Gastronomic district of Curitiba gains confectionery and bakery for dogs and cats

With a universe of over 139 million pets, including dogs, cats, songbirds and ornamental birds, Brazil has the second largest population of pets in the world. Only dogs are 54.2 million and cats, 23.9 million. The data are from the Brazilian Association of the Industry for Products for Pets (Abinpet) that show the size of the space for new businesses aimed at the segment.

The pet market represents 0.36% of the Brazilian Gross Domestic Product (GDP). With an eye on this niche, the Padaria Pet franchise opened its second unit in the city. The store opened in the Santa Felicidade neighborhood, on Avenida Manoel Ribas, one of the most traditional gastronomic streets in Curitiba. This is also the chain’s first street store in southern Brazil and the third located in Paraná.

The new unit is also a franchise of the brand, which started its activities in São Paulo more than a decade ago. The Pet Bakery in Santa Felicidade has products in three different areas: the Bakery, with prices starting at R$3.50; Confectionery, with items on the pet menu from R$ 4.00; and Boutique, with products starting at R$56.00. The outside of the store has an area for pets to taste the products.

Among the items that should make the pets’ mouth water and attract customers are popcorn, ice cream, jellies, beers, chocolates, muffins and cakes.

Revenue in the pet sector continues to grow

The store in the Santa Felicidade neighborhood is managed by the entrepreneurial couple Luciano Otto and Paulo Ventura. Luciano is a finance executive with over 21 years of experience in corporate areas. Paulo, in turn, has a degree in Accounting Sciences and Physiotherapy. The two businessmen bet on the neighborhood due to the gastronomic culture of the region. “We understand that it would make a lot of sense to install the operation in the store format. In the same way that tutors visit Santa Felicidade to enjoy the flavors of the region, they will now have an opportunity to please their pets”, says Luciano.

Another reason for the choice is the fact that the region is surrounded by several other types of shops, which favors the installation of a street store. “Avenida Manoel Ribas is the heart of the neighborhood. It is an independent place, with banking services, lottery, post office, notary, clothing stores, shoes, gifts, among many other types of operations. This makes it possible to set up a store focused on differentiated products for pets”, says the businessman.

The couple chose a business focused on pets due to the growth of the sector in the country. A survey by Instituto Pet Brasil points out that companies in the area had a 27% increase in revenue in 2021, compared to 2020. According to the entity responsible for the data, growth was driven by the animal food segment.

Product Differentials

Entrepreneurs believe that the products offered to the public by the brand have potential and good sales chances, especially because they are items without artificial coloring additives and preservatives, which prioritizes natural food. For entrepreneurs, products such as ice cream, muffins and chocolates are some of the foods that should catch the attention of tutors and make pets happy.

The network has about 80 items, from solid snacks, liquids and pet food. The establishments sell both Padaria Pet brand foods and also resell products from other brands. The chain’s exclusive items in the food sector are developed by nutritionists and veterinarians who are specialists in animal nutrition. In addition, they are products certified by inspection bodies, such as the Ministry of Agriculture.

Padaria Pet started its activities in São Paulo in 2011 and, with this new unit in Curitiba, reaches 29 establishments throughout Brazil. In Paraná, in addition to the store in Santa Felicidade, customers can find units, in the form of kiosks, also at Shopping Palladium, in Curitiba, and at Shopping Catuaí, in Londrina.

Pet Santa Felicidade Bakery
Address: Av. Manoel Ribas, 5949 – Store 02 – Santa Felicidade, Curitiba – PR
Instagram: @padariapetstafelicidade
Whatsapp: 41 99212-3525
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday – 9:30 am to 6:30 pm
Sunday – 12pm to 5pm


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