Healthy Qb: the couple who turned a food truck into a healthy lounge in Telheiras

Healthy Qb: the couple who turned a food truck into a healthy lounge in Telheiras

Filipa and David created the project last summer. After a space with street food, they opened a cafe full of options.

Filipa and David stayed in Telheiras, but with a larger space.

The Healthy Qb project started in the summer of 2021 with a food truck in Telheiras, Lisbon. Months later the concept evolved and since the beginning of March it has been entitled to a lounge space. It’s in the same neighborhood, has several places inside and a menu full of healthy suggestions, but not just that — as you can see from the acronym qb (enough is enough) that is part of the concept’s name.

“The logic was to sell healthy options, but without being restrictive in this field. So that those who wanted to eat in a delicious, nutritious and low-calorie way would have this option, but for those who liked the same things but wanted to add a little bit of twist, they also had that possibility”, explains Filipa Alves, 30, to NiT.

She is responsible for Healthy Qb together with her boyfriend, David Mourão, also 30 years old. This is the first adventure of both in the area of ​​restoration. The idea of ​​developing a business with a healthy corporate structure came up during a dinner party.

“I was fed up with working in companies that don’t respect employees and don’t even allow room for other ideas to be implemented. I always liked to have an active voice and I wanted to work in a place where the rules and work conduct were created by me.

The boyfriend shared this idea. “We are very aligned when it comes to moral and family values. We would like to have the possibility of being together in all aspects of life. The only way to make that happen, given that we have different backgrounds, was if we created our ideal workplace.”

And so they began to idealize the concept that months later would be born as a food truck. Filipa has a degree in Dental Prosthesis, a postgraduate degree in Communication and Positive Psychology and was the technical director of a health unit. Her boyfriend studied International Relations and owns Speak and Lead, a training company specializing in communication.

“We were debating various ideas in a joking tone until we realized that we were willing to take the risk. We really believed that we would be capable and we recognized in each other different capabilities that complemented and aligned in everything we felt was necessary to move forward.”

David handled the entire financial, marketing and strategic issue. Filipa turned essentially to the logistical part, from organization to decoration. After the face with street food, they found a space to open Healthy Qb with a lounge atmosphere.

“We didn’t want to be another café, nor did we want to be recognized as a restaurant. What motivated us was to create something where people could feel at home, feel cozy and, in a way, where there were several environments that always provided different experiences.”

The space has capacity for 45 people inside. On the esplanade there is room for 30 more customers. The goal is to expand that number in the coming months. There are velvet sofas, walls with dried flowers, wood and stones.

“Açaí, yogurt ice cream and natural juices continue to be the bestsellers, but since we opened the lounge space the salads of choice have been in great demand, as well as the Tugolândia toast and wraps.”

Açaí and ice cream can be ordered in bowls of size S (350 ml), M (500 ml) and XXL (900 ml) — from €6.90. You can add various toppings, such as almond kernels, Oreo, cashew kernels, granola, fruit, condensed milk, peanut butter or white chocolate.

The Tugolândia toast (€5.90), one of the most popular, is served on Alentejo bread and topped with ham, brie cheese, mustard sauce and honey. Mozz.Art is another proposal. It has a base of pesto, tomato jam, ham and mozzarella (€5.90).

On the menu there is also a salad area, poke bowls and wraps that customers can compose the way they like. In proteins you can choose between tuna, salmon, shrimp and chicken. Then add ham, nuts, olives, egg, corn, feta cheese, fruit and a sauce, such as yogurt, vinaigrette or garlic mayonnaise.

With the opening of this physical space, one of the next goals is to expand the concept to other locations in a grab & go logic. At this moment it is possible to rent the food truck for private events, such as birthday parties.

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