DSDS – foreign recall: the hostel mom is done

DSDS – foreign recall
The hostel mom has finished

By Kai Butterweck

In beautiful Apulia there is hardly any time to catch your breath. If you want to go to the live shows, you have to deliver. For two highly traded candidates, the ever-increasing stress just before the home straight becomes too much at some point.

The Top 16 week starts with a tearful farewell. Before the candidates, who are still in the limelight, move on to the agenda, serenade a final Tschö-mit-ö-serenade over the roofs of Puglia. A last group cuddle, then Barto, Abi, Luisa and Charline walk away with their suitcases. It is the third selection at the toe of Italy and it will not be the last.

However, before the next decision is made, the remaining singing talents are allowed to show off a bit. Driven on by grill master Mechito, the collectively sniffling whole turns into a wild party crowd celebrating by the pool. But the good mood doesn’t last forever. Ilse tries to push the pack after the “Duette” announcement (“You’re so close to the live shows”). But with every additional hour, nervousness, fear and self-doubt increase.

The desire for “salvation”

There are particularly negative vibrations in two rooms. In room number one, “hostel mom” Arian puts his hands in front of his face: “The pressure is increasing. I can’t do it anymore,” stammers the curly head with the soulful voice. Arian’s desire for “salvation” is now greater than the dream of being a superstar. Not even a group therapy with a touch of melancholy in a minor key led by acoustic guitarist Toby Gad scares away the demons of fear. Arian wants to “sleep on it one more night”. But everyone knows that things aren’t going well for the cuddly bard with the big heart.

In the second room with unstoppable “bad vibes” the ladies Emine and Giorgia do their rounds. With Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” in their ears and four pages of lyrics in their hands, the two extroverted young singers reach their limits. Giorgia in particular cannot cope with the stressful learning situation: “Dude, four pages of text! I’ll never make it!”, the candidate rumbles with a penchant for unusual lucky charms (Giorgia always carries her own umbilical cord with her).

Emine and Giorgia grab the toilet

The otherwise always self-confident Emine can be infected quickly and also stacks question marks. Unfortunately, the two doubters don’t get along very well on a personal level either, so that at the big “Duette” audition a duo is presented that rather squirms in the shadow of the competition than marching confidently ahead. The receipt follows immediately. While Dominik and Mechito bow to Marteria and Miss Platnum’s “Purple Clouds”, Melissa and Din burn off a Mediterranean sexiness firework (“Señorita”) and Harry and Abigail in the slipstream of Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell grooving vintage memories send them on their journey (“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough”), Emine and Giorgia hit the toilet with their lifeless “Born This Way” performance.

“It didn’t match well,” Toby chides. For Giorgia, the botched performance has a bitter aftermath. Unlike Emine, who gets “one last chance” from Toby and the rest of the jury, Giorgia has to pack her bags early. But she does not make her way home alone. Next to her, Titian, Raphaela and Arian, who can no longer be persuaded, will also take a seat on the plane. Well, the pressure is on and the roller coaster towards live shows is picking up speed. “Next week is your last recall chance!”, Florian calls to his major and minor sheep. Then the sun goes down. Apulia sleeps. But definitely not for long.

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