Find out why cow’s milk is good for plants

liquid fertilizer

Regular watering, tailored to each plant’s water needs, is rule number one for them to stay healthy and beautiful. Also, if you add milk to the watering can every now and then, you will get a magnificent milk fertilizer. Therefore, milk is good for plants as a natural fertilizer.

And what happens if you water the plants with milk? Water the plants with milk and water provides extra minerals, especially calcium and potassium. For the fertilizer for plants with milk to be effective, it is important that irrigation with it is sporadic, no more than 1 or 2 times a month, and that the amount of milk is always less than that of water (10% – 20 % milk diluted in 90% – 80% water).

If you want to know more about homemade natural fertilizers, in this other article we show you how to make homemade fertilizer.


Some bacteria and fungi, such as downy mildew, or Diplocarpon rosae or powdery mildew can colonize a plant, making it sick and causing damage of various types, from the appearance of brown or black spots on its leaves, to total drying. To prevent the presence of fungi and eliminate them you can use milk as a natural fungicide.

And how to use milk for plants? If you want to use this fungicide preventively, do the following:

  1. Prepare a mixture with 10 parts of water and 1 of milk.
  2. Pour into a spray bottle and spray the plant as a whole, both the leaves and the stem (if you have fruit too).
  3. Let it act for at least 24 hours and do not water during that time.
  4. Apply once a month.

If your plant has already been attacked by fungi, try an even more powerful remedy by making your own. homemade fungicide with milk and baking soda for plants as follows:

  1. Mix ¼ liter of milk and 1 liter of water in a steam bottle.
  2. Add 20 grams of baking soda (2-3 tablespoons).
  3. Shake vigorously to dissolve the sodium bicarbonate.
  4. Apply to the entire plant focusing on the most affected areas.
  5. Use the fungicide once a week until the infection is gone.

leaf cleaner

Both indoors and on the balcony, dirt accumulates on the leaves and clogs their pores, making it difficult for the plant to breathe. Therefore, it is very important to clean the leaves frequently. Although you can make it with just water, milk improves cleanliness and adds extra shine .

If you want to clean the leaves with milk, soak a cloth in the milk and gently wipe the leaves without soaking them. They will be clean and brighter than ever. To know more about How to clean plant leaves, follow the link and you will discover other home remedies.

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