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App promises to help locate lost pets through facial recognition

Losing a pet is one of the biggest nightmares of anyone who considers themselves a “pet parent” and, no matter how careful the owner is, it is something that can happen. Cats that go out for a walk, dogs that cannot see an open gate that are already running through it, are occasions when animals are subject to various dangers along the way. Not to mention times when the use of fireworks is common and animals are scared and get lost more easily.

Thinking about situations like these, a company specializing in pet products created a free facial recognition app, the Pupz platform, available for Android and IOS.

The love for animals increases every day, with the term “pet parents” no longer being an exaggeration, with many couples putting off pregnancy or even choosing not to have children, adopting a pet and giving the pet everything they want ( considering the proper proportions) they would give to a child: how to throw birthday parties, take them on family trips, among many others.

The adoption of animals increases every day in Brazil and the pandemic has further boosted this type of initiative, according to the Radar Pet 21 survey, about 30% of the animals of the tutors interviewed were adopted in this period. According to a survey carried out by the International Union for the Protection of Animals (UIPA), in the first few months of the health crisis alone, the adoption of animals grew 400%.

With the growth in the number of animals in Brazilian homes, concern for the safety of pets also increases and technology provides several solutions for those who do not want to lose their pets’ footsteps. Carlos Fabbro, a technology specialist, is the tutor of a Golden Retriever named Chanel, who is also his great inspirational muse for the creation of the facial recognition app, as well as an entire company dedicated to the creation of pet safety products. .

According to Carlos, it took years of development to arrive at the application, which uses artificial intelligence to connect the points on the animal’s face to identify it. “For this, we used three convolutional neural networks, a class successfully applied to the processing and analysis of digital images, and which is the basis for facial recognition of pets in our system”, he explains.

Anyone who wants to test the application can download it for free from the application stores of their operating system – Android and IOS. After installation, just proceed with the registration on the platform with the tutor and pet data, using the cell phone camera to do the facial recognition of the pet, which will be archived on the platform.

But does it really work? We tested!

We tested the Pupz app

We tested the Pupz app

Within the application, the tutor will be able to find lists with kennels and catteries, NGOs and shelters for adoptions, walkers, places for parties and buffets, veterinarians, pet shops, trainers, crematoria, lost and found, among others – as long as they are registered in the database. company data.

In addition to hiring and controlling services – such as trainers, walkers and others – the tutor also has a list of products from partner stores available and can make purchases and payments within the app itself (Canal do Pet did not make any purchases for testing).

In the lost and found list, users will be able to see animals from other owners that are missing in a certain distance range (within the neighborhood where they live, for example). If a lost animal is found, it is possible to contact the tutor by chat, so that this pet is returned to the home.

The tutor can also fill in a form with all the pet’s data, such as health, safety, well-being, family (pedigree) data, among others.

In the registration area, some problems were found: three different e-mail addresses were tested and all of them appeared as invalid or already registered. To include the pet in the system, it is not necessary to register in advance and two animals, a dog and a cat, were tested.

In this area, the tutor must register a photo of the animal so that recognition can be made in case of disappearance. In the tests, however, it was not possible to include the six photos requested by the application of each animal: when the tutor includes the photo of the first pet, they will appear for both. By including the photos of the second, they will replace the first, appearing in both as well, that is, there is still no way to register two animals at the same time. Another big problem is that when you close the app, all the supposedly saved photos disappear.

Many of the functions are still in the testing phase, as informed within the app itself. Despite the mentioned problems, having a platform where tutors can keep all the necessary data about the pet and also help to identify missing animals and have their own found, free of charge, can be quite attractive.

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