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The Cuban urban music duo Zone Peoplewinner of four Latin Grammys, including two for homeland and lifethe “song that changed Cuba” and that cannot have a second part because it is “unique”, fulfills on its new album, From smallest to largestthe dream of singing with Celia Cruz.

On Friday, April 8, this album “innovative” in sound and lyrics, “but without losing its identity”, will begin to be heard on digital platforms, which has been for Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcolm a “vent” from what they usually do, according to what they say in an interview with Eph via Zoom from Chile.

The duo will be a jury of the musical talent contest The voice from Chilevision along with Chilean artists and the Mexican Yuri for five months, but he will continue with his commitments, such as a summer tour of Europe that will start in Madrid and end “in the south of Spain”.

As jurors they are going to insist on giving “good vibes” to the contestants, they say.

Guest artist at the Green Awards in Miami

The Cuban duo confirmed that they will be the guest artist for the award gala of the ninth edition of the Green Awards in Miami. The ceremony is scheduled to take place on April 24 at the Arsht Center in Miami.

“Green Awards, is the most important sustainability festival in Ibero-America that each year rewards and gives visibility to the 500 best social and environmental projects in America, Europe and Africa,” according to a statement.

‘From smallest to largest’

From smallest to largesta title that refers to the way they built their career – “climbing music from scratch”, “warring”, they say – includes songs with Carlos Vives, India Martínez, Becky G., Maffio, Gerardo Ortiz, Geon and a sample with the “queen of Cuba”.

With the Colombian Vives they sing The Blackwhere they incorporate the vallenato; with the Spanish Martínez, alonewith touches of techno, flamenco and tropical sounds; with mob, tell me about miami; becky g scam, Girl; with Gerardo Ortiz, Another bottleand with Geon, tik tok.

There are also themes of the two solos.

Cuba in music and in the heart

The magic of technology unites in Vampirea festive and happy song, the voices of Gente de Zona to those of his admired Celia Cruz, whom Alex and Randy mention in unison as the artist with whom they would have most wanted to share the stage.

“It’s not the same as (singing) physically,” they say, but they still consider it a “blessing” to have the “tumbao” and the “sugar” of the “guarachera de Cuba,” whom they never got to meet.

In a press release for the release of the album they stated that From smallest to largestwith their variety of genres and collaborations, it has allowed them to continue their “mission to use music to bring people together and bring them joy.”

Gente de Zona worried about the safety of his family after the premiere of the song

But Alexander and Randy, who say they are “virtually exiled” in the US, They also have another “mission”: “continue denouncing so that each person who does not know finds out that in Cuba there is a dictatorship, there are political prisoners, young people imprisoned unjustly, a system that does not work and those characters continue to dominate (…) excluding people from their rights and exiling them.”

Alex laments that “the whole world is not looking at Cuba”, asserts that the fight will continue and believes that the solution has to come from the Cubans themselves. “The only thing left for us is to keep fighting,” he adds.

“It is a country that does not improve, it is a farce” and “the Cuban has no other option but to leave”, because “there are no opportunities neither for the youth nor for anyone”, he points out in reference to the official data that more than 46,000 Cubans they arrived in the US by land in five months.

Alexander adds that for those 46,000 who arrived there are many others who could not leave, even if they wanted to, because nobody wants to live “slave to a dictatorship.”

Latin Grammy 2021: ‘Patria y vida’ is the song of the year

Both rule out that there may be a second song by homeland and life, the musical phenomenon in which they participated together with Yotuel Romer, Descemer Bueno and the rappers “El Funky”, who was able to leave Cuba in 2021, and “El Osorbo”, who is imprisoned on the island.

The song became the anthem of the July 11 protests and demands for change in Cuba.

Concern for the life of Cuban singer Maykel Osorbo; he has been in a prison in Cuba since last May

The Latin Grammys recognized Homeland and Life as Song of the Year 2021 and also won the award for Best Urban Music Song.

“It is a phenomenon that only occurs once in a long time”, there can only be “one Homeland and life” because it is “unique” and “came from the heart”, assures this duo who had never before made a protest song and their label It was the party and the joy.

musical family secrets

Gente de Zona became known internationally in 2014 for its collaboration with Enrique Iglesias in Dancing, a success that followed in 2015 The joyous and traitorousboth with Marc Anthony.

The origins of Gente de Zona date back to the year 2000 when Alexander Delgado founded a group with rappers from the Havana neighborhood of Alamar and the formation has been a duo since 2013, when Jacob Forever separated and Alex and Randy Malcom remained.

When asked about the secret of being as well matched as a good marriage, Randy, the more talkative of the two until one in the afternoon, according to humorous Alexander, who does not like to get up early, assures that “having things very clear”, mutual respect and that they love each other as brothers.

“We are the yin and yang of Gente de Zona,” he says. (I)

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