From a friendly encounter to a war: chronology of Residente’s endless beating of J Balvin

Although in his usual tribune of social networks, Colombian J Balvin had avoided referring to the controversy in which he was involved with ResidentAfter the brutal tiradera that he dedicated to him, some of his statements have been revealed in which he delves into the conflict that has marked the two Latin stars.

“I considered him a friend, buddy. That’s why he hurt, there are many things that people don’t know and I’m not going to tell them. Everyone has a clear conscience. I know what I said. Why didn’t I come out and talk? To foolish words, deaf ears, ”she commented in a chat with Tell me King. However, despite the taunts of the former Calle 13, the one from Medellín did not close the door to a reconciliation, although he made it clear that there is no longer a floor for a friendship. “Yes, of course, no friends, but if you talk and make things clear, there is no problem.”

The answer is added as one more piece to a history of recent disagreements between the two, which soured a relationship that, a priori, was at least cordial. In the Latin Grammys of 2017, a video showed them sharing backstage with Daddy Yankee. “Mr Rene [el nombre real de Residente]a little controversial, “said the Colombian when introducing the Puerto Rican who made a quick greeting to the camera.

On that occasion, it was Residente who took two gramophones (of the nine for which he applied), while Balvin left the ceremony empty-handed. Needless to mention, that was the year of Slowlythe megahit by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, which won four awards. But step by step the Colombian made a name for himself worldwide thanks to the success of My peoplethat it achieved the number of Spotify’s Global Top 50; this paved the way for the reception of Vibras, his 2018 albumthat at the tip of its singles Machika and Now, was the Latin album with the most reproductions in 24 hours during that season. Thus, she fully entered to become a star of the platform era.

A status that Balvin harvested in the 2020 edition, an occasion in which he broke a record by arriving as the most nominated artist (in 13 categories). Plus, he hit the jackpot; album of the year for Colors. Nothing less than beating the one who a priori sounded like one of the favorites, the celebrated YHLQMDLG by Bad Bunny. It was the moment of the crowning of an artist who was expanding his networks globally, thanks to collaborations with other global musical phenomena, such as the Spanish Rosalía (there is the hit with height).

But everything changed the following year when the nominees for that season’s Grammys were revealed. Although was nominated in the category of Best Reggaeton Performance (for Your poison) Balvin called on the Latino community not to attend the awards, because he considered a lack of greater representation of the urban scene.

“The Grammys don’t value us but they need us -he wrote in a tweet that he later ended up deleting-. It’s my opinion and nothing against the other genres because they deserve all the respect. But already the trick is boring. We give them rating but they don’t give us respect. (PS. I’m nominated so they don’t come because I’m hurt)”.

But he ignored the detail that in that edition he was going to pay tribute to Rubén Blades, as Person of the Year, and one of his declared admirers, Residente, vented his anger with a curious comparison. “You have to understand that it’s like a hot dog cart getting upset because it can’t earn a Michelin star. he noted in a series of videos. And don’t get me wrong, Jose [el nombre real del colombiano], your music is like a hot dog cart, everyone likes it, but when people want to eat well they go to a restaurant, which are the ones that win Michelin stars”.

“To understand why I am lost, José. If the Grammys don’t value us, then why do I have 31 Grammys? I’m not urban, I don’t rap? What gender are we talking about?” she added. The criticism was added to that of other Latin figures, who highlighted the contradiction by not making the same allegation the previous year, when he covered himself with glory.

For his part, Balvin responded in his style; September 30th He uploaded a photo to his Instagram account in which he is seen in a Hot Dog cart, like the one seen in any corner of Latin America. And he didn’t end there. With an eye for marketing, he launched a series of merchandising associated with the image of Hot Dogs, in t-shirts, hats and whatever trinkets he could put up for sale.

Days later, in October, Residente responded in another video. There the aim is already raised and allows a glimpse of the tension that was already incubating between the two artists. “José, I saw that you uploaded a merch as if you were the most capo. So, I’m interested in people knowing the type of person you are, I’m not going to throw you out (answer), because I’m a man of my word unlike youBesides, it would be boring to throw you away.” In addition, he returned to defend the Grammys showcase for Latin artists and for the end, he launched a direct verbal jab to the chin. “He doesn’t have any kind of artistic talent, and he knows it.”

The novel continued in the southern summer of 2022, when in February, Residente launched a collaboration with Rubén Blades, the honoree at the Grammys that Balvin wanted to boycott. A line was included in the text that was revealing of the underlying tension. “Chameleon, calm the envy you have for me, even if you change color I always know where you come from.”

Days later, on March 2, the former Calle 13 announces that the next day he will release a song talking about topics that seemed “important” to him. Some noticed that at one point he noted: “I dedicated a couple of lines to an asshole of the urban genre”who was trying to stop what was coming; the famous tiradera in Bizarrap Music Sessions, in which the Puerto Rican swept the Colombian.

Even in the same tiradera he made reference to the history that they had already accumulated. “You are faker than a Hot Dog without ketchup or bread, faker than Luian’s abs”in clear reference to the Hot Dogs episode, which had generated the Colombian’s marketing response. Meanwhile, he responded with a concise “Love and affection”, on his Twitter account.

On March 5, while the episode was still fodder for social networks, Residente chatted with the editor of Rolling Stone in Spanish, Diego Ortiz. He there he explained part of the framework behind the dump. “The song was going to come out in December, I told Biza ‘brother, I can’t write you a party cumbia, because I don’t feel that way.’ He perfectly understood what he wanted to do. At the time I wrote that because I felt it.”

And he also marked a key fact; The night they met, Daddy Yankee was present. “The first time J Balvin met me, he started making fun of me, because I didn’t ‘have hits on Spotify.’ He was talking to Daddy Yankee and after that I didn’t say anything. Then his boycott of the Latin Grammy Awards happened, about the videos, and that was when I uploaded my video.” He did not specify it, but that night in 2017 can be considered as an important point in the entire plot.

Residente’s rapping taunt is one of the blows that Balvin’s career has received in recent times. your documentary The boy from Medellin came to Netflix at a time when the social explosion was taking place in Colombia, which generated a furious reaction from fans on social networks, demanding the Colombian stars to pronounce themselves on the matter. After a time of silence, and with figures such as Shakira Juanes and Karol G speaking on the subject, he spoke out against the tax reform promoted by President Iván Duque (which triggered the conflict), while condemning the violence in the streets. This earned him the nickname “lukewarm Medellín”.

The exhibition became more complex when questions arose about some of his artistic decisions. It was the case of the video clip for the single Female dog, in which two Afro-descendant women are seen walking, chained around the neck as if they were pets. This even earned him the public claim of the vice president of Colombia, Marta Lucía Ramíreztogether with Gheidy Gallo Santos, Presidential Advisor for Women’s Equity. And by the way, the episode was referred to by Resident in his tiradera, marking another difference between the two. “He’s a hair-dyed asshole who put dog-chained black women around their necks.”

Despite everything, Balvin said he was calm. “I have my wife, my son, my closed combo, who fill me with energy, gratitude for loyalty is the number one code for me, I have it tattooed with all my best friends”He pointed out in the talk with Dimelo King. Meanwhile, she can still point out that he retains a place in the industry; In addition to her recent collaborations with Ed Sheeran, on Sunday she was at the MGM Grand Garden Arena for the Grammy Awards, on which occasion, together with a troop of dancers, she performed in per castanother theme that brings him together with a figure from the Anglo world, like Skrillex, and that has passed 200 million views.

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