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Starting Wednesday night, the Avellaneda Hall of the National Theater will host the homonymous acting contest in which 16 young people from nine provinces will compete during four galas

Each of the chosen ones will face each other defending a contemporary Cuban song. (Photo: ACN)

Since the call to compete in the San Remo Music Awards contest was launched in 2021, more than 786 audiovisual materials were sent to the Organizing Committee at first. Due to the complex epidemiological situation that the country was going through at the time, the casting was done remotely, through social networks and email.

“The bases were clear about it. We are looking for new figures, not only amateurs, but also professionals who have not made themselves known despite having studied at music schools. Starting from the premise that the San Remo Music Awards does not yet know the talent, but rather comes to recognize it, the event becomes an opportunity for professionals who have not had the opportunity to internationalize their careers. A fair casting was held where the vocal quality of all those who appeared prevailed,” Jorge Luis Robaina, artistic director of the SRMA, told Cubadebate in October 2021.

The jury, made up of great figures from the Cuban contemporary music scene, presented their proposals (eight for each region) and from that first selection the 16 finalists were chosen. This process was carried out under the supervision of musicologists who are part of the Department of Art and Repertoire of the Egrem and strictly complying with the requirements set forth in the bases of the event.

Among the 16 chosen awards there is representation from the three regions of the country and from almost all the provinces, both professional and amateur talent.

And although the event was officially inaugurated this Tuesday, it is today Wednesday when the presentations of the finalists begin in the Sala Avellaneda of the National Theater.

Each of the chosen ones will face each other defending a contemporary Cuban song. During these four days the finalists will be decided until five prizes are won: the first three places, the Popularity Prize and the Press Prize.

Who are the 16 finalists of the San Remo Music Awards?

  • Saed Mohamed (Professional, Havana)
  • Duo Iris (Professional, Havana)
  • Anibal Ramos (Professional Cienfuegos)
  • Camila Daniela (Professional, Havana)
  • Rosalia Gómez Hasty (Non-professional, Santiago de Cuba)
  • Ana Mariam (Non-professional, Pinar del Río)
  • Dailys Álvarez Zumeta (Professional, Havana)
  • Alejandro Padrón (Non-professional, Mayabeque)
  • Diana Enrique Olivero (Professional, Holguín)
  • Evelyn (NyEvel) (Professional, Guantanamo)
  • Rocío de Jesús González Castañeda (Professional, Granma)
  • Yaran Cruz (Non-professional, Matanzas)
  • Gisselle Lage (Professional, Santiago de Cuba)
  • Ary Rodríguez (Professional, Granma)
  • Aynelis Victores (Non-professional, Matanzas)
  • Lizandro Mir (Professional, Havana)

Program of the Interpretation Contest at the National Theater

Wednesday April 6

Verdarte Company Opening/ Performance by the national jury for its presentation/ Presentation of the 16 contestants/ Night of Italy potpourri of Italian music/ Tania Pantoja, Suset Orieta, Elain Morales and Abel Geronés

Thursday April 7

Opening Compañía Tropicana/ Duets of finalists with figures of Cuban music/ Mayito Rivera / El Nene / Pedrito Calvo / Osdalgia Lesme/ Duany Ramos / Niurka Reyes / Dagoberto Vázquez/ Tania Pantoja / Elaín Morales / María Victoria / Abel Geronés / Suset Orieta / Adrian Berazaín / Annys Batista / Freddy Vera / Lachy Fortuna / Cuban song potpourri for female voices / Performance of the international jury invited for its presentation. Guests from Italy, Spain and Mexico

Friday April 8

Opening Ballet Parisien/ Elimination court from 16 contestants to 10/ Presentation of invited Italian artists/ Acoustic version of the contestants’ songs/ Cuban Music Popurri: tribute to the Caballero del Son Adalberto Álvarez/ Performers: Mayito Rivera, Pedrito Calvo, Lachy Fortuna

Saturday April 9

Tribute to Raffaella Carrá. Performance by: Haila María Mompié and Suset Orieta/ Interpretation of songs by foreign guest artists/ Interpretations by foreign guest artists/ Winners in other countries of previous editions of the San Remo Music Awards/ Announcement and presentation of the winning contestants/ Presentation of the Revolution Ballet.

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