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Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo at a ‘Variety’ magazine party in Los Angeles on December 4, 2021.Stefanie Keenan (Getty Images for Variety)

After Will Smith’s slap to Chris Rock a week ago, the controversies of the Grammys have passed into the category of childishness. Impossible to beat this year at the Oscars. But there are always characters that give game. In this 64th edition of the most important awards in the music industry, which are held in Las Vegas at dawn (in Spain) from this Sunday, April 3 to Monday, April 4, the controversy is led by Kaney West. The American rapper is a specialist in recent times in getting into puddles while recording albums that critics brand as “disappointing”. To West, who adds five nominations this year for his album where, He has been banned from performing at the gala due to “inappropriate behavior on social networks,” people related to the rapper have spread. The musician has been involved in an ugly message brawl for weeks with her ex-partner, Kim Kardashian, and her boyfriend. Along the way he has decided to insult the presenter of the gala, Trevor Noah. Too much for the organization, which has erased him from the performances and it remains to be seen if he admits that he attends the gala, in the hypothetical case that the rapper wants to appear.

In the chapter of absences there is a forced one, that of the Foo Fighters, who also planned to perform but have suspended their presence (like the entire tour) due to the recent death of their drummer, Taylor Hawkins. A tribute will be paid to Hawkins at the gala, although what he will be like has not been specified. Life goes on, the coronavirus begins to be a nightmare overcome and everything is already prepared at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas for the great music festival, almost always criticized, but which does not miss a good number every year of stars. This year’s performances will be: Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, Lady Gaga, J Balvin with María Becerra, Jon Batista, Lil Nas X, Silk Sonic (the soul-disco duo formed by Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak), BTS and John Legend, among others. It features the South African comedian Trevor Noah, who will be very tempted to make jokes about what happened at the Oscars. In the chapter of the presenters we will also have stars. Like Dua Lipa, Lenny Kravitz, Jared Leto, Avril Lavigne or Bonnie Raitt. One of the surprises will be to see the benchmark Joni Mitchell award an award. Mitchell, 78, suffered an aneurysm in 2015 and the consequences have kept him away from public life. Until tonight’s gala…

Jon Batiste in concert in Austin, Texas in October 2021.
Jon Batiste in concert in Austin, Texas in October 2021. ERIKA GOLDRING (Wire Image)

In the swarm of categories that are the Grammys (up to 86 different -although some seem the same-, so many that many are delivered during the morning, before the gala) the slender figure of Jon Batiste stands out, a perfect guy to the point of rage. Batiste (Louisiana, 35) sings ballads with the fine textures of Sam Cooke and also hits fiery funk with angry James Brown yells. After standing out in the group that he plays on television The Late Show with Stephen Colbert composed and performed the soundtrack for Soulof Pixar, to later edit We’re, the album for which he has obtained the maximum number of nominations this year, 11. The album is perfectly suited to these awards: beautiful, non-shrill and with the quality of functioning as a sampler of American commercial black music of the last decades (jazz, funk, hip hop, some experimentation). The following with the most nominations are HER, Justin Bieber and Doja Cat, with eight each; and in a third category appear Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo, with seven.

Everything indicates that it could be the night of the Californian Olivia Rodrigo, who has just turned 19 and is already a star. Coming from the Disney universe, Rodrigo has achieved with her first job, Sour, convince with music ranging from sulky rock to pop ballad. It is a commercial album but with some edges that have made the harsh critics laugh. It is nominated for the main categories: album, record and song of the year, and best new artist. Her main rivals will be Lil Nas X and Billie Eilish, who has just won an Oscar (best song for No time to die) although no one found out after Will Smith’s angry action. The surprise would be that the veteran Tony Bennet (95 years old) and Lady Gaga with their elegant album of Cole Porter covers would take all love for sale. It would mean an ultra-conservative decision in some prizes already with little desire for risk. By the way, Billie Eilish is going to perform at the two most important ceremonies in the entertainment industry in just seven days. Not bad for a 20 year old.

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C. Tangana at the Vive Latino festival on March 20 in Mexico.
C. Tangana at the Vive Latino festival on March 20 in Mexico. Eduardo Verdugo (AP)

Although right now it is unthinkable that something similar to the Oscars will be repeated, the producers are aware that the focus will be more than ever on the possible exits of the script. “We work with different emergency plans”, the organization has underlined in a message that sounds halfway between terror and joke. There are Spaniards in contention. In the Latin categories. C. Tangana and his The Madrilenian It is the favorite for the best Latin or alternative rock album (see how this category is a godsend). Pay attention to what Ingrid Fajardo predicts, from the American publication Billboard:The Madrilenian it is a unique piece. Composed of exquisite sounds, this impeccable and innovative album should be the winner in its category. I think Grammy voters will have appreciated this masterpiece. It represents art in all its splendor with flamenco, Spanish folklore, bolero and the beautiful fusions that the author creates by mixing the sounds”. If he wins the award, it will be his first Grammy-Grammy after winning three Latin Grammys in 2021. It will compete, among others, with Nathy Peluso (Argentinean resident in Spain) and her splendid Electric shock. Another Spaniard who is up for a prize is Pablo Alborán for his album Vertigo for best Latin pop album. All this and much more (and hopefully without violent shocks) in a new Grammy ceremony with the presence of the public.

These are the nominees for the main categories:

Record of the year:

I still have faith in youby Abba

Libertyby Jon Batiste

I get a kick out of youby Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga

peachesby Justin Bieber, Daniel Caesar and Giveon.

Just in timeby Brandi Carlile

Kiss Me moreby Doja Cat and SZA.

Happier than everbillie eilish

huntsmanLil Nas X

Driver’s licenseby Olivia Rodrigo

Let the door openby Silk Sonic

Album of the year:

-We’re, from John Batista

-Love for sale, by Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga

-Justice, from Justin Beiber

-Planet Ella, by Doja Cat

-Happier than ever, billie eilish

-Behind my mind her

-Huntsmanby Lil Nas X

-Sour, by Olivia Rodrigo

-Increasingly, by Taylor Swift

-Donda, by Kanye West

song of the year:

Bad habits, by Ed Sheeran

A beautiful noise by Alicia Keys and Brandi Carlile

Driver’s license, by Olivia Rodrigo

Fight for you, her

Happier than ever, the Billie Eilish.

Kiss Me more, by Doja Cat and SZA

Let the door open, sonic silk

huntsman, by Lil Nas X

peaches, from Justin Beiber

Just in time, by Brandi Carlile

Latin or Alternative Rock Album

LetStereo Bomb

Look What You Made Me Do (Deluxe Edition)electric diamond


Electric shockNathy Peluso

The MadrilenianC. Tangana

Karmatic SoundsResonance, Zoe

Latin Pop Album

VertigoPablo Alboran

My lovesPaula Arenas

Old FashionedRicardo Arjona

My handsCamilo

MendonAlex Cuba

RevelationSelena Gomez

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