‘Elite’, ‘Mothers’ and ‘We are sorry for the inconvenience’, among the most outstanding series of the week

The first week of April arrives marked by great premieres on the platforms of transmission such as Netflix, HBO Max, Disney +, Amazon Prime Video and Movistar. Among all the premiere fictions, several Spanish series stand out, such as We apologize for the inconvenienceswith Antonio Resines and Miguel Rellán as protagonists, and the new seasons of mothers and Netflix’s most successful teen drama Elite.

Thriller lovers have a date with the vice of tokyo vicethe new HBO Max series. For those who are nostalgic for the 80s, Netflix has made available to its subscribers erotic lines and Diseny+ has opted for comedy Wow, Sam.. Next, we review the titles that have captivated the audience this week on the platforms of transmission.


The fifth season of ‘Elite’

If last week a new course started at Las Cumbres school, this week it was the turn of Las Encinas. Netflix has released the fifth season of the most successful youth drama of the moment, Elite. After Phillipe’s fateful New Year’s Eve party and Guzmán’s departure with Nadia, the secret of Armando’s death will bring problems to Samuel and Ari. While Omar recovers from the breakup with Ander, Rebeca is on a spiritual journey. This season we will discover the hidden face of the humble Prince Phillipe, who confessed to abusing Caye and other girls.

The most controversial institute will welcome new students, such as Bilal, played by Adam Nourou, winner of the Goya for Best New Actor for the film adu. Iván, played by André Lamoglia, is the son of one of the best soccer players in the world; and Isadora, daughter of the owners of several clubs in Ibiza, will be the new queen of the parties.

Amazon Prime Video


Amazon Prime Video has released the fourth season of mothersin which Nuria Roca, Antonio Velázquez, José Manuel Seda, Nuria Herrero and Blanca Robledo have joined. In this new installment, Dr. Olivia Zavala, played by Aida Folch, will now find herself under the orders of a newly arrived doctor and member of a group of younger future doctors.


‘Tokyo Vice’

Another of the outstanding releases of the week has been tokyo vicea thriller produced by HBO Max and directed by filmmaker Michael Mann. Ansel Elgort, Ken Watanabe and Ella Rumpf are some of the actors who are part of the new series on the platform.

Inspired by the non-fiction story by American journalist Jake Aldestein, tokyo vice tells the story of a Western journalist working for a Tokyo publication who begins to investigate one of the country’s most powerful criminals.

movistar +

‘We apologize for the inconveniences’

Antonio Resines and Miguel Rellán are the stars of the new Movistar Plus+ production Sorry for the inconvenience. Directed by Juan Cavestany, this comedy arrives a little late after postponing its premiere due to the state of health of Resines, who has been hospitalized for many months due to coronavirus.

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Andres Guerra

Antonio Resines and Miguel Rellán put themselves in the shoes of Rafael Müller, an acclaimed conductor, and Rafael Jiménez, an old glory of rock, respectively, to tell what it means to “grow old” today. Both will have to fight to continue fitting into a rapidly young world that insists on removing them from the game board, despite the fact that they still feel fully empowered.


‘erotic lines’

This week, Netflix has also made available to its subscribers erotic linesa Dutch drama set in the 1980s and directed by Tomas Kaan. “Amsterdam, 1980s. An ambitious university student accidentally discovers a new career in a hotline created by two very different brothers,” reads the synopsis.


‘What a cloth, Sam’

A public embarrassment at a New York media company forces Samantha Fink, an alcoholic in her twenties, to take the only course left for her to stay sober and avoid going to jail: go home to her mother Carol, who is overprotective In Boston, Samantha resumes her life working in a local supermarket and surrounded by all the problems that made her start drinking. She stumbles upon what’s left of her old life, as her perfect childhood best friend, now dating her ex-boyfriend. She will have to work to leave the worst version of herself behind and find the best version of herself, or something similar.

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