Harsh criticism of the candidate – “just nonsense”

Annalotta, Lieselotte and Luca had to tremble for progress on “GNTM” last week. Image: ProSieben / GNTM / Richard Hübner

After the current “GNTM” episode on ProSieben, criticism arose, which continues into this week. The reason for this are the walks on the catwalks by best aging woman Lieselotte. The 66-year-old initially became a fan favorite because of her relaxed and carefree manner, but now more and more viewers can no longer win anything from her. She just doesn’t seem to be able to implement the tips from chief juror Heidi Klum and always attracts attention with bizarre poses on the catwalk week after week.

This is also a thorn in Heidi’s side, but again and again she gives Lieselotte more chances to improve and work on herself. For this, with Barbara, another Ü60 candidate had to clear the field, who, according to many fans, had done much better in the casting show and even made it into the opener of the format.

That’s why disappointed comments accumulate under a show clip on Instagram – but Lieselotte has an explanation why her walk once again looked more ridiculous than elegant.

Lieselotte can no longer convince “GNTM” viewers

“So sometimes I think she wants to make fun of me,” Heidi judged harshly after Lieselotte again gave extraordinary poses on the catwalk. “Please don’t always be the clown, but unfortunately that’s not possible today”she had advised the candidate, but she apparently did not take that to heart.

Lieselotte did not cut a good figure at the "GNTM"-Decision walk.

Lieselotte did not look good on the “GNTM” decision walk.Image: Screenshot / Youtube / Germany’s next top model

She almost flew out and in the end, together with Annalotta, had to tremble for her progress. In the end, unlike Lieselotte, the latter didn’t make it. Fans can’t understand that at all under a section of the “GNTM” episode in question. There you can read, among other things:

“She keeps doing the same thing: just nonsense. That has nothing to do with modeling.”

Other commenters agreed: “She’s pretty but would fit more into the comedy genre,” “She looks really great for her age, but this super silly manner is not only annoying, it’s an insult to those who take it seriously.” and “So the photographer said that Lieselotte actually has to go,” were the comments of the viewers.

Annalotta, who was kicked out, was also annoyed by Heidi’s decision to let her go one more round despite everything: “Lieselotte had already received criticism in one or the other decision. I think it’s a shame that I didn’t get another chance to show that I’m working on myself.”she explained to “Promiflash”.

This is how the “GNTM” candidate explains another breakdown on the catwalk

Finally, Lieselotte also explained to “Promiflash” why she had again decided on the unusually ticked poses. Before the shooting of the episode, in which the models had to pose in cuddly toy dresses hanging from a huge mobile, the candidates received a lesson from drag queen Pablo.

She also explained to the participants that they should present themselves as unusually as possible at the photo session, because the motto of the shoot was “Express yourself”. Lieselotte finally transferred that to the decision walk and obviously misunderstood the task. She justified herself to the celebrity portal:

“I thought that we should also implement the teaching before the shooting with Pablo during the walk.”

It still seems strange that she did not implement Heidi’s advice or asked again what the task for the walk was. “I think that Heidi still believed in me, although unfortunately I disappointed her again with clumsy poses”Lieselotte speculated about her progress.

And Heidi doesn’t seem to be the only one who continues to believe in Lieselotte’s model potential. At the Berlin Fashion Week in mid-March, the “GNTM” candidate was allowed to run for the designer Marcel Ostertag – and seemed to be doing far better than on the show. “Darling, it was so much fun with you! I hope you’ll join us again next season”the fashion designer commented on a photo of himself and Lieselotte.


The worst Corona wave in “Let’s Dance” seems to be over – the 15th season of the RTL show has so far been marked by numerous Covid-related failures, in the past week all professionals, celebrities, jurors and moderators were negative and full of enthusiasm for the first time on the matter. However, one couple had to voluntarily throw in the towel: Due to persistent back problems, pop singer Michelle could not continue to participate in the competition.

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