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Chocolate eggs are traditional Easter items and they have gained new shapes, colors and themes, sometimes unusual. In the shape of a fried egg, with a vegan or even Harry Potter themed recipeEntrepreneurs from Ceará bet on unusual products as alternatives in the market during this period.

The demand for Easter eggs, whether traditional or spooned, in this period is so significant that it changes the production routine of Jaqueline Alves, who works with cakes with fondant, but focuses on chocolates during this period. In 2022, she decided to bet on a product shaped like a fried egg.

“During this period I don’t even get so many cake orders to keep more chocolates. It’s a treat you can give to a co-worker, friend, family. It’s also more affordable, people don’t usually buy just one”, says the entrepreneur.

Jaqueline started working with confectionery ten years ago, making chocolates during the Easter period. She said that since then it has continued because she gets so many requests. She started selling the product in the form of a fried egg after research she carried out on the internet and took inspiration from a store in São Paulo.

Jaqueline Alves decided to market the chocolate fried egg in 2022 after the success last year. — Photo: Personal archive

“I started selling it last year and it was the biggest success. I hope this year will be too. My clients always come to me. They don’t let Easter die, especially because of the children. It seems like there is no problem in the world”, adds the creator of Jack Cake.

Mariana Gadelha chose Harry Potter as the theme for the spoon eggs because she is a fan of the movie saga. — Photo: Personal archive

Mariana Gadelha is one of the entrepreneurs who decided to bet on the sweets and chocolates business during the pandemic. She created Zucchero’s in 2020. Two years later, she bets on Harry Potter themed eggs for peak season.

“In addition to being a fan of the series of films and books, we wanted to put something thematic, that people could have fun choosing. So when we think about the theme, the main ones like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson come to mind a lot, but I thought ‘Harry Potter can do the four houses’”, explains the chef.

“I wanted something that people would think, ‘Wow, this is my face’, that they really identify with. Generally, those who are fans of Harry Potter have this identification of ‘my house’, so I’m going to buy her specific egg”, Mariana reinforces. In JK Rowling’s books, Harry studies at Hogwarts School, which divides students into four houses, namely Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.

The choice of theme presented some obstacles, but Mariana chose to continue trying to execute the idea. “I had great difficulty finding the stamps for brigadiers. We already work with personalized, stamped brigadiers; but I really wanted to make different eggs, because the store’s proposal is always to bring a differential, something that fills the eyes and the palate as well”, explains the baker.

“For us bakers, Easter is more important than Christmas. It is the date when we know that the increase in sales is very significant, it is the best time for sales”, declares Mariana.

‘Everybody’s looking for a spoon egg’

Vegan Easter eggs are alternatives created by Loja do Ben, in Fortaleza. — Photo: Reproduction

The importance of the Easter period also reaches the production of Loja do Ben, an establishment that focuses on the sale of vegan products. The business was created in 2016, when the owner Hadassa Liberato had more significant contacts with veganism, on account of her mother-in-law who has been adept at the food model for many years.

“Some people would come to me and say ‘hey Hadassa, there’s no place here that sells cake, stuff like that, no milk’. It already had, but it was not as widespread as it is today. Then, I had the idea and started working on it”, recalls the entrepreneur.

Despite the six years in the store, Hadassa started producing Easter eggs only in 2021. She said that this week’s order schedule has been closed since last, due to high demand.

“Until last year, I had never done it. It was the first year that I took a risk, and it was a success, we sold a lot. So this year, of course, I had to have it too. Those who work with sweets, work with food, at this time of year, cannot miss it. Everyone’s looking for a spoon egg,” she comments.

It even needs to put together a strategy to be able to handle the orders for other products, which it continues to receive. “I alternate, I don’t completely close the agenda for these products because I know there is demand. I alternate the search for the traditional menu with the search for eggs. But giving preference to eggs because I know that a lot of people want to buy it”, adds Hadassa.

The sector of small businesses that operate in the manufacture of products derived from cocoa and chocolates grew during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to Sebrae. According to a survey carried out by the entity, there was a 57% increase in the opening of new businesses in this segment in 2021 when compared to the result of 2019.

The data reported by Sebrae were obtained from the National Classification of Economic Activities (CNAE), registered by the Ministry of Economy. In the year before the crisis, 1,526 micro and small enterprises (MSEs) were opened, last year this number reached 2,397 new small enterprises, most of them (2,319) constituted by individual micro-entrepreneurs (MEI).

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