Famaex, the ‘Uber’ of ‘facility management’, buys Servishop from the construction company Grupo IC | Companies

Famaex, the real estate and commercial premises maintenance management platform belonging to Dominio and known as the ‘Uber’ of facility Management, has bought Servishop from the Sevillian construction company Grupo IC. The transaction, of which they have not wanted to reveal the amount, will allow Famaex “to control the entire life cycle of the property, from the comprehensive reform of the premises for a new opening, to maintenance and repair in successive years whenever it is needed ”, tells CincoDías the CEO of this company, Jorge Prat.

The operation will expand the company’s network of technicians (suppliers) to more than 2,500 throughout Spain and will increase its client portfolio, as Servishop has been working for more than 20 years in the sector of reforms and maintenance of commercial premises “and works for some of the most important brands in the retail sector”, he adds.

Through the Famaex platform, any owner or manager of a property can request and schedule a plumbing, electricity, locksmith, air conditioning, painting, masonry, glasswork… service in just a few clicks regardless of time or place. The firm was born in 2016 from the hand of three young people with the idea of ​​digitizing a very traditional sector and providing efficiency and value to both the client and the providers who provide the service.

“We offer clients free software to manage the maintenance of all their points of sale. With it they can request the service, receive the budget, see how it is evolving… in short, they can see the complete life of the service”, continues Prat, who emphasizes that they do not sell technology but maintenance and reform services.

The company, very focused on multipoint companies in the sector retail, restoration and real estate, operates throughout Spain, offering more than 20 specialties. Among its clients are Aristocrazy, Benetton, Phone House, Cajamar and Avanza Food (with brands such as Carl’s Jr., Tommy Mel’s, La Chelinda or Tony Roma’s).

According to Prat, technology allows them to be better in quality and price. “We have developed a system of metrics with which we measure some 14 variables for each service (how long does it take for the technician to arrive at the premises, how long does it take to upload information to the system so that the client feels good, information, how long does it take to give the estimate , etc.) and, according to these indicators, we give more volume of work to one technician or another”.

The manager clarifies that his suppliers “do not compete on price but on quality” and that they ensure that the quality of the service offered is what has been agreed at the national level, “because we have aservice level agreement (SLA) for anywhere in Spain”.

Famaex maintains that it has transferred the ease of use that has made platforms such as Uber or Cabify famous in mobility to the transport sector. facility management, an industry that already exceeds 50,000 million annually according to data from IFMA Spain. The company closed 2021 with a turnover of 1.4 million and expects to reach 3.2 million this year. Prat acknowledges that the Covid-19 has made many retailers reduced their maintenance and improvement work, but says they are already seeing organic growth.

“In many cases, the objective of the companies was to survive the following months and this meant that the majority spent less than half of what they did in the pre-Covid era, but this will have an impact in the coming years on the state of the premises. , which will force them to make reforms and improvements,” he says.

Where Prat sees great business opportunities is in the strong expansion plans of some companies in retaill and restaurant chains that have announced the opening of a significant number of stores with their banners. The manager highlights that, with the purchase of Servishop, they want to become a key partner for these companies, speeding up and saving the entire reform process of their new openings. “We want to help them grow by reducing the risk and the time dedicated to this task, and for this we are greatly strengthening the works team, although we will not do very large works, but smaller works, which are what these companies need,” he continues. Prat.

The CEO of Famaex recalls that his company offers three types of services: corrective, predictive and legal. “Thanks to the development of applications of reporting and data analytics, we obtain a greater flow of information, something that allows us to achieve greater control of all processes to continue improving the quality of service. And this information helps the client in making decisions regarding the maintenance of their property portfolio, thus reducing operating costs and minimizing future repair actions and corrective maintenance (of things that have been damaged).”

Prat points out that the purchase of Servishop will help them gain “relevance” in the face of suppliers (the external professionals with whom they work), which will result in better compliance with quality indicators and better customer service. But he also highlights that they are a partner for those providers: “Many want to reduce their dependence on the insurance industry and we help them grow and reach more customers,” he says.


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