Food to pamper mom on her day

After a two-year hiatus, the restaurants are getting ready to welcome the public back this Sunday (8th) to celebrate one of the most important dates on the family holiday calendar: Mother’s Day. If, for the public, this is a victory for going through these uncertain times, for restaurant owners the significance is even greater. It will be a return to a busy day, full house, lines at the door and, of course, billing. Even more so after having suffered so much damage in the pandemic.

Filet Parmigiana: A Bella Napoli Classic

To meet this pent-up demand, many restaurants have created strategies and special actions to offer their customers more efficient service. This is the case of the Bella Napoli restaurant, which this year will complete 60 years under the command of the same family of Italian immigrants.

Seafood rice with Spanish chorizo, by chef Ricardo Silva

Chef Gian Francesco Angelino, who today, in addition to managing the house, also runs the kitchen, sought the support of his mother, Ana Angelino, to help him with the operation that includes service in the salon, delivery and a delivery service. order for home pickup. For this last service, the chef created a campaign to encourage sales: purchases over R$350 for local pick-up will be accompanied by a complimentary Italian wine.

Lobster ravioli with brisque sauce, by chef Andrea Ribeiro for Mistura

More than thinking about billing, restaurants take the opportunity to pamper their clientele with special menus created exclusively for the date. This is the case of the recently opened Bistrô das Artes, in Carmo.

Grilled octopus with green beans and sausage from Bistro das Artes

Chef Karine Poggio, who has just returned from maternity leave, will celebrate her first Mother’s Day with a special menu that includes mini abará with lambão sauce and a welcome glass of sparkling wine to pave the way for the menu she prepared. for mothers with starter, dessert and main course at a fixed cost of R$ 109.90 per person.

(Photo: Felipe Almeida/Disclosure)
Chef Massimo Cremonini’s Grilled Seafood Rice

Chef Lomanto Oliveira, from Fasano, prepared a special menu with options for starters, main courses and desserts and extended the service for lunch and dinner. Chef Fabrício Lemos also had to make do in his 30s to maintain the unquestionable service quality of the three brands that bear his signature, who created special dishes for Orí, Omí and Origin.

Filet Mignon Stuffed with Brie Cheese from La Pasta Gialla

“As we know that demand on this date grows a lot, we have to reinforce the team and the care so that we can maintain the quality of our services”, he says.

Chef Lisiane Arouca’s Mug Cookies for Ori

Faced with so many cool options in the city, we selected some of the good restaurants to make it easier for the reader who plans to honor his mother outside the house.

Rib roast for 12 hours with gnocchi and Pepo cheese fonduta

The list includes, in addition to the aforementioned restaurants, Carvão, by chef Ricardo Silva; Mixture Contorno, by chef Andrea Ribeiro; La Pasta Gialla, by chef Sergio Arno; Pepo Restaurante, by chef Peu Mesquita; and Cremonini Ristorante, by chef Massimo Cremonini.

Fasano red fruit mousse pie

And for those who prefer to start the day earlier and celebrate until later, here are two good quality brunch tips: Coffeetown, in Corredor da Vitória, which starts at 8:30 am and goes until 2 pm; and the Wish Hotel da Bahia, which has a varied menu that includes starters, hot dishes and desserts, as well as breads, cakes, quiches and pies, starting at 12:30 pm until 3:30 pm.

Brunch at Wish Hotel da Bahia

But be careful: remembering that this date usually attracts a lot of people, so it’s good to arrive early to guarantee a table, since on this day restaurants don’t usually work with reservations. To all, a happy Mother’s Day!

Chef Peu Mesquita’s Shrimp Sufflated Tapioca

Where to eat:

Bella Napoli – @bellanapolibahia – Alameda das Espatódeas, 491. Caminho das Árvores – Tel. 71 3354 1962 491
art bistro, – @bistrodasartescarmo – Rua do Carmo, 8, Santo Antônio
Coal – @restaurantecarvao – Rua Professor Sabino Silva, 05, Jardim Apipema. Tel. 71 3022 8682
coffeetown – @coffeetownsalvador – Av. Sete de Setembro, 1755, Corredor da Vitória – Tel 71. 3565 1325
Cremonini Ristorante – @cremoniniristorante – Rua Alexandre Herculano, 18, Pituba – Tel. 71 99694 2032
Fasano – @fasano – Praça Castro Alves, 05, Center. Tel. 71 2201-6383
La Pasta Gialla – @lapastagiallassa – Rua São Paulo, 488, Pituba – Tel. 71 98145 0075
contour blend – @mistura.restaurantes – Ladeira do Gabriel, 334, Largo Dois de Julho – Tel. 71 2132 8277
ori – @orisalvador – Av. Santa Luzia, 656, Horto Florestal – Tel. 71 98890 8357
Source – @restauranteorigem – Alamedas das Algarobas, 74, Caminho das Árvores – Tel. 71 99202 4587
omi – @omirestaurante – Tel. 71 – Rua Chile, 20, Fera Palace Hotel, Centro – Tel. 71 99653 5703
pepo – @pepo.restaurante – Rua Amazonas, 1111, Pituba – Tel. 99402 2111
Wish Hotel da Bahia – @wishresortes – Av. September 7th, 1537, Campo Grande – Tel. (71) 3021-6700.


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