GNTM winner Alex Mariah Peter: Honest words about her breast surgery

“Germany’s Next Topmodel”
Winner Alex reveals all the details about her breast surgery

GNTM winner Alex Mariah Peter

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All information about the current GNTM season in the GALA ticker: Winner Alex speaks openly about her breast surgery +++ The candidates provide insights into their everyday model life away from the TV cameras +++ This is how the best-ager model Martina holds up fit.

“Germany’s Next Top Model” (GNTM): data and facts

  • The first season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” was broadcast in 2006
  • In the current 17th season, best-ager models are taking part for the first time – candidates who are over 50 years old
  • “Germany’s Next Top Model” will be broadcast on ProSieben from February 3, 2022 every Thursday at 8:15 p.m
  • The shooting of the first episodes of the new season took place in Greece
  • Heidi Klum has already hinted that her daughter Leni Klum will one day take over the show from her

GNTM 2022: All news about the 17th season of “Germany’s Next Top Model” by Heidi Klum

April 6, 2022

GNTM winner Alex on her breast augmentation: “Right after the operation I had a brief feeling of regret”

GNTM winner Alex Mariah Peter, 24, had her breasts enlarged in August 2021. Now the model explains why she decided to have the procedure and which prejudices and questions about the topic stir her up emotionally.

“In private, I’ve heard it very often: ‘It’s something different for you. I understand that you have your breasts done’,” reveals Alex in her Instagram story. A statement that Alex finds paradoxical. It shows how much people still differentiate. Alex therefore emphasizes: “For me, like for every other woman, it was an aesthetic aspect.” In fact, the model thought for a full three years before having breast surgery. The decision was not made because of the lack of size. She had already found her bust size very nice, only the lack of décolleté bothered her. “My breasts were relatively far apart,” explains the GNTM winner. However, after the operation, they were overcome by doubts. “Immediately after the operation, I had a brief feeling of regret,” she admits openly. These are now completely gone and Alex is more than happy about her bust size. She doesn’t really care what fans think of the procedure: whether it’s breast surgery or not – the person behind it remains the same.

April 5, 2022

That happens in the GNTM villa when the cameras are off

At GNTM, viewers get a weekly insight into the new life of the candidates. But how realistic are these impressions? And what exactly does the process of the models actually look like? Do they have to film, do shoots and auditions every day for the show? The GNTM participants now answer these questions in a backstage video.

Model Luca, 20, accompanies a day in the villa with her private camera and shows what it looks like off the show. In fact, the candidates do not always have a full program, but can also enjoy their free time. Best ager model Martina, 50, uses her free time to swim, train and sunbathe. Instead of a tight sports program, Anita, 20, and Viola, 21, are in the kitchen to bake apple pie and banana bread for the models. We eat together, relax by the pool and do sports. All in all, a relaxed existence for the GNTM candidates. However, days off are not part of the routine: the models were allowed to enjoy the day in the villa, as only three of them got a job. Inka, 19, Juliana, 25, and Noëlla, 25, had to show their full commitment in contrast to the others.

April 4, 2022

Best ager model Martina talks about her fitness routine

14 more candidates are fighting for the title “Germany’s Next Top Model” 2022. For the first time, women over 50 are there. The best-ager models Martina, 50, and Lieselotte, 66, in particular, are celebrated on social media platforms for their courage, performance and talent. On Instagram, fans mainly express their admiration for Martina’s well-trained body. Now the GNTM candidate has commented on her training and nutrition.

Lou-Anne’s mother, 18, does not follow a strict fitness plan. Rather, it is an attitude to life that has anchored her and that gives her a good body feeling. “I’m just someone who loves movement. I enjoy feeling myself in motion,” says Martina. She would always prefer the stairs to the elevator. She stands on public transport instead of looking for an empty seat. Walking and standing upright is also particularly important to her, as she explains in her Instagram story. Her tight arm muscles come from swimming and cycling, Martina explains. When it comes to nutrition, the 50-year-old sticks to a simple principle: “I don’t eat because I’m hungry. I notice very clearly when I’m full and then I don’t eat anymore.” Your second secret when eating: enjoy meals in peace – never eat under stress. “Sometimes it’s only twice a day, like now on the set,” explains Martina.

All information about the 17th season of Germany’s Next Topmodel

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