Have you invested in Ethereum today? Bitcoin skyrockets! Bitcoin Cash piosteadada of good morning BCH The rises will be BRUTAL!

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Today’s session, Sunday, April 10, 2022, sees us face to face with two cryptocurrencies, which are actually the most relevant for the trader. The analysis of this session amounts to many changes in the earnings of investors and their future. Today’s session we cannot lose sight of bitcoin BTC and ethereum ETH. Are we analyzing the cryptocurrencies in which you are used to investing?

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Ethereum Price


Bitcoin price


Bitcoin Cash Price


Price chart of some cryptocurrencies

The case of Ethereum is a very separate case.

Ethereum drop price cap 3228.2
Ethereum rise price cap 3264.9
Current price of Ethereum 3254.6
Initial price of the Ethereum session 314,365

Ethereum Price Chart

Ethereum is an open source platform, used to program smart contracts. The platform is decentralized unlike other blockchains. It is programmable, which means that developers can use it to create new types of decentralized applications. A clear picture; We took it for granted that cryptocurrencies like ethereum ETH always seek profits beyond bitcoin BTC. And indeed. Right now, with its prices indicating $3,254.6, everything can surprise us with the cryptocurrency in question. Its current equivalence is overflowing with volatility, which means that the digital currency we are talking about can end the day by turning our decisions upside down, leaving us in a position with no way out, without a doubt nothing similar to what we expect at the present time. That is why we must not lose sight of the course that the cryptocurrency in question brings us. We can pay attention to its variations, which today have directed us towards prices such as the highest of today’s afternoon}, but {{Random the lowest. Today’s Ethereum cryptocurrency high is $3,264.9, while Ethereum’s low today is $3,228.2.

Source: https://pl.tradingview.com/symbols/ethereum/

Ethereum ETHUSD cryptocurrency real-time chart over a 24-hour time frame

Bitcoin also follows the upward path

Bitcoin drop price cap 42408
Bitcoin rising price cap 42854
Current price of Bitcoin 42736
Initial price of the Bitcoin session 11645.05

Bitcoin Price Chart

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and payment system with no central bank or single administrator. In principle, bitcoin users can transfer money to each other through a peer-to-peer network using free and open source software. New perspectives that catch the future of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency that are determined to find the minimums, lead Bitcoin in a definitive value reduction directly to the current value, which is not far from USD 42736, although the most relevant surprise us, not to say that many things can happen. Apart from the current prices of the most managed cryptocurrency, two reference levels call our attention, which we also see as relevant when analyzing Bitcoin; we are talking about the top and bottom of the cryptocurrency in question. We see the upside stop at 42854 USD. Meanwhile, the low is the one we associate with $42,408. What do you think the future will be for Bitcoin? Is it rational to be sure of taking maximum profits from its recent volatility?

Source: https://pl.tradingview.com/symbols/bitcoin/

Real-time chart of the Bitcoin BTCUSD cryptocurrency over a 24-hour timeframe

Bitcoin Cash as a refuge?

Bitcoin Cash drop price cap 321.74
Bitcoin Cash rising price cap 327.6
Current price of Bitcoin Cash 328.03
Bitcoin Cash session starting price 479.36

Bitcoin Cash Price Chart

Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency and open source project that has its origins in the Bitcoin network split on August 1, 2017. Right now, with prices indicating $328.03, everything can surprise us for the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Cash. We can pay attention to its variations, which today have directed us towards prices such as the highest of today’s afternoon}, but {{Random the lowest. Today’s high for Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency is $327.6, while today’s Bitcoin Cash low is $321.74.

Source: https://pl.tradingview.com/symbols/bitcoin-cash/

Real-time chart of the Bitcoin Cash BCHUSD cryptocurrency over a 24-hour time frame

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