It was going to take the place of Egypt in fiction, until a change of plans meant that the production was shot entirely in the United Kingdom. With the film finished the obstacle course seemed to be over. The reality is that he had only just begun.

The coronavirus crisis closed theaters around the world and blew up the movie calendar in Hollywood. death on the nile experienced numerous changes. October 23, 2020. November 18, 2020. December 18, 2020. The disappointing box office result of Beginningthe only blockbuster that dared to defy the pandemic, ended with the film in limbo until it was finally scheduled for September 17, 2021. The dance of dates was over, finally. Or not, 2021 began with a new controversy.

From Armie Hammer’s cancellation to COVID-19 denier Letitia Wright: all the curses ‘Death on the Nile’ has had to overcome

The first month of the year shot fireworks with the cancellation of armie hammerone of the three protagonists of the romantic triangle on which the mystery created by Christie revolves. the actor of call me by your name He was involved in accusations that spoke of sexual abuse and non-consensual sadomasochism. The media and social networks rejoiced in Hammer’s alleged desire to “eat” his sexual partners and jokes about the actor’s cannibalistic tendencies were trending until the accusations escalated and some women even spoke of rape.

Hammer denied the accusations, but decided to enter rehabilitation for his addictions to sex, drugs and alcohol, he left numerous projects such as the romantic comedy of Jennifer Lopez Marry me and the series about the filming of The Godfather, and was abandoned even by his representatives. His name had become toxic in a Hollywood more preoccupied than ever with cancel culture. In March 2021 the film was delayed again, this time to the current date: February 2022. There was still a fire to put out.

Letitia Wright had jumped into the media weeks before the accusations against Hammer. In December 2020, The actress shared a video on social networks questioning the coronavirus vaccines. The criticism on Twitter led the Black Panther actress to leave the social network. Her refusal to get vaccinated affected the production of the sequel to the Marvel movie. In October 2021, an article was published saying that the Guyanese-born British performer was still advocating anti-vaccine ideas on set. Wright denied it and said that the document was “completely false”, but it is still unknown if she has finally been vaccinated. Just as she had done with Hammer, her team of publicists and agents in the United States decided to fire her as her client.

Outside the United Kingdom, comedian and actor Russell Brand (better known far from the islands for being the ex-partner of singer Katy Perry) also joined the list of public faces who have declared themselves against vaccination… and the list of actors of death on the nile that Disney could not include in its promotional tour. Neither Armie Hammer nor Letitia Wright nor Russell Brand have participated in the campaign of a film that for months has been a time bomb for a Disney that avoids scandals whenever it can.

death on the nile It has already been released in some territories last weekend, with correct collections that, however, point to a final result that will be far from the amortization of the 90 million dollars that the film would have cost. If the predictions are confirmed, meBranagh’s film would join the list of commercial failures of the projects that Fox was developing just as Disney acquired the old studio. the last duel, the alley of weapons and West Side Story they crashed in theaters despite being the new works of Ridley Scott, Guillermo del Toro and Steven Spielberg, respectively. Hercule Poirot needs a miracle to escape this curse. One more.

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