Fan criticism is getting louder – crisis foreseeable?

The costumes on “The Masked Singer” are getting more and more bizarre. This time, among other things: a starfish.Image: ProSieben/Julia Feldhagen


Jennifer Ulrich

“The Masked Singer” has become a real hit: the German edition of the show is currently in its sixth season, and there is no end in sight. On the contrary: With “The Masked Dancer” ProSieben even launched an offshoot this year. There is also “Who is the Phantom?” another format that focuses on the unmasking of a celebrity.

In terms of quotas, “The Masked Singer” is quite stable, easily putting competitors like “DSDS” in their place – only against the comeback of “Wetten, dass ..?” the show didn’t have much to report. However, what is striking: The ratings fall from season to season, albeit in small increments. This should definitely give the broadcaster cause for concern, because there are signs of wear and tear in terms of content.

The costumes

There have always been no limits to the ingenuity of the costume designers, but the masks have never been as crazy as this season. A lively disco ball, a starfish and a thorny devil – you have to think about that first.

A very special highlight of the sixth season should be a costume that was designed by a young viewer – that hadn’t happened before. The show was already rejoicing in season five, as much as those responsible promised. In fact, the implementation of the actually great idea turned out to be a maximum flop: Jeannine Michaelsen as the fantasy character Brilli was already voted out in the first show. The viewers could hardly have made a clearer statement.

Brilli flopped at the "The Masked Singer"-fans.

Brilli flopped with “The Masked Singer” fans.Image: dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd

The mask also received a lot of ridicule on social media. For example, one fan commented on The Masked Singer’s official Facebook page:

“Fortunately it’s out, ugliest mask ever… too colourful, too much, too random. Nothing half and nothing whole! Hard to believe that this was supposed to be the best entry.”

Although Michaelsen was hardly able to convince vocally, this should not have been the only reason for Brillis premature departure. Of course, this is particularly bitter for Fan Emma, ​​who created the design. It doesn’t help much when ProSieben asserts on Facebook: “Unfortunately, Brilli has to leave us. But we haven’t seen such a wonderful costume for a long time.” The caller numbers obviously spoke a different language. Will “The Masked Singer” repeat the experiment? Questionable!

The guessing team

The show’s ancestral advice team, consisting of Ruth Moschner and Rea Garvey, is increasingly becoming a point of contention. The fans have had a lot to say about Moschner in particular from the start, their often crazy theories are not well received by everyone – just like the fact that they reliably suspect Helene Fischer under a mask every season.

The cast of Ruth Moschner is controversial among fans.

The cast of Ruth Moschner is controversial among fans.picture: prosieben/julia feldhagen

Especially in interaction with Rea Garvey, who brings a certain nonchalance to the show, Moschner can definitely be seen as an enrichment. In this respect, it is by no means surprising that ProSieben is sticking with the duo. They were only replaced once on the show: in season three, Sonja Zietlow and Bülent Ceylan, who had previously been on stage as candidates and won hearts, were allowed to sit behind the desk.

The station probably wanted to accommodate the fans in particular. Unfortunately, this constellation did not turn out to be optimal either, Sonja’s puzzle skills left a lot to be desired. As far as the advice team is concerned, “The Masked Singer” is in a dilemma: the criticism of Moschner/Garvey is getting louder, but a really plausible alternative that can be convincing in the long term does not seem to be in sight. It is certainly not to be expected that the problem will simply disappear into thin air.

The selection of rate team guests is meanwhile mixed. Just last weekend, Giovanni Zarrella celebrated his “The Masked Singer” premiere and had to endure a lot of criticism: “Jury from Hell”, raged a Twitter user. Other celebrities like Carolin Kebekus have proven themselves here and bring a breath of fresh air… but is that enough?

The moderator

Moderator Matthias Opdenhövel is likely to be the “Masked Singer” veteran who is least likely to be questioned by the audience. His occasional “flirts” with the masks are strange and now also a bit predictable, but as a whole, the likeable 51-year-old is simply a safe bet. At the latest when Thore Schölermann had to stand in for him this season, it became clear: There is no way around “Opdi”, although he is not the type of moderator who causes big surprises.

Matthias Opdenhövel is out "The Masked Singer" indispensable.

Matthias Opdenhövel is an integral part of “The Masked Singer”.Image: dpa / Rolf Vennenbernd

The Studio Audience

It was supposed to be a big moment: the return of the studio audience to “The Masked Singer” after the show had to take place in front of empty ranks in the wake of the corona pandemic. In the meantime, however, many fans have come to the conclusion that the show is basically much better without live viewers.

On social media, numerous users complain about the permanent rhythmic clapping, which sometimes even runs through the clips and not insignificantly reduces the TV enjoyment.

Admittedly, getting rid of the live audience again, this time without “corona pressure”, would be a rather bizarre decision on the one hand, but one that could certainly find broad approval.

After all, ProSieben has repeatedly demonstrated its willingness to accommodate the wishes of the fans: The format was moved from Tuesday to Saturday to make it more employee-friendly and the time was also shortened a little. As “quotenmeter” reports, the show had the second weakest season start this month after the very first season. So maybe more changes are in order…

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