Dolabella’s vegan pit bull attacks neighbors in GO: “No meat for years”

The case of illegal possession of drugs involving singer and actor Dado Dolabella and an aggression suffered by him in São João D’Aliança, Alto Paraíso district, in Chapada dos Veadeiros (GO), are just two of the controversial episodes surrounding the artist. . Neighbors who live in the same condominium as the ex-global accused him of letting a pit bull dog loose in the region. The animal would have attacked residents, wild animals and motorcyclists in the city.

Paulada, drugs and prison: the routine of Dado Dolabella in Chapada

According to the actor’s neighbors, the dog, named Mocka, is routinely left “out in the wild”, contrary to the environmental rules of Morro da Baleia, a well-known ecological paradise in Chapada. The case gained repercussion after, concerned, residents of the city commented on the dog’s routine in a group on WhatsApp.

The actor even responded to residents, sending audio messages. In them, Dado justifies that Mocka is a dog, is extremely docile and would even be vegan. “She has never attacked anyone and there has never been any similar episode. She is vegan and has not eaten meat in six years. Anyway, I apologize and this kind of thing will not happen again.”

Hear messages from Dado Dolabella about the vegan dog:

Escape from the blitz

The most recent controversy involving Dado involves a police report. Caught with portions of marijuana, the actor fled from an approach before having the narcotics seized by the Military Police of the State of Goiás (PMGO). The story was revealed by metropolises. And the column had access to the details of the case, registered on March 21 of this year.

The artist was in a black Kia Sportage when he punctured a PM lock on the GO-118. The teams then began patrolling in search of the suspect vehicle. One of the teams located Dado Dolabella, with the car, near Km 80. During the approach, the military located a backpack under the back seat. Upon opening the bag, the garrison identified two transparent packages containing marijuana.

See photos of the singer in Chapada dos Veadeiros:


When questioned, the singer confirmed that he owned the drug and stated that he intended to extract the oil from the substance to use in his son’s health treatment. He also had his National Driver’s License (CNH) expired.

Dolabella had to sign a Detailed Term, a procedure related to crimes of lesser offensive potential, carried out by PMGO itself. The artist was released after signing the commitment to appear in a hearing when summoned by the Justice. The seized marijuana was sent for expertise to the Civil Police Goiana (PCGO).

The column found that, even living for a few months in the quiet city, the actor had already been involved in another mess that ended up at the police station. On April 4, Dolabella went to the Civil Police to register a case after being attacked. According to the bulletin, the singer received a club on the back when he was in a city square. He told agents that he could not identify who had assaulted him.

Moving to Chapada

Dado traveled to Alto Paraíso in December 2021 for a tantra immersion workshop. Since then, the actor has decided to move to the city, which is in the middle of nature and is surrounded by trees, mountains and waterfalls.

Escaping the acceleration of time in the big city was one of the main points that weighed on the artist’s decision. “I no longer felt like I was flowing in a stone jungle, where the frenetic pace is dictated by capital. I needed more life to feel more alive, definitely,” he said, recounting every detail of the new dynamic.

“In the big city, I’ve never had the privilege of my biological clock being 100% synchronized with nature’s. Waking up to the show of macaws, parakeets, birds, toucans, flowing to the sound of the waters, at 5:30 am, to contemplate all the beauty and splendor that is the dawn of a new day. Being able to drink the water that comes out of any faucet, without fear, knowing that I am nourishing myself with pure life, without fluoride, chlorine, aluminum and various other heavy metals. Everyday. Priceless,” he wrote on social media.

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