Have you read all these horror books?

Those who like horror stories probably know great classics of literature, which consequently gave rise to movies and series. And the horror genre is quite broad, having several dark creatures and also issues related to the psychological of the human being.

Many classics of universal literature have been classified within the horror genre, such as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. But there are also other remarkable books capable of provoking chilling sensations in readers.

And today, TecMundo wants to know if you’ve read some of the most popular books in the genre, whether classics or more current stories, with authors like Stephen King and Thomas Harris. See the list and tell us on social media!

It, The Thingby Stephen King

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In this classic that inspired the film, a group of friends known as the Losers Club learn the real meaning of friendship, love, trust… and fear. The deepest and darkest fear.

Here we have a grandiose work that requires a lot of breath from its readers. In it, Stephen King presents a traumatic event in the lives of a group of children, who, years later, already grown up, return to the place of their terrible experiences to confront their own fears.

The figure of an evil clown was immortalized in the book and in the horror film, given that each child visualizes a different mysterious and macabre creature.

The Cemeteryby Stephen King

Image: The Cemetery book, Stephen King
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The book that inspired the movie The Cursed Cemetery. Louis Creed, a young doctor from Chicago, moves to a small town in Maine with his wife and children. In one of the first tours in the region, they discover a cemetery for their pets. What mysteries does this place hide? In search of the answers, Louis Creed is drawn into a supernatural plot where the boundary between life and death is non-existent.

Over the course of his career, Stephen King has created many remarkable stories, mythologies and narratives. This is the case of this engaging work, in which a young doctor and his family move to a small town in Maine, whose acquired residence is close to a cemetery surrounded by urban legends.

Supernatural events begin to occur after the doctor’s daughter’s pet cat is violently run over, showing that this cemetery can challenge issues related to life and death.

The Call of Cthulhu and Other Talesby HP Lovecraft

Image: The Call of Cthulhu and Other Tales by HP Lovecraft
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A horror classic, the book has 8 tales, including the narrative about Cthulhu, a god belonging to a multi-millenary cult that, when he returns to humanity, triggers the end of time.

Without a doubt, Lovecraft forever marked his name in the horror genre in the production of short stories of the most varied styles. The Call of Cthulhufor example, is one of the most famous.

For this reason, this collection opens with the text that marked generations of readers in the imagination of frightening creatures. In addition to this classic, other surprising stories are also found in the book, and they can be very interesting if you’re looking for something to read.

The Exorcistby William Peter Blatty

Image: Book The Exorcist, William Peter Blatty
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A horror classic of the 20th century, The Exorcist tells the story that gave rise to the blockbuster film of the same name. A disturbing story of demonic possession.

Demonic possessions will always yield scary stories. To form the narrative of this book, William Peter Blatty was inspired by a case that, by all indications, would have happened for real, involving a possessed child, a desperate mother in search of salvation and a couple of priests who did everything to expel the devil of an innocent body.

In the work, numerous philosophical issues are also discussed, and a horror film based on the book was very successful in the 1970s.

Extraordinary Storiesby Edgar Allan Poe

Image: Book Extraordinary Stories, Edgar Allan Poe
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By the classic author Edgar Allan Poe, História Extraordinárias brings together several short stories by the author, such as the well-known The Black Cat and The Well and the Pendulum.

Another collection of classic horror stories involves the name of the writer Edgar Allan Poe, whose entire work is filled with macabre plots and full of dynamism.

Take advantage of the pages of this book to get to know The Black Cat, The Pit and the Pendulum, The Murders in the Rue Morgue and The Stolen Letter. It’s a great choice for those who are already used to what a good horror movie can present.

And there’s none leftby Agatha Christie

Image: Book And There's None Left, Agatha Christie
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On Soldado Island, former property of an American millionaire, ten people with no apparent connection are confronted by a mysterious voice with remarkable facts from their pasts.

Famous for creating dubious characters and narratives with lots of mystery and action, Agatha Christie has books wrapped in solving murders and disappearances, which can also shock readers and scare them in different ways.

In this novel, the stage is a mysterious island, on which ten people with no connection to each other meet to spend a season, until some deaths occur, leaving everyone as a suspect in the place.

The Silence of the Lambsby Thomas Harris

Image: The Silence of the Lambs, Thomas Harris
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Thomas Harris tells, once again, the story of the Serial Killer Hannibal. In The Silence of the Lambs, Clarisse becomes involved in a murder investigation and interrogates the elusive Hannibal Lecter.

If you are looking for something to read, a good recommendation is to meet the famous serial killer Hannibal Lecter, a dangerous cannibal. After being detained by the police, he may be the only one able to help investigators with a bizarre new case.

In this way, the young agent Clarice Starling proposes to interview him, in order to understand his perverse mind and find answers to what his colleagues have been investigating about the murder of five women.

The collectorby John Fowles

Image: The Collector's Book, John Fowles
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THE COLLECTOR is the story of Frederick Clegg, a lonely man of humble origins, despised by a snobbish society, who finds the great love of his life.

To close the list, how about checking out one of the most famous psychological horror books ever published so far?

In the book, readers meet a lonely young man named Frederick, who seems to have found the great love of his life, student Miranda Gray. However, driven by fear of not being reciprocated, Frederick kidnaps Miranda to force her to fall in love with him.

So, how many of these works do you know? Tell us on social media!