Engineering, automobile and ICT, the most attractive sectors to work

Randstad has presented its annual report Randstad Employer Brand Research 2022. This study, prepared from more than 163,000 surveys conducted in 31 countries, 10,000 of them in Spain, studies the image that a company projects and what its employees and potential workers demand .

According to the study carried out by Randstad Research, the engineering sector has become the most attractive sector to work for professionals worldwide this year. Engineering (chosen by 60% of the professionals surveyed) thus bursts into the first position of a ranking led until this year by the information and communication technology (ICT) sector (selected by 58%), which falls to third position. For its part, the automobile industry is chosen as the second most attractive sector in which to perform a job.

Most attractive sectors to work in the world

Randstad Research detects certain differences in terms of the most interesting sectors when carrying out their work depending on the geographical areas of the professionals consulted. Thus, in North America and the Asia-Pacific region, the engineering sector also leads the ranking, being chosen by 50% and 70% of professionals, respectively.

However, in Latin America, the automobile sector leads this ranking (73%), followed by the industrial and retail sectors (both with 68%). In Europe, meanwhile, 46% of professionals prefer the automotive industry, and tied for 44% are the health sciences and industrial sectors.

Oriole MoreCEO of Randstad Learning & Human Capital Consulting, explains that “Increasingly, talent wants to work in sectors that have an impact on both the physical and digital worlds. There is still work to be done for employers in these highly coveted industries to ensure they remove barriers to entry for interested talent. Offering upskilling and upskilling programs can help employers stand out from the crowd and attract workers.”.

Dynamic industries with great opportunities

The truth is that the attractiveness of these sectors has a lot to do with the dynamism they currently enjoy. Engineering is taking on a crucial role in the current situation, characterized by economic recovery and digital transformation. This sector includes such interesting positions as infrastructure civil engineers, computer engineers specialized in technological development and petroleum engineers, fundamental in the current context of the energy crisis.

On the other hand, the automobile industry continues to arouse interest year after year, thanks to the revolution that the sector is undergoing due to the demands for sustainability and electrification of transport, which generates great opportunities for talent.

The information and communication technology (ICT) sector, for its part, has not lost interest for professionals, especially after the change in consumption trends generated by the pandemic, which is mostly committed to trade online, and the digital transformation of companies that has also been accelerated by the health crisis.

The most valued sectors in Spain

The Randstad Employer Brand Research 2022 report also analyzes which sectors are the most attractive for Spanish professionals and what are the reasons. In this sense, the study highlights that electronics, the hotel sector, aeronautics or pharmacy are the most attractive sectors for professionals to develop their careers.

Randstad has also valued the notoriety and attractiveness of each of the sectors when carrying out its study. It is noteworthy that some of the best known by professionals are not very attractive, such as banking, insurance, telecommunications or car rental. In addition, a certain tendency towards concentration in the attractiveness of the sectors is detected, which implies that companies have more difficulties in standing out within their sector and in the labor market as a whole.

Most attractive sectors to work in Spain

Amazon, Nestlé and Correos, among the most attractive companies in Spain

This report has also taken into account which companies are the most attractive to work for in Spain. According to the responses of the more than 10,000 respondents in Spain who are part of the Randstad Employer Brand Research report, the most attractive companies to work for in their respective sectors are Amazon, Atresmedia, BASF, Correos, Decathlon, GlaxoSmithKline, IKEA, ING, Johnson & Johnson, KPMG, Mapfre, Mercedes Benz, Nestlé, Oracle, Siemens, Siemens Gamesa and Telefónica.