Fake kennel sells sick Golden Retriever puppies with fake pedigree

The dream of having a Golden Retriever dog brought a series of inconveniences and frustrations for a group of at least 30 people who acquired the animals through the Demais Filhotes kennel. A woman identified as Ingrid Teixeira de Oliveira presents herself as responsible for the kennel, which, in reality, does not exist. According to the deceived people, she sells the dogs through social networks and provides a false pedigree, that is, there is no proof of the origin and breed of the animal.

To deceive people, Ingrid takes photos of dogs on social media to say that they are the parents of the puppies sold by her. One of those dogs was Zara, who has an Instagram profile with over 10,000 followers. The dog belongs to lawyer Raphaela Brito. “A friend who went to buy a puppy received a photo of Zara, as if she were the mother, and sent it to me. My dog ​​is spayed. I never wanted to put it to cross,” she says.

The lawyer said that she tried to contact Ingrid through the Demais Filhotes kennel page on Instagram and WhatsApp, but never got a response. “I reported the Instagram page in late January. This week, the page was reactive with another name,” she says. The page is now named Império do Puppies (imperiofilhotes_oficial), in which it informs that it sends all over Brazil and that it claims to present original photos of the dogs.

Raphaela Brito assesses what legal action she will take in relation to the use of Zara’s photos. “I’m evaluating what I’m going to do, so that she (Ingrid) doesn’t use zara’s photos anymore to deceive people and sell puppies with no proven origin”, she declares.

patients – In addition to the provenance fraud, many traded dogs were weakened or sickened the very next day. That’s what happened to the puppy that the lawyer Alana Ramos received as a gift from her boyfriend in August of last year. She says that she initially realized that the dog she received was not as similar as the one in the photo presented by WhatsApp. The worst came three days later.

“I noticed that the dog was apathetic. I took it to the vet and just looking at the dog’s face the vet realized that she was not in a good situation. She did the tests and found that she had anemia, giardia (parasite) and worms,” Alana reports.

After purchasing the animal for BRL 2,500 and spending another BRL 1,000 on tests, medicines and vaccines to treat it, Alana sought to find out from Ingrid who the puppies in her dog Maya’s litter were and the pedigree information. According to the lawyer, Ingrid passed a phone informing her that it was her sister’s and that she could get the photos from her. However, when she called, she discovered that the number belonged to the owner of the dog that gave birth to Maya.

“The person informed that he was not related to Ingrid, that he was not from a kennel and that he had sold the puppies to her. He sent pictures of Maya’s real mother and her father. Both are Golden, but have no pedigree,” she says. “Maya’s pedigree document said her mother’s name was Mel. In fact, her mother’s name is Gamorra and her father is Charles. We were able to speak with the owners of the animals and we even found out that Maya was born on August 10th and on the vaccination card provided by Ingrid there was the date of birth as July 22, 2022”, he adds.

Process – Alana found out that she had been tricked and tried to contact Ingrid, but she stopped responding. The lawyer gathered evidence and filed a lawsuit against Ingrid for moral and material damages. On March 16, a hearing took place and the parties reached an agreement in the amount of R$ 3,800.00. The seller has already paid BRL 3,400 and still has BRL 400 to be paid.

“We didn’t sleep because of the fear of the dog dying. She destroyed many people’s dreams. Thank God, we managed to treat Maya and today she is very healthy”, says Alana.

Even after the lawsuit, Ingrid continued with the same practice. Last week, she sold a Golden Retriever puppy to jewelry designer Marcelo Correa. The next day after receiving the puppy, the animal began to evacuate with blood. “I took him to the vet and I already spent more than R$2,000 on tests and medication and I’m still going to spend another R$1,500. The dog has severe anemia. I thought it might have been bad luck, but then I found out that Ingrid has already done this with several people”, says Marcelo, who bought the dog for R$1,700.

A nurse, who prefers not to be identified, bought a dog eight months ago for R$2,700 and is now sure that the animal is a crossbred with Labrador, despite having been sold with the pedigree document. “I always dreamed of owning a Golden. Due to the costs, I was never able to afford one. The moment I was able to acquire it, I ended up being scammed. I’m feeling frustrated, but I’ve already developed a love for the dog and I’m not going to let him go,” she says.

The nurse is part of the group of people deceived by Ingrid and said that people are studying to file a complaint with the Public Ministry.

After unanswered calls, the subway1 contacted Ingrid through WahtsApp and she informed that she was unaware of any complaint against her, despite having already been called to the Special Court and having made an agreement not to be sentenced. She further said that “all the animals that I eventually brokered were delivered in the contracted ways”.

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