‘Fantastic Animals’, drama, comedy and two orchestras on the billboard

A new dose of JK Rowling’s magic in the third installment of the saga ‘fantastic animals’, a romantic comedy from Jacques Audiard adapted to the new times and a prison drama starring Toni Servillo are some of the most outstanding film releases of the week.

‘Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets’

Directed by David YachtsFantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets’ It is the third installment of the saga based on the books of JK Rowling on the adventures of the magician newt scamander (Eddie Redmanne).

On this occasion Professor Albus Dumbledore (jewish law) knows that the mighty Gellert Grindelwald (Mads Mikkelsen) is making plans to take over the wizarding world and puts Scamander in charge of a fearless team of wizards and witches to defuse them.

‘Paris, District 3’

jacquesaudiard, director of celebrated dramas such as ‘A prophet’ (2009), ‘Of rust and bone’ (2012) or ‘The Sister brothers’ (2018) goes to the romantic comedy and adapts it to the new times and ways of seeking and living love, sex and vital stability.

Shot in black and white, ‘Paris, 13th arrondissement’ is based on three graphic novels by Adrian Tomine. The story revolves around the meetings and disagreements of four characters with a common starting pointdisconnection with your own desires.

‘The Crystal Girls’

The new movie of Jota Linares (‘Animals without a collar’, ‘Who would you take to a desert island?’) premieres directly on Netflix after its presentation at the last Malaga Film Festival.

Is about a psychological drama in which the actress and dancer María Pedraza plays a great classical ballet star who, given the opportunity of a lifetime, faces loneliness, fear and jealousy from her classmates but finds relief in friendship with another ballerina.

‘Love letters don’t exist’

French sitcom that delves, from humor, into the fears of sentimental breakup and in which a letter to an ex ends up propelling an ode to self-love.

Jérome Bonnell (‘Time for Lovers’) is the author of the script and director of this film full of irony and reality, with a cast led by Grégory Montel, Anaïs Demoustier and Grégory Gadebois.


Two great Italian actors, Toni Servillo and Silvio Orlando star an interpretive duel in this prison drama directed by Leonardo di Costanzo.

An old prison is being abandoned. Due to bureaucratic problems, the transfers are paralyzed and a dozen prisoners, with a handful of guards, must remain in it while waiting for new destinations. In that atmosphere, little by little, the rules seem to make less and less sense.

‘The man who sold his skin’

The Tunisian director based in Paris Kaouther Ben Hania directs this feature film that reflects on freedom and questions the art market through the story of a Syrian refugee.

Sam Ali leaves his country through Lebanon to flee the war. In order to travel to Europe, he accepts that one of the most important contemporary artists in the world tattoo his back, but he soon understands that his decision implies the opposite of what he wanted: freedom.

‘The Earth Orchestra’

film of animation based on the book ‘Lurtarra Orchestra‘ from Cano Rockwho has collaborated on the script with Eneko Olasagasti, which gives the film a more ‘up-to-date’ and ‘hooligan’ tone.

Imanol Zinkunegi and Joseba Ponce -the latter also the composer of the soundtrack- direct this story where music and humor come together to show that what is different is a sign of originality and that success is not reaching high, but not losing sight of dreams and good company.

‘The Prayer’

A precarious scammer manipulates the family of a ‘miraculous girl’ who claims to see the Virgin and creates a business so big and lucrative that it inevitably gets out of hand.

The Ecuadorian Tito Jara (‘At your back’) directs this co-production between Ecuador, Spain and Colombia, whose idea was born from the director’s experience, when at a funeral he discovered that a false priest was offering religious services to steal the alms given by the attendees .


The director of ‘Fish Tank’, Andrea Arnold, immerses the viewer in Luma’s daily routinea cow from a livestock farm in her first documentary, ‘Vaca’, which invites us to reflect on her world from a ‘realistic’ perspective.

‘Cow’ was nominated for the BAFTA Awards for Best Documentary and received 4 nominations at the British Independent Film Awards. With his three fiction features, ‘Red Road’ (2006), ‘Fish Tank’ (2009) and ‘American Honey’ (2016), Arnold won the jury prize at Cannes and between 2018 and 2019 directed the second season of the HBO series ‘Big Little Lies’.

‘An armed orchestra’

musicians like tommy stinson (The replacements), barbara danethe Spanish john’s girl (Morgan) or Peter of God (Guadalupe Plata) participate, narrating their experiences, in this documentary directed by Ivan Muniz about the transformative power of music.

Testimonials, live music and pieces of animation alternate in the narrative discourse of the film.

‘This rain will not stop’

A Syrian flees the war and ends up in the east of Ukrainewhere another is released. This true event inspires the Ukrainian Alina Gorlova in this documentary shot in 2018 and now takes on a new meaning in light of the latest Russian invasion.

The film was awarded last year at the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria International Film Festival.

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