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The life of John Gustozzi, played by Argentine actor Dario Barassinot going through its best moment. Music teacher, widower and with three children in charge of him in Mexico, this good-natured father suffers a thousand difficulties to pay the bills, a fate that will change radically with the arrival of a very succulent inheritance.

However, there is a requirement to access it: take care of your deceased uncle’s pet, “Chueco”, a cute chimpanzee who revolutionizes the mood of the family and who gives his name to the first sitcom produced by Disney+ in Latin America.

From the place recording studio, located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Munro, Barassi, born in 1983, confesses feel “surprised” by the “grandeur” of the project, which has a team of screenwriters led by the Spanish Marta Suárez and Guadalupe Rilova (saturday night live, web therapy).

“My feelings are very good. I feel that there is a very good idea, that there are very good books… It is difficult not to like it, it is difficult not to get hooked on this product”Barassi points out in a conversation with Eff, about a series that will premiere next year on Disney’s digital platform.

a peculiar chimpanzee

Starring Darío Barassi and Consuelo Duval, it tells the story of a widowed man with three children who faces great difficulties.

Composed of thirteen episodes, the main attraction of this sitcom is, without a doubt, “Chueco”, a chimpanzee created through a combination of techniques of puppet (puppet), animatronic and direct manipulation.

When the ape enters the scene, filming enters into a kind of parenthesis: everything stops for several minutes to prepare the stage for “Chueco”, which requires up to six simultaneous operators to come to life.

The work of the puppeteers, who participated in episodes of Sesame StreetIt is not limited only to moving its joints or its face, since they also carry out an enormous maintenance work, fine-tuning each of its parts and taking maximum care of small details, such as the color of its eyes or the wear of its hair. .

All these elements make the monkey “come alive” for the main cast itself, to the point of considering it as just another actor: “The truth is that at the moment I radically forget that there are people moving his arms, hands and feet. He has a totally royal look”, Think Barassi.

For the Mexican actress Consuelo DuvalIncarnating the role of Amanda, the leading housekeeper, “Chueco” revives all the “magic” of television of yesteryear, left “aside” by advances in computer animation.

“I think that this world of puppets was lagging a little bit behind and this makes the imagination of children resurface, this part of children of falling in love with a chimpanzee and seeing a family that, really, is endearing”assures Eph the interpreter, who has more than three decades of experience on television.

Tuning of the actors

Starring Darío Barassi and Consuelo Duval, it tells the story of a widowed man with three children who faces great difficulties.

Although most of the leading voices are Mexican, “Chueco” intends to summon “the entire Latin American family” around the small screen, with a “white humor” capable of transcending borders, according to Barassi.

An achievement that would not have been possible without the complicity of the leading duo, whose connection was instantaneous since filming began in February of this year.

“It was immediate, as if we had met 25 years ago. There was no need to say anything and we understand each other even with our eyes, and I feel very lucky that this happens, because if we had not had this chemistry, it shows “, Duval says.

The series also features the “Disney craft” of three young men, Delfina (Maryel Abrego, 2001), Martín (Santiago Torres, 2003) and Vicente (Patricio Alvarado, 2013), which act as a counterpoint to the “more adult” humor of the two main characters.

“There’s something about that that’s broad-spectrum and I think it’s good. Now that I am a father, I love to sit down with my daughter to watch something on TV and I feel that we are putting together a product that is going to be for children, for adolescents and for parents”Barassi argues.

Expectations before the premiere

With three weeks to go to finish filming and return to Mexico, Consuelo Duval is very optimistic about the impact of “Chueco”, whose leading chimpanzee “is going to surprise and excite children.”

“I am absolutely certain that it is a series that speaks to the world, no matter where you are: throughout the world there is a family and a story to tell, and this story of the Gustozzi family, where a furry bug arrives that renews them. all his life, he will do the same at home”points out the Mexican artist. (I)

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