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Menus have already been launched by stores, which have options for everyone

Bento eggs entered Cake Me’s Easter menu. (Photo: Publicity)

With Easter just around the corner, chocolate egg menus are already on the rise. Since, for the most part, options must be ordered in advance to ensure that there are no unforeseen events. Therefore, the side B prepared a list with varied options, ranging from spoon eggs to vegan eggs.

Check it out below:

cake I – From traditional to truffles, Cake Me has several options on the Easter menu. Following the success of Bentô cakes, the bakery included as one of the differentials the version of the sweetie in eggs with customizable phrases, costing from R$ 37.

Another reinterpretation available at the bakery is the pot eggs, which cost R$ 75, and are filled with homemade cake and brigadiers. With special flavors, decorated eggs (R$ 110) also returned this year. One of the examples is the Rustic Egg, stuffed with dulce de leche and fig compote, in addition to being decorated with chocolate leaves.

Orders must be placed by the 12th and, after that date, only ready-to-ship products will be available, as well as the “mount your egg” option. Cake Me is located at Rua Maria Madalena, number 5 – Vila Rosa Pires.

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Los Browneiros – Anyone who is passionate about brownie will be happy with the egg from Los Browneiros. Costing from R$ 34.90, the public can order and also buy the semi-sweet chocolate eggs with brownies at the ready.

To accompany, there is also ganache in the options of white chocolate and semisweet chocolate, costing R$ 14.90. Los Browneiros is located at Rua Euclides da Cunha, 464, in Jardim dos Estados.

Brownie egg is one of the novelties of Easter in 2022. (Photo: Disclosure)
Brownie egg is one of the novelties of Easter in 2022. (Photo: Disclosure)

Sublime Pastry – From spoon eggs to whole eggs, which weigh from 700 g to 1 kg, Sublime Patisserie is also taking orders. In the first category, some of the highlights are the pistachio spoon eggs, from R$120, and the stuffed carrot cake, from R$99.

In the second category, some examples are whole eggs made from Italian straw, produced with 800 g and costing R$ 200, as well as the stuffed Belgian brigadeiro (700 g) at R$ 185. Sublime Patisserie is located at Rua Goiás, number 959, in Jardim dos Estados.

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Pitanga beak – To vary the options, Bico Pitanga included in this year’s menu a box with mini eggs, each 150 g, with different flavors. Costing R$ 79.90, the box has items in dark chocolate filled with brigadeiro, white chocolate filled with nest milk brigadeiro and semi-sweet chocolate filled with white brigadeiro.

Another alternative is the crunchy stuffed cones, dipped in semisweet chocolate and filled with Ovaltine cream (R$18). Bico Pitanga Confeitaria is located at Rua Tapajós, number 381, Vila Rica.

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Bread & Such – In addition to the traditional versions, Pão & Tal also has premium eggs. Starting the list, the Oreo dragee egg (R$ 92.90) is made of white chocolate and filled with brigadeiro, covered with white chocolate and Oreo cookies.

The list also includes the Orfeu egg, made with milk and white chocolate stuffed with Orpheus (R$82.90), in addition to the Chestnut Mix made of semi-sweet chocolate with caramel ganache and cashew nut filling (R$ 82.90). The bakery is located at Rua Euclides da Cunha, 595, in Jardim dos Estados.

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Amarena Confectionery – Using semi-sweet noble chocolate shell, Amarena has three options for spoon eggs. Costing R$75, the items available are: nestetella, brigadeiro and carolinas.

In addition to these, there are also options for closed eggs with passion fruit filling (R$70) or colorê (50), stuffed bars for R$30, mini Belgian eggs for R$30 and Belgian chocolates from R$35.

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Chanton – From chocolates to eggs, Chanton Confeitaria has a variety of options, including vegan. With milk, the stuffed eggs include the Temptation (R$72.80) and Temptation Nutella (72.80) options. The list of vegan items has options starting at R$37.90, ranging from chocolate eggs with cocoa and coconut milk to crunchy peanuts, chestnuts and raisins for R$38.60.

Chanton Confeitaria is located at Rua Amazonas, number 1579.

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CG Vegan Kitchen – With a complete menu of options without animal products, Cozinha Vegan has spoon eggs (from R$55) and traditional eggs (from R$40). In the first category, there are options for paçoca, prestige, passion fruit, chocolate with strawberry, vegan nest with ganache and brownie with dulce de leche.

In the second category, the eggs are traditional chocolate and accompanied by bonbons. Orders are limited.

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