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Celebrated on April 8, World Cancer Day was created by the World Health Organization (WHO) to expand and disseminate disease prevention actions. The date also serves to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how good habits are essential when it comes to preventing the emergence of cancer and its incidence in the population.

Cancer, which is one of the leading causes of death in the world, has its origin in genetic factors, but in general, it is also related to smoking, excessive alcohol use, physical inactivity, infection with some viruses, inadequate diet and sun exposure. That’s where the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle comes in, which is fundamental not only to avoid cancer, but also other diseases that are equally or even more dangerous.

“Reducing exposure to known cancer-causing factors and adopting a healthy lifestyle are the main steps we can take to reduce our risk of developing cancer. Therefore, quitting smoking, reducing the consumption of alcoholic beverages, using sunscreen, practicing regular physical activity and having a balanced diet are some measures that we must take to avoid the disease”, guides the onchoradiotherapist doctor Dauler Souza, who is part of the team at the Oncoradium – Oncological Center of Aracaju, unit that is attached to the Surgery Hospital.

When it comes to prevention, awareness campaigns carried out frequently, in which each month gains a color and alludes to a disease, are also extremely important. Pink October, Blue November and Lilac March are some of the best known and already consolidated. “The main objective of awareness campaigns is to share information and promote knowledge about the disease and the main forms of prevention, in addition to providing greater access to diagnostic and treatment services, contributing to the reduction of mortality”, highlights Dr. Dauler Souza.

But when prevention is no longer possible and tests indicate the occurrence of cancer, early diagnosis is essential to prevent the disease from getting worse and leading the patient to death. In the case of prostate cancer or cervical cancer, for example, which according to Inca, are more incidents in Sergipe, the earlier the diagnosis and treatment, the greater the chances of cure.

“Early detection is extremely important so that treatments start as soon as possible and so we can obtain the best results. To have an idea, the survival of patients with stage I cervical cancer who undergo adequate treatment is greater than 95%, while the survival of patients with stage III or more, even after undergoing treatment, is less than 50%. %. Cervical cancer and prostate cancer are pathologies that have effective screening tests available in health systems. These exams are extremely important for early diagnosis, since these diseases usually do not have symptoms in their initial phase”, details the onchotherapy therapist.


The fight against cancer is not easy. In addition to encouraging prevention and early diagnosis, combat actions are directly linked to access to adequate treatments, especially those that contribute to the patient’s quality of life. “Until recently, most cancer treatments were associated with disabling adverse effects that greatly affected patients’ quality of life. However, currently new technologies have been developed and the most modern treatments cause few or no side effects. This brings much more comfort and well-being to the cancer patient”, says Dr. Dauler Souza.

The onchotherapy therapist adds that, every day, new drugs and technologies that are more effective against cancer appear. “Today, there are new classes of drugs, such as immunotherapy and targeted therapies, that are more specific and associated and have fewer side effects than conventional chemotherapy. We have radiotherapy equipment that can exclusively irradiate the tumor, sparing nearby healthy organs and reducing the side effects of radiation, in addition to equipment that performs the complete treatment with just one or a few radiotherapy sessions and that can visualize the tumor in real time” .

In Sergipe, the population can have access to these new technologies at Oncoradium – Aracaju Oncological Center. “Since arriving in Aracaju, Oncoradium has been offering the Sergipe population the most modern equipment for oncological diagnosis and treatment, in addition to a highly qualified and humanized multidisciplinary team. Technology and quality care are essential to achieve a cure for cancer”, concludes the onchoraditherapist.

About Oncoradium

Oncoradium – Centro Oncológico de Aracaju is the 10th unit of the Onco Network, a reference group in cancer treatment throughout the country. Operating annexed to the Surgery Hospital, the hospital unit meets the HC’s radiotherapy demands and also other health demands of the State. Due to the high demand of patients, the unit extended its opening hours and currently works in three shifts (morning, afternoon and evening). Daily, about 70 calls are being made and there is no queue.

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