Eating quinoa daily may prevent type 2 diabetes, research suggests

Diabetes is a disease that causes blood sugar levels to rise. Silent and dangerous, it can cause serious consequences for patients such as heart attack and stroke, in addition to other problems related to poor circulation. The condition is mainly caused by an unbalanced diet, rich in sugar and sodium, and other components associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Researchers at the Open University of Catalonia, in Barcelona, ​​pointed out that an increasingly popular food among Brazilians can help control insulin and prevent the progression of the disease: quinoa.

The research carried out at the Spanish institution observed nine people over 65 years old with pre-diabetes, a picture that warns of a possible progression of the disease. In the process, patients included quinoa for eight weeks in their diets. In the three meals they had a day, the plant replaced components such as potatoes, rice or vegetables, and was also inserted into the diet through a flour that was used in pasta, cakes and breads.

The study, published in the scientific journal Nutrients, points out that participants had lower glucose spikes after dieting, compared to regular eating. The results obtained in four weeks of normal diets and four weeks with a diet based on quinoa were analyzed.


Researchers believe that the grain can delay the development of diabetes. Researcher Diana Diaz Rizzolo, from the Open University of Catalonia, explained the importance of the results.

“We compared blood sugar patterns and found that when participants ate quinoa, their blood sugar spike was lower than with their usual diet. This is crucial, because these post-meal spikes are a determining factor in the progression of type 2 diabetes,″ he stated.

The suspicion is that the polyphenols present in the grain are the main causes of these milder increases. The micronutrient also decreases the absorption of glucose in the intestine and stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin, thus reversing the main picture of type 2 diabetes.

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