Embarrassing mistake by Günther Jauch in the new RTL quiz against Hans Sigl

Quiz legend versus Bergdoktor: “Jauch versus Sigl” is reminiscent of “5 versus Jauch”. Because the two weren’t just two…Image: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

What do you get when you throw “Who wants to be a millionaire?”, “5 against Jauch” and the “Bergdoktor” into the RTL entertainment mixer? The answer is “Jauch versus Sigl”. Can format crossover work?

Michael Eichhammer

The show title is actually a sham, because “Jauch vs. Sigl” is not a duel between the “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” moderator and the “Bergdoktor” actor. Instead, the format is reminiscent of “5 vs. Jauch”. Because Hans Sigl does not take on Günther Jauch alone, but has the backing of a team of experts that he was able to put together himself: Andrea Kiewel, television presenter legend, former competitive swimmer and – according to his own statement – “the queen of unnecessary knowledge”.

His other team member is a news moderator: “If there is anyone who has a bit more on it than the incredible Günther Jauch, then it is Daniel Bröckerhoff in the field of news and politics and current world events,” Hans Sigl is convinced. “Friend, Colleague, Superbrain” introduces the moderator of the show, Oliver Pocher, the next team member in the association against Jauch: Comedian Paul Panzer. Sigl’s wife Susanne shouldn’t be missing either. “I hope that I can fill in the gaps that arise when the others don’t know,” she explains. Günther Jauch, on the other hand, seems a bit understaffed as a lone fighter. “We’re concentrated power now,” says Hans Sigl, confident of victory.

The rules of the game: A total of ten rounds are played. Two questions are always offered. “Each round you can take turns deciding which question you want to play,” explains Oliver Pocher. There are also two jokers: you can ask the audience, as in “Who wants to be a millionaire?”, or take the Oliver Pocher joker. “But I thought it was supposed to be a help,” says Günther Jauch. Pocher takes it easy: “I knew that such a stupid saying would come.” Like “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” the questions are each paired with four multiple choice answers. Topics range from wordplay, music, sports, celebrities, geography, history, politics. It quickly becomes clear that the swarm intelligence of Hans Sigl and his team of experts dominates against Jauch.

News moderator Daniel Bröckerhoff, the couple Susanne and Hans Sigl, moderator Andrea Kiewel and comedian Paul Panzer competed as a team against Jauch.

News moderator Daniel Bröckerhoff, the couple Susanne and Hans Sigl, moderator Andrea Kiewel and comedian Paul Panzer competed as a team against Jauch.Image: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

Jauch failed in football of all things

Only the game element “duel” really does justice to the title of the show, because only Hans Sigl and Günther Jauch compete against each other here. They should decide whether statements are false or true. Sigl wins three of four duels. As a reward for his won duel, Jauch may bowl Andrea Kiewel from the upcoming final. Once Günther Jauch gets help from Oliver Pocher as a joker. He solves the problem correctly. And apparently remembers Jauch’s malice at the beginning: “Honestly, Mr. Jauch, I didn’t do it for you, but for the people there in the block. They’re grateful for every point they get from somewhere,” counters Pocher belatedly.

The audience joker also helps Jauch catch up. The most embarrassing moment for the moderator: Ironically, Jauch failed when asked a question about his hobby horse sport. He believes that Jürgen Klinsmann once kicked a promotional beer can in 1997 out of anger at being substituted. However, the claim was fabricated.

Team Sign wins

Romantic moments: Susanne and Hans Sigl are not just a dream team when it comes to quizzes.

Romantic moments: Susanne and Hans Sigl are not just a dream team when it comes to quizzes.Image: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

In the final, three questions should decide everything, since Jauch and the Sigl team should each use their entire savings, distributed as they please. It makes sense to focus most on the subject areas in which you feel particularly secure. Unsurprisingly, the winner is Team Sigl. The 50,000 euros don’t go to the team, but to the studio audience: Around 120 spectators sit in the block with the blue masks, reaping the savings from Hans Sigl and his squad. Günther Jauch played for the 120 spectators with the red masks.

The cards will be reshuffled next week. Then Günther Jauch gets his chance for revenge. He competes again against the “Bergdoktor”. However, with a new team: Sophia Thomalla, who describes herself as a sports expert. “Cooking, handwork and horse breeding… not. But everything else,” says comedian and presenter Wigald Boning about his areas of expertise. Musician Patricia Kelly speaks six languages. Comedian Torsten Sträter thinks out loud: “My main qualities? I make excellent meatballs, when it comes to that I’m unbeatable.” Next Monday will show whether Jauch is unbeatable.

Mike Singer is increasing in “Let’s Dance” from week to week: last Friday he and his dance partner Christina Luft received a strong 26 points from the jury after the musician had started the season rather weakly. A big trump card is certainly the chemistry between the two on the show stage, which is no coincidence. Mike and Christina make no secret of the fact that they get along really well off the court.

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