Good table: the favorite restaurants of three Bahian singers

Brown, Pezzoni and Margareth (Photos: 1-Roncca/disclosure; 2-disclosure; 3-Gustavo Bettini/disclosure)

Salvador is experiencing one of its best gastronomic phases. Moquecas, acarajé and abará are part of the imagination of those who visit the capital, but the city offers much more and is not limited to the regional and its DNA, which is, in the end, the mixture. Today, we leave nothing to be desired when it comes to food and, therefore, we invited three artists, who travel the world taking our culture, to indicate some of their favorite restaurants.

For Felipe Pezzoni, passionate about Italian cuisine, “the best Italian in Salvador” is La Pasta Gialla, whose Pituba unit he always frequents. “He puts me in this place, he reminds me a lot of Italy,” he told us. The singer, who also does not dispense with a good choice of seafood, also indicated Casa Di Vina as one of his favorites in the Bahian capital, in addition to Origin, by chefs Fabrício Lemos and Lisiane Arouca. “Fabrício is a great genius that we have here and I’m a big fan of his work,” he said.

For Carlinhos Brown, it was difficult to choose just three favorite places. “Salvador is this mixed city of many flavors and knowledge”, he said. Taking into account the quality of the environments, the service and, of course, the delicacies offered, the artist gave us a novelty in the form of an indication: “my mother’s restaurant, Dona Madalena, in Candeal, will soon be reopened, bringing many news” . He also indicated Boteco do França, in Rio Vermelho, and Coco Bambu, in Pituba.

Margareth Menezes was another who chose an Italian of the heart, in this case Cremonini Ristorante, in Pituba, by chef Massimo Cremonini. “A first-rate restaurant for those who enjoy Italian-Mediterranean cuisine,” she analyzed. For those who live in Patamares, Piatã, Itapuã and surroundings, a good tip from the singer is Armazém Paulistano. “Delicious food, eclectic menu and excellent service,” she delivers. From one end to the other, Maga still melted when talking about the Cantina do Jullius, in Largo de Roma, in the Lower City. “Inexplicably delicious,” she told us about the octopus carpaccio.

Heitor Reis, José Olympio Pereira and Nizan Guanaes (photo: publicity)

Bahian crack
One of the largest arts festivals in the world, SP-Arte returned to the face-to-face model and to the Bienal Pavilion, in Ibirapuera Park, with galleries, institutions and renowned artists in the modern and contemporary art market in Brazil and the world. The opening of the event, on Wednesday, was attended by several Bahians, such as Heitor Reis, José Olympio Pereira and Nizan Guanaes. Pico Garcez, Luciana Stern and Samantha Andrade were also there, in addition to Thais Darzé (Paulo Darzé Galeria) who is exhibiting the famous tapestries by Genaro de Carvalho. The event will be held until Sunday (10).

Philippe Starck (photo: publicity)

international visit
Arriving in Salvador in the coming weeks is the award-winning international designer Philippe Starck. Guided by Alex Allard, he will visit Palácio Rio Branco, in the historic center of the city, which will be transformed into a luxury hotel by Allard himself. The French businessman already runs Cidade Matarazzo, in São Paulo, a complex that houses the recently opened six-star Rosewood. French architect and industrial designer, Philippe Starck is known for his wide range of projects, including interior design, architecture, household objects, furniture, boats and other vehicles. He is responsible for the design of the Hotel Fasano in Rio de Janeiro and the artistic direction of Rosewood, which has a collection of 450 works signed by Brazilian artists.

Marcela Mendonca and Paulo Pereira (disclosure)

Towards the altar
Invitations to the wedding of Marcela Mendonça and Paulo Pereira began to circulate, in what promises to be one of the most elegant parties of this first semester. The ceremony, on May 14, will take place at the Basilica Cathedral, in Pelourinho, with a grand reception, then at the Palácio da Aclamação, in Campo Grande. Marcela is the daughter of businessmen Aurora and Luiz Mendonça Filho, from Grupo LM, and Paulo is the son of Zelita and Diolino Pereira da Silva (im).

New concept
Le Vin, which was already known as a wine store, underwent a change in concept. It is now called Le Vin Restobar, with contemporary and Japanese menus. “We have two high-quality cuisines, with wines and sparkling wines at store prices”, highlights businessman André Garin. Another novelty is the exclusive space for events on the 1st floor, which caters for up to 250 people. “We invested in the structure to offer something completely ready in Pituba”, concludes Garin. The restobar works on Rua Minas Gerais, in Salvador.

Pedro, Paulo and Deco Fonseca (disclosure)

Business trip
After a few days in New York looking for inspiration, brothers Pedro, Paulo and Deco Fonseca landed in Las Vegas to participate in Coverings 2022. The most important flooring fair in North America is recognized for bringing together renowned professionals in the areas of civil construction, architecture and design. The four days of immersion will yield news that will soon make up the collection of selected products from the Fonseca Shop, whose curatorship is already a reference in the market.

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