Five unmissable series to watch on Netflix that premiere in May

Some of the series coming to Netflix in May. (Netflix)

With this new month, new series arrive on Netflix. We bring you five options so that you can schedule in your list of fictions to see in May that come from Mexico, Switzerland, Chile, South Africa and the United States. To take note!

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Wild beauty (SavageBeauty) Available from May 12

“Wild Beauty”: the fiction that comes from South Africa and explores the life of a model in search of revenge. (Netflix)

This series comes from South Africa and talks about the revenge of a woman, a model named Zinhle Manzini (Rosemary Zimuactress and singer we met in the fiction of Netflix, Shade), which is the face of a well-known cosmetics brand, Benghu Beauty. The owners of this company Don (Dumisani Mbebe) and Grace Benghu (Nthati Moshesh), they take Zinhle to live in their mansion and she will start her revenge. The reasons for this revenge will be revealed throughout the six episodes that the first season lasts. They complete the cast Angela Sithole, Nambitha Ben-Mazwi, Jesse Suntele Y Oros Mampofu.

Lincoln’s Lawyer (The Lincoln Lawyer) Available from May 13

“Lincoln’s Lawyer”: the new series that arrives on May 13 on Netflix, based on the 2011 film. (Netflix)

This series is based on the film starring Matthew McConaughey of 2011 that bore the same name. Now comes this serial version created by David E Kelleyresponsible for fictions such as Big Little Lies Y bigsky, in which we will see the criminal lawyer Mickey Haller go into action again (in the series he is played by Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Goliath). The first season will have 10 episodes and is for lovers of legal fiction in which courts and trials say present. They complete the cast Neve Campbell (scream), Becky Newtrin (more than mothers), Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine (Tazmanian Devil) Y Jazz Raycole (Vanity), among others.

42 days in the dark – Available from May 11

“42 days in the dark”: the Chilean series, based on a real case that moved the entire country, now arrives on the platform. (Netflix)

This is a series made in Chile based on a real case: the disappearance of Viviana Hager in Puerto Varas in 2010. In the series, this woman’s sister, Cecilia (Claudia Di Girolamo), the investigation will be put on his shoulder to find out what really happened with Viviana (played by actress Aline Kuppenheim). It is a police thriller that takes as its axis Cecilia’s fight against prejudice, the bureaucracy of the institutions and the harassment of the media. 42 days in the dark is based on the novel written by the journalist Rodrigo Fluxa call You Know Who: Notes on the Viviana Haeger Homicide, in which the imperfections in the investigation of the case are revealed.

new heights – Available from May 13

“New heights”: a family drama that comes from Switzerland and traces the bonds between three brothers after the death of their father. (Netflix)

Directed by Petra Volpe (The Divine Order), this series comes from Switzerland and tells, throughout its 8 episodes, a family story. Michi (played by Julian Kohlin), is a financial assistant working in the city of Zurich. His life seems to be on the rails until he receives a call informing him that his father has died and he must return to the family farm. There will come to light past conflicts with his younger brother Lorenz (Jerome Humm) and with his sister Sarah (Sophie Hutter). While Lorenz wants to keep the farm, Sophie wants to run away from rural life in search of new adventures.

Who killed Sarah? Available from May 18

“Who Killed Sara?”: Third and last season of this fiction that will bring the story to a definitive close. (Netflix)

Third season and final for this Mexican series. Who killed Sarah? It was one of the most popular titles on the platform since its premiere in March 2021. Now Netflix brings us the latest installment in this story. The initial plot focused on the character of Álex (Manolo Cardona), who after spending 18 years in prison, began his revenge against the Lazcano family for the death of his sister Sara (Ximena Lamadrid). In the second season, the viewer realized that Sara was not who she seemed to be and had many secrets. Now comes the end of this story that can be seen from May 18 on Netflix.


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